Horseback riding

Explore Norway from the saddle


Submit to the horsepowers as they carry you over narrow bridges in lush valleys …

… over white, sandy beaches …

… and through deep forests.

And don’t worry, you don’t have to be an experienced rider.

You will find rides suitable for all experience levels, even for children and beginners. Professional riding instructors will teach you all the necessary skills and provide you with needed safety equipment.

In most places, you will even learn how to take care of your horse.

Forming that special bond with your loyal steed could be the best part of the whole experience!

Nothing compares to the feeling of warm breath and soft muzzle brushing against your chin.

There are a variety of tours that you can to choose from, from one-hour rides to day trips, weekend excursions and riding camps.

How about a week-long tour where you will be riding to a new place every day?

Some operators offer riding tours exclusively for adults. These include overnight stays in inviting mountain resorts with traditional Norwegian food on the menu.

Horseback riding in the mountains is particularly popular, and the season usually lasts from late spring to early autumn.

Most stables offer riding on trails and tracks all year round.

Imagine riding under the midnight sun or northern lights!

A cosy sleigh ride is the perfect horse activity for cold winter months. Sit snugly wrapped in sheepskins while torches light up the darkness.

On sleigh rides and riding tours in Norway, you will usually meet Icelandic horses or one of the old Norwegian horse breeds.

Dølahesten or the Dole Gudbrandsdal is a large and strong workhorse breed that originates from the Gudbrandsdalen valley and is often used in trotting races.

Nordlandshesten, or the Northlands horse, is a smaller but sturdy breed, which has its origin in Northern Norway.

During the Viking Age our Norwegian ancestors trotted around Borg in Lofoten, and you can share their experience with a ride at the Lofotr Viking Museum.

The Norwegian Fjord Horse is one of the most unique Norwegian horse breeds and has its origin in Fjord Norway.

It is a small but strong breed, with a characteristic beige coat and a white mane with a black stripe down the middle.

For a close-up encounter you can visit Norwegian Fjord Horse Centre in Nordfjordeid, in Fjord Norway.

Horse riding in Norway

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