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Fun on the river

Go with the flow!

Wahoo! Feel the force of the river with a hydrospeed!

Riverboarding is one of the most intense river activities possible – and a safe bet if you crave action-filled adventures.

You’ll definitely get close to the elements on a packraft as well.

Packrafting is a fun cross between paddling and rafting – perfect if you want to explore wild and wonderful places that would otherwise be out of reach.

If less speed and calmer waters sound more like your thing, rent a canoe or kayak and discover why Norway is considered a paddler’s paradise …

… or enjoy complete silence and zen scenery on a stand-up paddleboard.

Feeling fishy? For a different kind of river adventure, join a guided snorkelling safari and see what’s hiding underneath the surface.

Time to gear up!

Norway is blessed with some of the world’s best rivers for rafting – full of rapids, twists and turns!

And if you still have the nerves under control, the sky is the limit.

Three, two, one …

Bungee jump! Watching Norway’s rivers from a bird’s view is … well, surely something to remember.

You will definitely feel that you’re alive on a canyoning trip too.

Dressed in a wetsuit, helmet, and life jacket, you will jump off rocks, swim in caves, glide down natural water slides and go abseiling down mountainsides and waterfalls.

Adrenaline kick guaranteed!

Fast or slow – find your kind of flow.

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river activities in Norway.

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