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Family-friendly resort near Oslo

The mountains at Norefjell, just 90 minutes from Oslo, offer peaceful nature with a grand view. In winter, you can go skiing and snowboarding from the peaks down towards the frozen lake - ideal for families and daredevils alike.

Norefjell mountain area lies only 90 minutes from the Norwegian capital of Oslo. When you get there, the sound and noise of a big city will be the last thing on your mind, as you’ll be embraced by silence and crisp mountain air.

In the winter, the area turns into a playground for skiers. Alpine or telemark skiing, snowboarding or off-piste – whichever style you prefer, you can do it here. At Norefjell you can ski from 1,188 metres and pretty much all the way down to lake Krøderen at 130 metres.

Or you can do what Norwegians do: on a sunny day, stock up on oranges, chocolate and your hot beverage of choice (hot blackcurrant toddy is a local favourite), and go cross-country skiing. The view is absolutely astounding.

In summer and autumn, the mountains and lake at Norefjell offer varied nature experiences. Hiking and biking through scenic landscapes are popular activities, and if you’re lucky, you might even spot a wild reindeer or two. Or if you prefer, you can relax at the golf course or sunbathe at beaches with refreshingly tempered water.

Norefjell has achieved the certification Sustainable Destination. Although this does not mean that the destination is sustainable, it does mean that it has made a commitment to work systematically to reduce the negative effects of tourism, while strengthening its positive ripple effects.

If you want to learn about local culture, you can take a trip with Norway’s longest heritage railway Krøderbanen, enjoy architecture and art museums, or get close to traditional and exotic animals in Bjørneparken wildlife park. It is easy to get to Norefjell and around.

Norefjell piste map 2022

Norefjell piste map 2022

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