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Go all electric

Norway is the world leader in electric bikes and cars. More and more electric cruise ferries are being launched, and trains and other modes of e-transport mean you can literally electrify most of your trip. Enjoy a quiet, smooth and, let's admit it, Insta-friendly holiday.

When your friends ask how your trip to Norway turned out, the answer will most likely be:

“It was … electric.”


“Yes, nothing but electric.”

That single, energizing word might sum up your stay beautifully. You can now go by bike or electric bike, often on newly built cycling lanes or tracks, take the train (also electrically driven) to a fjord, where you can board an electric mini cruise ship and admire the view without the harsh sound of a diesel engine. Later, you can take a drive in the mountains in an EV on steep, winding roads, and at the top you might find a charging station.

Zero-emission electric transportation is a good match with pure, untouched Norwegian nature, and it doesn’t disturb the sounds of such natural wonders like waterfalls too much.

Battery only

“As this vessel runs on battery only, the only thing you hear is the propellers hitting the water surface,” says John Nauckhoff, captain of the ferry Future of the Fjords that services the stretch Gudvangen–Flåm in the Nærøyfjord.

This mini cruise ferry has won awards for its striking design. Although it doesn’t take cars, bikes of all kinds are welcome year round.

The Future of the Fjords is the world’s first all-electric vessel built in light carbon fibre material. Her sister ship, the Vision of the Fjords, was the world’s first hybrid vessel of its kind when it was launched on the fjord back in 2016.

Both ships were built locally at the Brødrene Aa’s shipyard in the fjord town of Hyen, located in one of the Nordfjord’s arms. The company’s patented building techniques have been exported to China and other countries.

Other companies have joined the electric revolution, too. These include Brim Explorer, with its hybrid-electric boats built with a focus on passenger comfort and minimal impact on the environment, and Havila Voyages, where you can enjoy the world's most beautiful coastline from the world's most advanced cruise ship. No ship in the world has a bigger battery pack!

Many tourists experience the fjords with a tailor-made Norway in a nutshell round tour, where you can include a fjord cruise.

“Many passengers tell me this is the best trip of their life.”

Getting around by e-bike

There are plenty of places that have bikes and e-bikes for hire all over Norway, making it easy to explore charming summer streets or nearby nature.

Even though with its high mountains, steep hills, and rough terrain, Norway may seem like a destination reserved for experienced cyclists, there are suitable routes in the countryside for everyone – and with an e-bike it gets even easier! In addition, new cycling lanes are being opened all over Norway at a rapid clip. Plan your cycling trip today and experience Norway on two wheels!

An excellent place to explore on two wheels is the kingdom of the musk oxen, Dovrefjell. Rent an e-bike and go exploring on the many mountain trails. You might just catch a glimpse of the mighty animal!

Experience Norway by public transport

Norway's public transport is increasingly going electric, both buses, trams, trains, and ferries. Hop on a train and see the most beautiful scenery in the world, while you travel on pure electrical power!

In Norway's three biggest cities, Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheimall electric trams take you where you need to go. Oslo has a well-developed tram and underground network criss-crossing the city and even climbing the surrounding hills for those who want to go skiing or hiking.

In Oslo, you can bring your bike for free on the underground, except during rush hours, as long as you have a valid ticket for yourself, of course.

Trains will take you comfortably and effortlessly through some of the country’s most scenic landscapes by electric power, through 733 tunnels and across 2,577 bridges. And yes, there is Wi-Fi on board most of the trains. Norwegian bus companies also operate throughout the rugged country.

The land of electric vehicles

Norwegians are serious when it comes to EVS, and you will see them everywhere! Over half of all new vehicles sold over the past couple of years are electric.

The aim is for the entire Norwegian car fleet to be zero-emission (electric or hydrogen) by 2025. That's why there are all sorts of incentives to get people to use EVs: subsidies, cheaper parking, tolls and ferry tickets, and the right to drive in bus and taxi lanes.

You can easily rent an electric car from most rental companies. With more than 17,000 charging stations and 3,300 rapid chargers spread across the country, there is no need for range anxiety!

AD: Check rates and availability at ​Auto Europe and Rent-A-Wreck, you can find great electric car deals at reasonable rates.

More e-fun to come

These are just a few examples of the fast-forward-moving electrification of an entire country, and local operators will be happy to point out even more useful e-fun.

Tourism has many positive aspects, but also presents challenges. Do you want to become a more responsible tourist and travel to unique places that work actively to minimise the negative effects of tourism, and strengthen the positive ones? Then Norway has a lot to offer!

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