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Norway with a vroom

Thrilling experiences for motor enthusiasts

Do you love all kinds of vehicles? Check out these brilliant experiences!

1. Tech heaven

Welcome to a wonderland of human ingenuity! 

The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology in Oslo is Norway's largest museum for technology, industry, and science with more than 25 exhibitions featuring airplanes, cars, trains, and more.

It is one of the best and most family-friendly museums in the country, packed with more than 100 interactive exhibitions.

You can even see Norway's first car here!

2. Free transport museum

Ever felt the urge to blow up a bridge?

You can actually try that at the Norwegian Road Museum, just outside Lillehammer, at one of Norway'slargest technical industrial museum facilities.

The museum consists of a large museum park and three museums, The Norwegian Road Museum, the Norwegian Rock Blasting Museum and the Norwegian Vehicle History Museum, filled with marvellous old cars. 

It's a very family-friendly museum, and entrance is free, so it's a great place to stop along the E6 motorway between Oslo and Trondheim.  Admission is free!

There are several car museums around Norway, both big and small, many of which are operated by local enthusiasts.

See more museums below!

3. Take to the skies

You don't have to actually take off to experience what it's like above the clouds!

At The Norwegian Aviation Museum, right beside the airport in Bodø, you'll find 10,000 square metres filled with military and civil aviation history.

This very popular museum provides educational and interactive experiences for both young and old. Learn how aviation united Norway as a nation, and experience icons such as the U-2 spy plane, Starfighter, and Spitfire up close.

It's a great destination for the whole family.

Test your flying skills at the Newton Flight Academy, located next door! The academy's full motion two-seated simulators give you full control of an aircraft from takeoff to (crash)landing.

If you love planes, you should also visit The Museum of Aviation History at Stavanger airport, or The Norwegian Armed Forces Aircraft Collection just outside Oslo.

Both offer an impressive range of aircraft and other exhibits related to aviation.

Perfect if you and the family have some extra time before your flight!

4. Snowmobile safaris

One place in Norway has more snowmobiles than cars — the Polar archipelago of Svalbard!

The best way to experience its pristine nature is to go on a guided electric snowmobile tour!

You can also experience an amazing snowmobile tour in other parts of Norway that offer stunning winter landscapes.

5. Go-kart racing

Want to challenge the whole family for a race? Then try go-karting!

You can find tracks all over Norway, both indoors and out. Bergen Gokart, in Norway's second biggest city, even has all electric go-karts!

Buckle up and find out who is the fastest member of the family.

6. Fun on the water

Yeehaw! Hold on tight on a high speed tour of the Norwegian fjords!

There are several places that offer great RIB experiences, from the icy waters of Svalbard, to whale safaris in Northern Norway, and fjord adventures all around the country.

7. Electric road trips

Welcome to a road tripping paradise!

Norway is known as the EV capital of the world, with an abundance of charging stations, making road travel an easy and comfortable experience. It's the perfect way to explore our beautiful scenic routes! Bring your own car, or rent an electric car from providers across the country.

Check rates and availability at AutoEurope.

7. Hub riding

Is this motorcycle heaven? The winding roads of Telemark are perfect for adventures on two wheels. Straand Hotel in Vrådal offers HUB Riding, excellent accommodation combined with a new and exciting driving route through beautiful nature by motorcycle or classic car every day. Guides are also available! 

You can also choose a HUB riding for bicyclists!

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