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Bondesque places
in Norway

Norway is not only the coolest backdrop for James Bond in the blockbuster "No Time to Die".
It also lets you experience stunning and cinematic scenery.


The wild roads

Strap yourself in for a car chase! This can get windy.

Can you spot Bond's Aston Martin on The Atlantic Road in the thrilling "No Time to Die"? 

Whether you're channeling your inner Bond or just looking for a spectacular road trip, this 36 kilometre-long coastal road is a must to experience.

Next, imagine the car chase continuing up Trollstigen (The Troll's road). The road twists through 11 hairpin bends as it climbs up to some spectacular viewpoints.


Icy forests

"No Time to Die" also features the icy forests of Hakadal, where a girl is seen fleeing from a masked man across a frozen lake. 

The wilderness is easy to access wherever you are in Norway. This big forest in Romeriksåsene in Eastern Norway would be the perfect place to sneak up behind a henchman.

Now, let your imagination run really wild, and check out some more locations perfect for Bondesque adventures...


At the edge of the world

Always end your action movie with a cliff(hanger).

The Segla mountain in Senja drops 640 meters into the sea and is very dramatic and photogenic.


The escape

Imagine this daring escape ...

Bond running across the roof of a moving train on The Flåm Railway ...

… before disappearing down Norway's longest zip line ...

... down to a high-speed RIB chase on the UNESCO-listed Nærøyfjord.

Bond villains, pay attention.

The Gaustatoppen tramway is the perfect hideout, and a great shortcut to the top of ...

...the Gaustatoppen mountain, where a helicopter is waiting at an elevation of 1,883 meters to whisk Bond away.

Get ready to fly at low altitude over Northern Europe's largest canyon in Alta...

... followed by a thrilling cat and mouse chase across Finnmarksvidda, where Bond ends up switching to a reindeer sleigh.


The secret meeting

This could easily be a place where spies rendezvous.

Deep inside the permafrost, on a remote island in the Svalbard archipelago, lies The Global Seed Vault. The vault contains seeds from every country in the world. 

The nature in Svalbard is dramatic in itself, as Bond discovered in "Die Another Day".


An ice cold flirt

Our secret agent would be loathe to miss a romantic meeting over a 'shaken, not stirred' cocktail in one of Norway's cool ice hotels...

...followed by a steamy night in one of Norway's sexiest hotels, such as Woodnest.

Along with a perfectly chilled award-winning cider from Hardanger, of course.

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