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About the Dovre Railway 

The journey from Oslo to Trondheim takes about six and a half hours.

During the 485 kilometre-long trip, the train passes through the Gudbrandsdalen valley, as well as the Rondane andDovrefjell mountains. This gives you an excellent opportunity to experience varied Norwegian nature, and some of Norway’s most stunning national parks.

The Dovre Railway passes several stations that connect to other lines, including the Rauma line and the Røros line. When you arrive at Trondheim, you can hop on the Nordland line, which brings you all the way to Bodø in Northern Norway. From Bodø you can take a boat further on to the Lofoten Islands and the coast of Helgeland and Salten.

The Dovre Railway has 26 departures a week in each direction: four on weekdays, two on Saturdays and four on Sundays.

There is also a night train service. Note that if you want your own sleeping compartment, it's a good idea to book the tickets early, as these sell out quickly. Get more train travel tips from a train expert.

Watch the video below and learn all about the train journey from Oslo to Trondheim:

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