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Wet, wild and tons of fun

Take the plunge and jump in!

Whizz over steep gorges and blue-green mountain ponds with a zipline.


Watch out – here I come!

Once you take a seat by a natural waterslide in a wild spa, there is only one way to go – straight down a giant cauldron.

Give canyoning a shot.

A local guide will take you to deep, dramatic river gorges, where you’ll move forward by swimming, climbing, rappelling and – if you dare – jumping from cliffs into crystal clear pools.

It looks fun, doesn’t it?

Equipped with a wetsuit, a helmet, shoes, a life jacket and climbing equipment, you will enter a world of pure magic.

You won’t get closer to the elements than this and at the same time get the chance to really challenge yourself.

Adrenaline kick guaranteed!

Thousands of years of erosion have created beautiful gorges that are just waiting to be explored.

In Valldal you can go canyoning in the spectacular gorge just below Gudbrandsjuvet, in Trysil, you can marvel at the five waterfalls of Røafallene, in Uvdal you’ll discover the hidden gem of Ølmosjuvet, and in Oppdal the adventure goes to the most exciting parts of Festajuvet.

These are just some of the possibilities – you’re never far from a gorge in Norway.

In some places, the season for canyoning lasts from May to October.

The trips usually take three to six hours, so you can pick a tour that suits you. And most of the time you can avoid jumping if it’s too much for your nerves.

Age limits vary from place to place, depending on the degree of difficulty.

Good safety measures are always a priority!

The tour operators provide wetsuits and all the safety equipment you need. Just remember to bring a towel and dry clothes to get changed into afterwards.

No one gets down a gorge without getting wet!

Last but not least, remember that to get those lovely butterflies in your stomach, you need to step out of your comfort zone.

The reward is an epic nature experience and an exhilarating feeling of being in control of your surroundings.

Let’s jump in!

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