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Known as “the town under the mountain”, Holmestrand is perfectly placed on the west coast of the Oslofjord, less than an hour and a half from Oslo.

Here you can go hiking all year round, kayaking on silent lakes...

...or learn about Norway's rich industrial heritage.

Enjoy idyllic Holmestrand and the surroundings!

The most famous attractions in the area are the Aluminium Museum which conveys 100 years of Norwegian industrial adventure, and the ironworks at Eidsfoss.

In the village of Eidsfoss, you can stroll around old workers’ homes, visit the museum, and enjoy exhibitions by artists who live on the site.

Go explore the area on a rented bike or in a kayak or canoe, hike the coastal path, or relax at one of Holmestrand’s many beaches. In the summer, the many boaters who guest the city really liven up the town!

Mount Skibergfjell is Vestfold’s tallest mountain. The trip to the top, where you get a nice view of the Oslofjord, only takes about an hour and is fun for the whole family.

Afterwards, you can enjoy a meal based on local ingredients in the peaceful surroundings Holmestrand is known for.

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