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In Numedal the main attractions are the mountain heights. With stave churches and medieval roots you can also get a unique glimpse of Norwegian history.

Numedal is the southernmost valley of the major valleys in Eastern Norway. It is located between Kongsberg and Geilo, and is within easy reach both from the east and the west with several options for getting here and around.

Over half of the area is located 900 meters or more above sea level, and there are many opportunities for hiking and skiing while enjoying magnificent views. Numedal is a popular area for cabins, and the municipality covers a large part of Hardangervidda National Park.

If you want a taste of how Norwegians lived in the Middle Ages, the inhabitants of Numedal are proud of their historical roots. The valley of Numedal is known for its collection of building from the middle ages, and especially for its four stave churches.

In the Middle Ages Numedal was also on the trading route between east and west, and locals were able to purchase or barter for what they did not produce themselves. Today this historic track is a popular hiking route.

Each summer since 2001, the festival Middelalderuka (“Medieval Week”) has been held, with a variety of cultural events. The area is also known for its local food, especially the Spælsau - a breed of sheep, and through food markets and local specialist shops you should be able to buy selected local foods such as sausages, trout and honey. 

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Getting here and around

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