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Horten and Åsgårdstrand

Munch and Viking history

The charming seaside towns of Horten and Åsgårdstrand are rich in history and culture,
and offer tranquil coastal and inland nature.

Drift past the trees on a boat and walk along waterside trails.

Do you recognize this famous motif?

Local landmarks and landscapes feature in many of Norwegian-born expressionist painter Edvard Munch's works, including Pikene på broen ​(The girls on the bridge).

Experience picturesque Åsgårdstrand, where one of Modernism's most important artists found his inspiration, and ...

... visit Edvard Munch's house, where everything remains as it was when the artist lived there.

Stroll through idyllic streets with small wooden houses, cafés and galleries in Åsgardstrand.

Journey back in time and unleash your inner Viking at ...

... the Midgard Viking Centre.

The centre is located near the Borre burial mounds, one of Norway's most important cultural heritage sites. Explore Viking history and try your hand at Viking games and activities.

Norway’s national photo museum – Preus Museum – is located at the historic former naval base Karljohansvern in Horten, offering visitors many fascinating exhibitions.

Enjoy a cup of coffee and a snack in the café.

Here, you will also find the Navy Museum, one of the oldest naval museums in the world. Established in 1853, its collection includes more than 150 model ships, and you can even climb into a submarine.

Wake up to the sound of bird song!

Tretopphytter Oslofjord is located in Nordre Vegge just outside Horten. Its treetop cabins offer stunning views of the Oslofjord and the surrounding nature.

Sample some delicious Norwegian seafood!

Visit Grand Restaurant in Åsgårdstrand for a tasty meal by the harbour and panoramic views of the fjord.

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Port towns in historic surroundings

Horten is located on the western shore of the Oslofjord in Vestfold, Eastern Norway's 'sunshine coast'. This seaside town has a rich cultural life and many remains of Viking Age settlements.

Visit Midgard Viking Centre and the Borre burial mounds to experience Norway's Viking history. Karljohansvern is a historic former naval base that is now home to museums and numerous listed buildings. A culture trail runs through the area along the Horten Canal and through the historic base.

The municipality’s long coastline ends at Åsgårdstrand in the south, where the artist Edvard Munch painted some of his most famous works. His summer home is now a museum.

Its proximity to Oslo makes is easy to get to Horten and the surrounding area. The hotels in Horten and Åsgårdstrand are centrally located, within walking distance of many of the main shops and attractions.

Find more inspiration on Vestfold’s official website.

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