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Hadeland Hadeland
Photo: Hadeland Folkemuseum

Museums and glassblowing galore

Being on the list of nationally valuable cultural landscapes, Hadeland can offer some of Norway’s most visited museums and attractions, such as Hadeland Glassverk and Hadeland folkemuseum.

Hadeland Glassverk (“Hadeland Glassworks”) is definitely Hadeland’s greatest draw – and one of Norway's most visited tourist attractions, beautifully situated at the south end of the Randsfjord. Here you can admire glass-blowers practicing their handicraft the same way as they did in the 1700s. The entire area is like a cosy village – with exciting shops and activities for the whole family.

The number of museums in Hadeland is nothing but impressive. At Hadeland Folkemuseum, an open air museum set in a scenic culture landscape, you can witness the burial ground of the Norwegian Viking king Halvdan Svarte and exhibitions of 25 restored buildings and a beautiful medieval church, St. Petri, from 1120. At Kistefos Museum you can get an insight in the Norwegian industrial history and admire exhibitions by both Norwegian and international artists. How many places in the world can actually boast of having its own museum for baptism? Well, at least Hadeland can.

This exciting region is the southernmost in the county of Oppland, located about 50 minutes drive from Oslo. Hadeland comprises the municipalities Gran, Jevnaker and Lunner, and has a total population of approximately 28,000.

The names of two of the municipalities Gran and Jevnaker, tell us what agriculture means for this region. Gran means grain, whilst Jevnaker means level field. Archaeological finds indicate that busy hands have cultivated the soil and cattle have grazed here for thousands of years.

Hadeland Glassverk
Hadeland Glassverk
Hadeland Glassverk
Kistefos, Jevnaker
Søsterkirkene at Granavolden
Gjøvikregionen Hadeland Ringerike Reiseliv
Canoeing on Fjorda
Oda Hveem

Getting here and around

By plane:
  • Oslo Airport is the closest airport, located about one hours drive from Hadeland.
  • From the airport, you can go by bus to Jevnaker.
By road:
  • There are several daily bus departures from Oslo to the Hadeland region.
  • If you go by car from Oslo to Jevnaker, take national road 4 from the Sinsen junction, in the direction of Gjøvik. At Roa, turn towards Jevnaker.
By train:
  • Gjøviksbanen railway, operated by NSB (the Norwegian State Railways), runs between Oslo and Gjøvik via Hadeland several times a day. Lunner and Gran station are both located in Hadeland, and travel time from Oslo is around one hour.

Highlights of Eastern Norway

Hadeland also offers ...

There is no need to wait until you´re here to find out what you´d like to do.



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