quirkiest museums

Do you like quirky things?
Here are the museums you must visit in Norway!

#1 Paradox

Oslo, Eastern Norway

Get excited, confused, and surprised at the same time – a unique approach to entertainment!

Paradox Museum Oslo contains more than 70 paradox-based exhibitions and is an extraordinary destination for all ages.

Learn about the exciting science behind the exhibitions, capture incredible and unique pictures, and last, but not least – have lots of fun!

#2 Mini Bottle Gallery

Oslo, Eastern Norway

This is a one of a kind museum, and contains the world's largest collection of miniature bottles, with 53,000 exhibited in 50 different installations in a 3-story building.

The Mini Bottle Gallery is home to thousands of bottles filled with everything from fruits and berries to worms and mice, to mention just a few.

You can even take a slide down to its 'horror room'!

#3 Selbu Bygdemuseum

Selbu, Trøndelag region

Selbuvotter are Norway's most famous mittens. See where they come from and pick up a pair or two!

Selbu Bygdemuseum is a local history museum in the centre of Selbu, a small municipality an hour south-east of Trondheim in the Trøndelag region.

The museum is inside a converted vicarage and houses a massive collection of Selbu mittens, including some of the oldest known examples!

Discover the fascinating story behind Selbu mittens.

#4 The Eider Duck Museum

Vega, Northern Norway

Are you a bird nerd?

At the Vega World Heritage Center you can learn about the centuries-old local tradition of protecting the eider ducks who nest here.

Once they've finishing nesting, they leave behind down, used to make the world’s most treasured duvets – a unique tradition that led to Vega being granted UNESCO World Heritage status.

Fun fact: Even the King and Queen of Norway sleep with duvets made of eider duck down from Vega!

#5 Lofoten stockfish museum

Å, Northern Norway

Stockfish is the fish that built Norway!

In this museum, you can learn all about the history of tørrfisk, as we call stockfish in Norwegian.

The skrei, or migrating Atlantic cod from Arctic waters, is dried by the wind and the sun on giant wooden racks in Lofoten and other areas in Northern Norway, in a tradition dating back centuries.

#6 Motor & technology museums

Oslo, Eastern Norway

The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology is the biggest museum in Norway of its kind. Experience more than 25 exhibitions featuring airplanes, cars, trains, and more!

You can also visit the Norwegian Road Museum, just outside Lillehammer, located in one of Norway's largest technical industrial museum facilities!

Here you will find the Norwegian Rock Blasting Museum where you can actually try to blow up a bridge!

Check out even more experiences for motor enthusiasts.

#7 Lofotr Viking Museum

Lofoten, Northern Norway

Welcome to the Viking Age!

The Lofotr Viking Museum contains of an impressive full-size reconstruction of a Viking Chieftain's house (83 meters long), that has been built right next to the site of the original house.

In July, you can row or sail a Viking ship and try your hand at archery and axe throwing!

This is just one of many Viking museums in Norway where you can learn more about how the Vikings really lived.

#8 Norsk Lutefiskmuseum

Drøbak, Eastern Norway

Lutefisk is a traditional Norwegian Christmas dish made of stockfish that has been preserved in lye (yes, really). The Lutefiskmuseum was made to be a gathering place for passionate lutefisk lovers.

Lutefisk actually has its own day – October 3 every year.

Want to sample it yourself? Learn how to make lutefisk like a true lutefisk connoisseur!

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More unique museums

  • Hermetikkmuseet – IDDIS The Norwegian Canning Museum, Stavanger
  • The Vespa Museum – Fornebu
  • Tryllemuseet – The Magic Museum, Oslo
  • The Gestapo Museum, Bergen
  • Fornebu bilmuseumThe Fornebu Car Museum, Fornebu
  • Norsk oljemuseum – The Norwegian Petroleum Museum, Stavanger
  • Norsk fjellsprengningsmuseumThe Norwegian Rock Blasting Museum, Lillehammer
  • BrannmuseetThe Fire Museum, Oslo
  • Polarmuseet – The Arctic University Museum of Norway, Tromsø
  • Alta Museum – World Heritage Rock Art Centre, Alta
  • Kanonmuseet – The Cannon Museum, Kristiansand
  • The Kon-tiki Museum, Oslo
  • The Magical Ice Museum, Lofoten
  • Hvalfangstmuseet – The Whaling Museum, Sandefjord
  • Isbjørnklubben – The Royal and Ancient Polar Bear Society, Hammerfest
  • Rockheim – Norway's National Museum of Popular Music, Trondheim
  • Norsk Jernbanemuseum – The Norwegian Railway Museum, Hamar
  • Ibsenmuseet – The Ibsen museum and Theatre, Oslo

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