Norway – the EV capital of the world

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When it comes to electric vehicles, Norway is top of the class. They're everywhere! In 2022, more EVs were sold than any other type of car. Why is that?

Norwegian EV numbers for 2022

Number of electric cars: 598,712
Share of vehicles: 20,88%

Number of plug-in hybrids: 196,556
Share of vehicles: 6.85%

Charging stations: 25102
Fast chargers: 6157


Find charging stations at (in Norwegian only) and visit to plan your electric journey.


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“In 2022, 79,3​ percent of new cars sold in Norway were EVs" says Christina Bu, secretary general of the Norwegian Electric car association.

How has Norway managed to achieve such a high uptake? The political goal is for the entire Norwegian car fleet to be zero-emission (electric or hydrogen) by 2025. That's why there are all sorts of incentives in place: subsidies, cheaper parking, tolls and ferry tickets, and the right to use bus and taxi lanes on many roads.

“But the strongest incentive may be that we heavily tax the purchase of polluting petrol and diesel cars,” explains Bu.

It's no wonder then that no other country in the world has more EVs per capita.

Secondly, electric cars are cool! They are silent and don't create noxious fumes. And you can drive for several hundred kilometres before you need to charge. Not that charging is a major problem in Norway – we have 25.102 charging stations, including more than 6000 rapid chargers, all over the country. Say goodbye to range anxiety!

The easiest way to find a charging point is by checking's map. To make sure you have access to charging stations, it's important to register with the major providers in advance. Norway has about ten of them.

“Even in the northernmost parts of Northern Norway – an area with huge distances, more reindeer than people, and really low temperatures in the winter – you can get around easily in an EV,” says Christina Bu.

If you want to take a road trip through the country, you can easily rent an electric car from most rental companies. In Geiranger and FlåmeMobility has even set up a rental service for a scooter-car (a small four-wheeler) with two seats and open sides. Perfect for sightseeing!

But why stop there? Cruise the fjords and lakes or go whale-watching on electric boats, travel with electric cable cars up mountainsides, and hop on good old-fashioned metros and trams in the big cities. Not to mention all the electric bikes you can rent. You can also visit a destination that is part of the Sustainable destination labelling scheme, or check out 10 ways to explore Norway for more eco-conscious travellers

The future is electric!

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