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The largest theme parks

Ride some of Scandinavia's most spectacular roller coasters, visit a winter wonderland filled with Christmas joy, or bring your bathing suit to a super slide. Here are some of Norway's top amusement parks.

The best way of celebrating spring and summer for the whole family? Ask a youngster who loves action and excitement, and the answer will most likely be spending a day with fun, rides, and adrenalin in an amusement park. Here is a selection of the most visited ones.

Dyreparken, Kristiansand

Just outside of Kristiansand, Dyreparken – a combined zoo and entertainment park – is open all year. But the prime seasons if you want to enjoy the park’s many attractions are obviously spring and summer.

It's the most visited attraction for families with children in Norway, and is home to one of the biggest water parks in the country, both indoors and outdoors!

In the park you will also find Cardamom Town, a little town dedicated to the characters of the well-known fairy-tale author Thorbjørn Egner. There are several famous characters that you can find while roaming around the park. One of the most popular is the ruthless pirate Captain Sabertooth, who has been entertaining Norwegian kids since 1990. Book a room in the pirate village Abra Havn and explore the pirate universe and the large zoo.

Tusenfryd, Oslo

Norway’s largest amusement park Tusenfryd near Oslo has more than 30 fun attractions for all ages, including fast-paced rollercoasters with VR technology, carousels, a log ride, and much more. In between rides, you can play fun games or eat at one of the many restaurants and cafes.

Barnas Fryd and Frydskogen are packed with rides and activities for the little ones, and the water park BadeFryd has a swimming pool, a river, and a huge waterslide.

On April 29, the park will open a new area, Dragonville, featuringStorm - The Dragon Legend, a new NOK 100 million roller coaster, which is the first of its kind in Europe. The roller coaster is an Inverted Triple Launch Coaster, which means it accelerates three times during the ride!

Hunderfossen Adventure Park, Lillehammer

The main theme of the fairy tale park Hunderfossen Adventure Park near Lillehammer is trolls and adventures. Meet the enormous Hunderfossen Troll that watches over the Gudbrandsdalen valley, rediscover folk tales in Ivo Caprino’s fairy tale cave, and take a mind-blowing ride with the wildest car in Norwegian history, Il Tempo Extra Gigante.

The park has plenty of rides and exciting evening shows, and in the winter you can stay in Scandinavia’s southernmost snow hotel or get married in the ice cathedral. Hunderfossen winter park is usually open on weekends from the beginning of February to the beginning of March. Here you can enjoy fun activities both indoors and outdoors! Ride mini snowmobiles or take a fast-paced trip down while snow rafting, or enjoy the warm and cosy Fairy tale castle and Ivo Caprinos Fairy tale cave!

In 2023, Hunderfossen won the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA), aka the park industry's "Oscar", for the novelty Musikkfabrikken, in the "limited budget" category.

Lilleputthammer, Lillehammer

Not far from Hunderfossen Fairy tale park lies Lilleputthammer, an adventure park for the whole family! The park is mostly designed for children from one to eight years old, and the main attraction is a miniature copy of the main street in Lillehammer as it was in 1930, built to a scale of 1:4. Among the charming old buildings, children can feel like giants as they explore fun activities more or less on their own while their parents enjoy the small 1930s cafés, bakeries, and shops.

Bø Sommarland, Telemark

The splashtacular Bø Sommarland is Scandinavia’s largest water park and is located in picturesque surroundings in Telemark. The park has thrilling water slides and heated pools, fun games, and an hourly tidal wave that will send you flying down the Sommarlandelva river. It also has Scandinavia's largest water park, with 800 square metres of pools and slides for children under 10! If you’re tired of the water, there are plenty of things to do on land as well.

Kongeparken, Stavanger

Kongeparken outside of Stavanger – an institution among Norwegian amusement parks and the largest theme park in Fjord Norway – offers fun and action for the whole family all year round under the tag line “What kind of hero are you?” Here, the adrenalin junkie, the daredevil, and the adventurous will all find rides and experiences perfect for them.

Spring and summer are the most popular seasons in the park, but in autumn, the park is turned into a kingdom of pumpkins, scary shows, and ghost nights where witches and zombies take over. This usually takes place for one week in the beginning of October.

And don’t miss the incredibly cosy Christmas season! In the run-up to Christmas, Kongeparken is transformed into a kingdom full of bustling life and lovely gnomes. Christmas workshops, Christmas lights, Christmas mulled wine and Christmas elves create a Christmas atmosphere for young and old.

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