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Sandefjord boasts miles of coastline, as well as a rich historical heritage. Vikings have left their mark here, as has the whaling industry.

Located 120 kilometres south of Oslo, Sandefjord is a modern yet charming seaside town and a popular holiday destination for Norwegians. The city has large forests and numerous sandy beaches that offer scope for relaxation year-round.

In between the sandy beaches lie a series of sheltered coves and beautiful smooth, sloping rocks. You can choose between bustling beaches or more secluded bathing areas all along a coastline that is almost 150 kilometres long.

The Vikings lived in the area around the Oslofjord about 1,000 years ago, and in Sandefjord their presence is clearly seen in the artifacts and monuments they left behind. This is where the famous Gokstad ship was found, and the area has several other sites and historical landmarks from the Viking era.

Architecture ranging from streets lined with small, wooden homes to large, up-to-date complexes for modern living provides for a shifting and exciting city centre.

Sandefjord is home to a variety of galleries, sculptures and museums, including the Whaling Museum. This is Europe’s only museum dedicated to whaling and its history, and a good starting point for learning about Norway’s whaling industry. There are several options for getting to Sandefjord and around.

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