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Mountain fun all year long

The mountains at Skeikampen have been a popular recreation area for generations.
Get ready to explore the beautiful area in and around Skeikampen.

With no less than 600 kilometres of ski trails at every skill level to enjoy, this is an ideal base for both short and long trips.

Ready for some adventure on two wheels?

Many riders consider Skeikampen the best place for mountain biking in Norway.

The mountains also offer ideal opportunities for hiking.

Skeikampen Alpine Centre has numerous slopes at all levels of difficulty.

The express chairlift takes you to the top in less than four minutes.

Here, you will also find a separate children’s area, where kids can play to their heart’s delight in a safe environment.

Want to explore these beautiful surroundings at your own pace?

Scroll below and start planning your trip today!

Glide down a slope, hike up a mountain, or simply sit back and enjoy the lovely surroundings – welcome to Skeikampen!

Skeikampen is a historic ski resort located about 3 hours from Oslo and half an hour from Lillehammer. The first cross-country tourists arrived in 1895 and the first ski lift was built in 1959. Since then, Skeikampen has developed into a modern and family-friendly mountain retreat.

Skeikampen is renowned for its splendid cross-country terrain and many trails that lead you into the realm of Peer Gynt, one of Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen’s most famous characters.

When the seasons change, so do the activities on offer. In the summer, the mountains are perfect for hiking. If you think life is better on a mountain bike, you’ll definitely like Skeikampen. With its 800-metre elevation, there are multiple exciting biking trails in the nearby mountain forests to try out. Many people consider Skeikampen to be the best place for mountain biking in Norway.

Find more inspiration on Skeikampen’s official website.

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Things to do in Skeikampen

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Get in-depth travel information on Skeikampen official website.
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