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Sarpsborg was founded 1,000 years ago by Saint Olaf II of Norway, and is situated beside the Sarpefossen waterfall, which has one of the highest flow rates in Europe. The city has one of the country's coolest science centres for children - and the most days of sunshine of any place in Norway.

Ever since the ice receded and made the area liveable for humans, people have settled in Sarpsborg. But the city itself was founded by Saint Olaf when he sailed up Glomma, Norway's longest river, in 1016. The huge waterfall Sarpefossen halted his expedition and thus he chose the location as his capital. 

Sarpefossen in Glomma has one of the highest flow rates in Europe, and has been characterised as "a masterpiece over the Norwegian Niagara falls". The power of the waterfall has always been appreciated, and from the 19th century, most of the urban development and activity in Sarpsborg was centred around the company Borregaard - today a world-leading bio-refinery. 

Sarpsborg is located in the heart of Østfold, between Oslo on the west and the Swedish border on the east. Explore the city and the county's history at Borgarsyssel museum. Your should also take the trip to Kulåsparken in the heart of the city. 

In addition to beautiful nature and good options in the city center with restaurants, culture and shopping, there is a historic buzz about the city. In fact, no municipality in the country has more registered ancient petroglyphs than Sarpsborg - 3000 years old. 

Families with children will find a lot of good reasons to visit Sarpsborg. INSPIRIA is one of Norway's National Science Centres, and a place where visitors are encouraged to learn through interactive exhibitions in mathematics, science and technology. Or join the spectacular planetarium - an indoor starry sky! Outdoors they have a cool Pump Track for skateboards, bikes and scooters. 

At "Eventyrfabrikken", The Adventure Factory, you are met by a suspension bridge, pipes you can crawl trough, ball pools, trampolines, pedal cars and jumping castles, and a whole lot of fun within 2000 square meters! 

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