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Go by bike from Oslo to Moss

Cycling from Oslo to Moss - about 65 km.

Bring your bike and start with a small boat ride from Aker Brygge to Nesoddtangen (about 20 min.) From Nesoddtangen follow county road 157 to Fagerstrand. Along the way there are several places to enjoy the view over the Oslofjord. Follow "Fagerstrandveien" to the exit at "Holtbråtveien" where you follow the signs to the idyllic town of Drøbak. Drøbak center offers, in addition to its cozy wooden houses and marina, several cozy restaurants, cafes and hotels in and around the city center. Enjoy a stopover in Drøbak before the tour continues the next morning.

Follow the signs towards Vestby out of Drøbak and turn at the sign for Solbergstrand and Hvitsten. After about 9 km you reach Ramme Gaard (Ramme farm) which is a nice place to stop and visit. If the cafe is open it offered good organic lunch before you hop on the bike and rolls down to Hvitsten. Here you can enjoy the old figurehead that is placed in the local parks all around town. The stretch is about 12 km through various landscapes before you enter the charming village of Son. Son is an idyllic village with hotel, a Costal Culture Center and several restaurants.

From Son you can either go up to Sonsveien station for train back to Oslo move on to Moss and new experiences in Norway. Approximately 2.5 km to Sonsveien and 13 km to Moss.

Source: Visit Greater Oslo


Go by bike from Oslo to Moss

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