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Savalen is a village situated by the lake of the same name - and a sought after holiday destination for people searching recreation and nature-based adventures.

Situated 750 metres above sea level in the county of Hedmark, Savalen is surrounded by a lush and varied mountain terrain. With its stable climate and inviting surroundings, Savalen is a safe bet all year round.

What goes up, must come down. The mountain terrain at Savalen offers great opportunities for outdoor activities including cycling and hiking - and several way-marked trails ensure you will not get lost in the wilderness. You also have the chance to enjoy the natural surroundings from horseback. Savalen Horse Centre offers horseback riding tours along tracks and gravel roads in the mountain and forest.

Whether you want to catch a fish or a break, Lake Savalen is well worth a visit. Canoes and boats are available by the lake, and can be hired for the day. You can also join guided canoeing, and water activities in safe and stable kayaks.

In the winter, Savalen turns into a hotspot for ski bums. The village has a vast network of groomed cross-country ski tracks and an alpine centre that usually opens towards the end of December. The ski lift runs on weekends as well as daily during the Christmas, winter and Easter holidays. Dog sledding and guided snowmobile safaris are other popular winter activities. There are several options for getting to Savalen.

If you are in need of a relaxing break after an active day, Savalen Spa can offer Jacuzzi hot tubs and beds, a mini waterfall, pool bar, and relaxation areas. Combine a visit to the revitalising pool with the various treatments offered by professional therapists, and recharge both body and mind.

Find more inspiration on Savalen’s official website.

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