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Get to know the Norwegian Fjord Horse

Norwegian national horse

We were born here in Fjord Norway, in the middle of high mountains and deep fjords.

And that is how we got our name.

We are one of the oldest horse breeds in the world and one of three breeds that have their origins in Norway.

And we have trotted stably around in the mountain hillsides for hundreds of years!

We are quite small, but strong enough to carry a grown man.

We are both sharp-witted and mild-tempered, which makes us calm and reliable – and popular with young and old riders alike.

And did you know that we are also used for therapeutic riding?

We can pull our fair share of heavy loads and carriages, which in former times made us the ideal workhorse for mountain farms.

And we are easy to recognize. Just look at our cool hairstyle!

This must be the most punk rock hair in the whole stable, right?

The characteristic black dorsal stripe really stands out when our bristle mane is cut short ...

We are also easily spotted by our dun-coloured coat and dark markings on our legs.

Some of us even sport zebra stripes on our knees and hocks!

Our steady gait will carry you safely through any riding adventure.

But despite our unique qualities, our species are endangered. By now, there are only 5500 of us left in Norway.

There are just not enough foals being born each year.

You will find fjord horses in countries like Denmark, the Netherlands, and Germany, but Norway oversees our preservation breeding.

The yearly stallion show in Nordfjordeid is a popular attraction. Once there, you can drop by the Norwegian Fjord Horse Centre as well.

Even though we originate in Nordfjord in Fjord Norway, you can come to meet us in several places around the country.

Like in Langedrag Nature Park, which houses a friendly herd of us and runs a breeding program for our conservation. Once there, you can also go trail riding or even try out vaulting – which is gymnastics performed on horseback!

Come join us for a ride!

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