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I have so many fond memories of travelling by train as a child.
The sound of the railway in the background, while listening to my mother's Interrail stories.
And absorbing knowledge from my father about the different trains.
I guess that’s where my passion for train journeys started.

Erik Sveberg Dietrichs, author of Togferie ("Train holidays")

Do you want to experience epic nature while travelling through eastern Norway from Oslo to Trondheim?

Do what Erik does: Take the train!

Experience the Dovre Railway

with train expert Erik Sveberg Dietrichs

"When we were kids, my sister and I used to take the train to visit our grandparents. Candy from the restaurant car was a must on the long and slow ride. Back then, the destination was the most important part of the journey. Today, the journey itself is just as enjoyable," says Erik.

Erik has travelled the world on the railways. It all started with visits to relatives in different parts of Norway, and family vacations in Europe. But as he grew up, Interrail trips with friends and solo trips became a major hobby, which included many hours on the railways.

"Trains are great. I'm quite tall, so it can quickly get a little cramped on the bus. Trains, on the other hand, have a lot more space, which makes the journey more comfortable. Not to mention that trains are a good way to travel more sustainably," explains Erik.

Erik has a real passion for train journeys, and has even written a book about his experiences called Togferie ("Train holidays"). In his book, Erik guides the reader through amazing train journeys in Europe, with both travel tips and suggested itineraries.

Today, he will be your personal guide to an important line in Norway, the Dovre Railway, which is the main national connection between Oslo in Eastern Norway and Trondheim in Trøndelag. It's a trip that takes about six and a half hours.

The railways are a great starting point for your journey from one destination to another, as well as being a more sustainable choice. The Norwegian lines pass through many epic locations with lots of activities nearby, from visits to quaint villages and guided tours to incredible mountains. There's so much to see and do. Many of the best attractions are located just a short walk or bus ride away from the train stations.

Get tips on must-see attractions along the Dovre Railway from the railway expert himself.

Trains may not be the fastest way to travel, but on the other hand, they give you enough time to get a real close-up of the fantastic nature.


The 100-year history of the line

The Dovre Railway was officially opened on September 17, 1921. It took seventy years to complete, and was a long and difficult process. Several lines have been added over the years. 

Although 'Dovre Railway' formally refers to the stretch between Eidsvoll in Eastern Norway to Trondheim in Trøndelag, you can take it  straight from Oslo or Oslo Airport.

Bring your camera 

During the 485 kilometre-long trip, the train passes through the well-known Gudbrandsdalen valley, as well as crossing the beautiful Dovrefjell mountain plateau, which is one of Norway's national parks. Dovrefjell is home to a population of 300 wild musk ox. If you’re really lucky, you might even spot one from your seat!

"The railways takes you places that are not easily accessible by car. That's one of the things I love about train travel," says Erik.

The Dovre Railway passes several stations where other lines connect, including the Røros line, the Nordland line, and the incredible Rauma line.

"We have many amazing railways in Norway. The Rauma Railway is one of my favourites," says Erik.

The Dovre Railway is also perfect for travelling from Oslo to Trondheim on a business trip.
You can even take the night train and wake up in a new city.
But I recommend taking the day train, so you can enjoy the beautiful view in daylight.


Great adventures await! The train passes through some of the most amazing places in Norway. There are many attractions for families, couples and solo travellers close to the stations. When you're travelling by train, you can easily hop off at a station to explore the nature or join an activity, and hop back on a later train to continue your journey. See the majestic musk ox on a guided tour at Dovrefjell, get your heart rate up with rafting in Sjoa, and end the night in a cosy Norwegian fjellstue (mountain lodge)! 

If you're travelling from Oslo to Trondheim by train, you can continue your journey further north with the Nordland line from Trondheim, which will bring you all the way to Bodø in Northern Norway.

The video below shows you everything you need to know about taking the Dovre Railway between Oslo and Trondheim:

Click below for even more inspiration for your Dovre Railway holiday!

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