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How to plan your cycling holiday

And pack like a pro
What do I need to bring on a cycling trip and how do I plan the ultimate holiday on two wheels in Norway? Cycling expert Øyvind Wold shares his best planning tips.
Plan your trip to the Sognefjord area: Two women are biking along the Fjordstien path in Sogndal by the Sognefjord in Fjord Norway
Biking in Sogndal.
Photo: VERI Media / Lokel

Embark on an adventure and get close to the Norwegian nature. The fjords. The mountains. The charming coastal towns. Kilometres upon kilometres with gravel roads through an almost undisturbed wilderness await, especially in Eastern Norway.

Still, whether you choose to cruise down some of the most beautiful roads in Norway or follow a scenic cycling route, the trip needs to be planned. In detail. And if there’s one person who knows how to do that, it’s Øyvind Wold. He works for the Norwegian Cyclists’ Association and has biked all over the country. In addition, he has written several books about cycling in Norway.

Here are his tips and tricks on how to plan and pack for your cycling vacation.

Portrait of cycle expert Øyvind Wold, Norway
Øyvind Wold.
Photo: Øyvind Wold

Fun for everyone

From road cycling through lush valleys and winding roads along the fjords to mountain bikingNorway is an eldorado for biking enthusiasts. And you don’t have to be as fit as the Tour de France-stars to experience it.

“No, not at all! Several of the national cycling routes in Norway are suitable for everyone, including those who don’t have much experience with biking. The Numedal route and the Coastal route between Horten and Tønsberg are some examples”, Øyvind explains.

Popular cycling routes are also meant for all of us.

“If you want an easy trip, bike the famous Rallarvegen ‘the wrong way’. Take the train to Finse and follow the road eastwards to Haugastøl. It’s three miles with mainly flat terrain and gentle hills.”

Many popular biking destinations in Norway offer bike rental and e-bikes as well, which makes the scenic bike rides more accessible. Just remember to book in advance.

Find the perfect base

“If you don’t have much experience and feel unsure about both distance and how much equipment you need, it’s a good idea to find a base and plan your biking trips from there. This base could be a hotel or a cabin.”

Øyvind says this is a smart solution because you won’t need that much stuff for each excursion. It’s also an excellent way to travel as a group.

“When you have a base, the group can split up. Some can go for a long trip, while others can choose an easier route. Then everyone can meet up again later in the day.”

If you want to spend a night or two in nature, you can still do that by bringing a tent or a hammock. Bike to a camping spot and sleep there for a night, then head back to the base the next day.

Portrait of cycle expert Øyvind Wold, Norway
Øyvind Wold.
Photo: Øyvind Wold
Øyvind Wold

Øyvind is an experienced cyclist that works for the Norwegian Cyclists’ Association. He has written several books and also works as a freelance writer/photographer for several Norwegian cycling and wildlife magazines.

Family adventures

Cycling trips with children can be amazing. And with a bit of planning, the whole bunch will have a great time.

“Go for an area that you know. That way, you’ll know where to find the charming roads, the top beaches, and the best camping spots”, Øyvind says.

That will also make it easier to find places that motivate the kids, like farms, a lake to fish in, or a place that serves delicious food. Several family-friendly nature adventures can spice up the trip, such as paddling, glacier hikes, via ferrata climbing and more.

Also make sure to include the little ones in the planning.

“If you tell them about the trip before you go, they get involved and know what to expect.”

Last but not least, have a plan B. Even though the grown-ups need to know basic bike repair, it’s nice to be prepared if something can’t be fixed. Or if the weather gets too bad.

Another option is micro-adventures.

“It’s easy to be blinded by all the exotic destinations, but it might be just as exciting to bike to the nearest lake or forest.”

Biking for days

In Norway, long cycling trips can offer everything from the spectacular scenery in Northern Norway and Fjord Norway to popular routes in the mountains, like Tour de Dovre and Mjølkevegen. But where should you go and how far can you bike each day?

The most important thing when planning a long trip is to know yourself and your bike. That way, you’ll be sure to have the right equipment, and it’s easier to calculate the distance for each leg.”

It’s also a good idea to take a closer look at the route and the hills along the way, as this will affect both speed and distance, which is crucial when you decide how long to bike each day.

Øyvind explains that if you exercise regularly, but aren’t used to biking, you shouldn’t aim for more than 30–45 kilometres per day. People who are quite fit can cover a stretch of around 70–90 kilometres in a day.

“But remember that this is just an estimate. How long you’re able to cycle each day will also depend on the surface, the number of hills (and how steep they are), wind, and if you have a lot of luggage.”

Google maps might come in handy as a trip planner since it will show you route suggestions, distance, altitude metres, and approximately how long the journey will take.

Safety on two wheels

When cycling on the roads in Norway, the same rules and road signs apply to you as to cars and other vehicles:
• Keep to the right.
• Give way to those coming from your right.
• Don’t drink and bike.

You may cycle on the pavement, but adapt your speed.

You may not cycle on motorways and dual carriageways.

Only children under the age of 10 may be carried as passengers.

Always wear a helmet when cycling. A high visibility vest is a good idea, especially on busy roads.

Read more about bike safety

Øyvind’s tips for daily stretches

People who exercise regularly, but are not used to biking: 30–45 km.

People who are fit and want a challenge: 70–90 km.

Children between the ages of 7 and 9: 15–20 km.

Children between the ages of 10 and 12: 20–30 km.

Remember that this is just an estimate. The distance you’re able to cover in a day will vary based on the road itself, hills, wind, and the weight of your luggage.

Namdalskysten in Trøndelag.
Photo: Olav Breen

How to pack for cycling trips like a pro

In addition to the most obvious things, like toiletries and the necessary bike equipment, there are a few more things you should always take on a cycling trip, according to Øyvind.

“If we use a family trip as a basis, the number one priority is to bring enough food and drink. High-quality rainwear is also nice to have, since getting wet and cold puts a damper on the experience.”

Other things to pack for your cycling trip are:

  • an old-fashioned map (they don’t run out of battery)
  • sunblock
  • plasters, gel plasters to treat blisters, mosquito repellents
  • power bank
  • toilet paper
  • coffee (obviously)
  • helmet
  • cycling gloves (protects your palms if you fall off the bike)
  • cycling glasses (protects your eyes from road dust, wind, bugs, and to an extent rain)
  • thin woollen clothes (can be used for more than one day before it starts to smell)
  • lightweight sportswear
  • compact and lightweight tent and sleeping pad
  • camping stove and cutlery

Equipment for necessary cycling repairs is also a must on a longer trip, such as a patch kit and a spare tube. But that’s not all.

“Bring an inflatable pillow. It can do wonders for the quality of your sleep, which is very important on trips like this.”

The list of things to pack for your cycling trip does include quite a few things, so how do you bring everything without a car?

“You can use panniers to carry luggage on your bike in combination with a bicycle cargo trailer. You should avoid packing everything in a backpack.”

But one size does not fit all. When you pack for a long cycling trip, people rarely get it right the first time, according to Øyvind. “You need to try and fail. That way you figure out what worked for you and what you didn’t have to bring – and then you learn something for the next trip. That’s half the fun when you go on ‘expeditions’!”

Weather and climate

Important when you’re planning a cycling holiday in Norway, is to know that the climate and temperatures vary a lot in the different parts of the country.

In Southern Norway, Eastern Norway, and Fjord Norway, spring usually arrives some time in April or early May, and the cycling season stretches all the way into October. Temperatures vary from hot (25–30 degrees Celsius) to quite chilly (10–15 degrees Celsius).

Above the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway, you may not experience true spring until late May or early June, but by then the long and bright summer days have already started. Here, you can cycle under the midnight sun until the end of July, and the season ends in September/October.

Note that both Northern Norway and mountainous regions are colder than the rest of the country. Make sure you bring enough clothes.

Also when cycling in Norway, you need to be prepared for rainy days.

Read more about seasons and climate in Norway.

Bicycles on public transport

It is possible to bring your bike on public transport in Norway, such as trains, ferries and similar. You have to pay a fee, usually the same as what a child would pay.

Avoid rush hour, as you might have to wait for a later departure if, for instance, the train is crowded and there is no room for your bike.

You can also check your bike as special baggage on flights but note that this does not include e-bikes.

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E-bike rental / self guided tour to Dalsnibba 1500m above the Geirangerfjord Read more
E- bike tour to Mt Dalsnibba in Geiranger
Experience Romsdalen with electric bikes! Enjoy fresh air and fabulous views when you ride along the river, through the town of Åndalsnes and between… Read more
Electric bike rental in Åndalsnes
Amazing view of the landscape surrounding Rosendal. Including intro to kayaking, all necessary equipment and lunch. Read more
Fjord kayak Rosendal
Join a guided bike ride in Bergen and see more of the city in less time. Perfect way to experience charming Bergen Read more
Guided bike ride in Bergen
Easy self guided bike tour to the Eagle Bend above the Geiranger fjord Read more
E-bike tour to Eaglesbend i Geiranger
Explore some of the most breathtaking landscape in Fjord Norway. Train Bergen - Myrdal, mountain biking, fjord safari in Nærøyfjorden, and river… Read more
Full Pack Fjord Tour from Bergen
Smøla Kayak is located in beautiful surroundings north-east on the very paradise island for kayaking; Smøla. You may rent kayaks, dry suits and other… Read more
Kayaking from Veiholmen - Smøla kayak
Aker Stadium is one of Norway's most modern football stadiums, seating 11,200. Read more
Aker Stadium
Hire a bike and see a lot more of Bergen in a shorter time than on foot! It is the perfect way to experience the charming city of Bergen. Read more
See Bergen from the seat of a bike
Loen Active is an activity company that gives you outdoor experiences starting from the center of Loen - all year round. Examples of activities during… Read more
Loen Active
Enjoy Ålesund, one of Norway's finest cities on the west coast! Perfect combo of city biking and easy hiking to Sukkertoppen mountain. Read more
E-bike & Hike in Ålesund
The Aursjø road – known to be tougher than Trollstigen. The best way to explore this area, is on the mountain bike. Read more
The Aursjøvegen Road round trip on mountain bike
Kayak the "hidden fjord", A full-day adventure from Ålesund. A kayak adventure in one of the pristine hidden fjords. Take the Fjord cruise… Read more
The hidden Fjord Kayak tour- day trip
Welcome to one of Norway's most exciting rappels, an activity that provides both great nature experiences and mastery! You have now the opportunity to… Read more
Rappelling at the Zakarias Dam - Ville Krefter
The Atlantic Road was in 2010 awarded as the most beautiful bike ride in Norway, by votes from the Norwegian website ut.no! The ride can be done both… Read more
The Atlantic Road - The most beautiful bike ride in Norway - from Molde
Beautiful roundtrip starting with the train from Bergen. Highlights are biking from Myrdal to Flåm, fjord safari on the Nærøyfjord to Gudvangen,.and… Read more
Standard Extra Fjord Tour from Bergen
This years new tour: Bike & Hike with Hotel Aak​​​​​​ Our guides will take you on a fun day tour, where you get to try out electric bikes as a new way… Read more
Bike & Hike in Åndalsnes
Beautiful roundtrip starting with the train from Bergen. Highlights are the train ride to Myrdal, biking from Myrdal to Flåm and fjord safari on the… Read more
Standard Fjord Tour from Bergen
Bike & Hike + Fishing at Bølifossen – the place referred to as "the Pearl in the Mørkrid valley". Come along on a tour through the enchanting… Read more
Bike & Hike + Fishing
Explore some of the most breathtaking landscape in Fjord Norway. Train Voss - Myrdal, mountain biking, fjord safari in Nærøyfjorden, and river… Read more
Two Days Full Package Tour from Voss
An electric bike gives you the opportunity to get really close to the nature, and experience things you only can dream of whilst driving a car. Read more
Rent el-bike - Grand Hotel
Beautiful roundtrip starting with the train from Bergen. Highlights are Scandinavias longest zipline, biking down the famous Flåm valley and fjord… Read more
Standard fjord tour PLUSS from Bergen
Beautiful roundtrip starting with the train from Voss. Highlights are Scandinavias longest zipline, biking down the famous Flåm valley and fjord… Read more
Standard fjord tour PLUSS from Voss
Via Ferrata is a climbing route along a mountainside, named Migaren after the waterfall you need to cross on the route. You climb the route via bolts… Read more
Migaren - Via Ferrata in Magma UNESCO Global Geopark
Join us and experience the densest white-tailed eagle population in the world. On this trip expert naturalist guides take you out by boat on an eagle… Read more
2-hour White Tailed Eagle Safari- Smøla Naturopplevelser
Welcome to Kjenndalstova, a restaurant in the wonderful and peaceful Kjenndal Valley. Here you can enjoy traditional Norwegian food, take a boat trip,… Read more
Boat trip to a seal colony where you can see or snorkel with the seals. Strømsholmen sea sports beds are located at the Atlantic Ocean Road and offer… Read more
Seal snoring at the Atlantic road - Strømsholmen Sjøsportsenter
Experience one of the most spectacular rock formations in the world together with Trolltunga Active.The activity company and their specially trained… Read more
Trolltunga Active
With an electric bike you can experience nature in a whole new way. Here is the smile guaranteed to come out. We have brand new and modern bikes with… Read more
Electric bike rental Hellesylt
By using our fantastic fjord kayaks we will take you on an adventure to Lygnstøyls lake in Norangsdalen. Get close to nature, experience the wildlife… Read more
"Atlantis" of Sunnmøre
Self-guided bicycle tour in a beautiful landscape full of contrasts - farmlands, sandy beaches, boulders and even mountains in the inland. Read more
With E-bike along the North Sea Cycle Route | Discover Norway
Guide and outdoor adventure company located in the start of Geirangerfjord, 1,5-hour drive from Ålesund. Read more
Guided whitewater kayaking
Rent a bike for cycling in lovely nature on Mount Fløyen. Read more
Mountain Bike at Mount Fløyen
Jærruta is a suggestion for a 4-days' bike tour for the entire family. It covers the whole of Jæren between Sola and Egersund. You can choose to bike… Read more
Bike along the route Jærruta
Take the ferry to Kvitsøy and bring your bike! The small, idyllic island invites you to a beautiful bike ride. Ideal for families with small children… Read more
Biking at Kvitsøy
Join in on a coastal-paddle tour from Hardbakke. Experience the charming fishing villages and a unique geology from your kayak. Read more
Coastal culture-paddle in Solund - Sognefjord Active
Combined all-day bike ride and hike from Dyranut via Tinnhølvegen to Trondsbu and Stigstuv. Read more
Dyranut - Trondsbu - Stigstuv - Trondsbu - Dyranut
The Hardanger Bridge is among the longest suspension bridges in the world. It is easy to walk or bicycle across the bridge. The view to the fjord… Read more
Hardanger Bridge: on foot or on wheels
Biking through the nature in southwestern Norway is full of contrasts. You will find dramatic and idyllic fjords, high mountains and gentle moors,… Read more
North Sea Cycle Route
This 1-3 hour long family-friendly hike gives you Ulvik at a glimpse; The Fruit and Cider route, a panoramic view over Ulvik and a spectacular… Read more
The beautiful, untamed nature and the valley´s dramatic history make a visit to Lodalen an experience not to be missed. At the head of the valley lies… Read more
Svinvika is an idyllic area with many interesting cultural spots. For example, there are roads constructed in the last three centuries that all meet… Read more
The Svinvik round trip - easy hiking
Although the very best option at Tustna Ladestasjon is to do absolutely nothing, we have some pre-booked activities to offer you. We make use of the… Read more
Tustna Ladestasjon (charging station) - activities
Explore Karmøy by bike! Skudeneshavn tourist information have bikes for rent. Read more
Bike rental Skudeneshavn
Cycling along the Nordsjøveien from Egersund to Hellvik is a wonderful trip, which spans 12 kilometres on a well-prepared hiking/gravel road. There… Read more
Bike trip on the North Sea Route from Egersund to Hellvik
Discover Hyllestad from the kayak. Paddle inbetween hundreds of islands along the ocean and the fjords. Read more
Fjordkick - Kayak
Bike along the Sognefjord - Explore the fjord landscape at your own pace on one of our rental bikes. Read more
Lavik Bicycle rental
Kvitsøy is an eldorado for paddlers. Read more
Paddling at Kvitsøy
Rent a rowing boat for free at Bokn and explore the surroundings from the sea. Read more
Rent a rowing boat - Bokn
Fancy skiing in the untouched snow? Now you may join Contrast Adventure in a 2-day avalanche course to learn how to minimize the risk. Read more
Avalanche course, Sunndal mountains - Contrast Adventure
Rent electric bikes in the Stavanger region with Travel Event. Pick-up/delivery at Bryne Kro & Hotell, Sola Strand Hotell or Grand Hotell Egersund.… Read more
Electric bike rental at Jæren
To paddle at Møsevatnet is a special experience. The tour is spectacular and an experience you won´t forget! Read more
Glacier Kayak at Møsevatnet, Folgefonna
Climb one of Norway's toughest Via Ferrata routes; Via Ferrata Kyrkjeveggen. The route is about 900 meters long, and you will be rewarded with a… Read more
Via Ferrata Kyrkjeveggen
Did you know that you can rent a bike at the Tourist office in Egersund? It costs only NOK 250,- per day and can be paid with cash or Vipps. Read more
Bike rental at Egersund Tourist Information
The goal of this trip is definitely worth the effort. The beach Skadbergsand is one of the best places in Egersund to enjoy swimming. Little can be… Read more
Bike trip from Egersund centre to Skadberg
At Sognefjord Boating you can rent boats suited for fishing, water sports, diving and boat trips on the fjord coast. Read more
Boat rental in Hyllestad - Sognefjord Boating
Jetski safari is a fantastic nature experience combined with a little speed and excitement. Read more
Guided Jetski safari tour - Sognefjord Boating
Explore the Voss trails in the forest Have a short and excellent adventure in the trail bike ride in Norway! The tour spans two-and-a-half hours on… Read more
Guided MTB tours, Voss Forest, Outdoor Norway
By sharing our love for outdoor activities and the wild nature of Norway, we make your dream and our vision come true. Read more
Norway AdvenTURes
Try an electric village bike and explore Voss with us. Get ShareBike on your phone and join in. Read more
Vossa Bike
The bike route from Lurastø is relatively easy, it partly follows the shoreline, and partly it goes through forests, green areas and parks. It is a… Read more
Bike trip from Lurastø to Gausel train station
Join Coastal Adventures for amazing experiences in the North Sea! Read more
Coasteering at Tananger in Sola
Coasteering is a fantastic experience of nature in the sea right outside Ålesund town centre. There will be excitement and challenges along the way,… Read more
Coasteering in Ålesund
Bring your whole family for a kayaking trip in our steady tandem kayaks. Kids over the age of 12 can paddle their own kayak. Duration: about 3 hours.… Read more
Family Trip Tandem - Årdal
This route is possibly one of the country's nicest commuters routes, it is almost completely flat, and goes parallel to the railroad partly along the… Read more
Gausel station – Hillevåg
5 hour guided trip. We kayak to secluded streams and places along the waterside. The guide will tell you about the history of Årdal, about trading in… Read more
Guided kayak trip in Årdal
This cycling tour starts in Molde and proceeds westwards to the island municipalities of Midsund, Sandøy and Aukra. Between the islands you can relax… Read more
Island hopping with bike
Karmøy has many open areas where a bicycle seat is the perfect place to be. By going by bike it is possible to get up close and personal with the… Read more
Karmøy by bike
Join us for a guided kayaking adventure in Balestrand! Read more
Kayak Balestrand
An easy bike ride, almost flat and with no car traffic, in an area with forest, wetland, grass fields and birdlife. Read more
Mosvatnet lake bike tour
Paddle on the beautiful and always breathtaking Lake Sørestrand. Enjoy stunning scenery, and the natural tranquillity of Lavikdal. Read more
Paddle a Canoe in Lavik
Cycling offers in Southern Norway
The TrollAktiv Bike Park offers exiting activities for every age group. The exciting Bike Park is located right beside the activity centre… Read more
TrollAktiv Bike Park in Evje
Explore the Flekkefjord railway line. Stunning nature scenes offer visitors a great day out. Suitable for the whole family, young children included.… Read more
Rail biking tour at Flekkefjordbanen
Start by the tourist office and follow Smith Petersens gate towards Arendal, past Grimstad Church and Grimstad Town Hall. Follow the foot and cycle… Read more
Cycling tour "The Fevik round" 26 km
Adventure Norway in Marnardal offers great activities in a beautiful and quiet environment. Read more
Adventure Norway
The Hegni recreation area is located by the lake Hartevatn, approx. 1 km from the centre of Hovden. Here you find hiking paths, playground equipment,… Read more
Hegni outdoor area
Start from the Tourist Information, cross the river and take the road Marnarveien further on past Amfisenteret (shopping centre) at Øvrebyen. The… Read more
By bike along the Mandal River
For the slightly more ambitious, follow the Nidelva river southwards from the Nelaug train station with direction Arendal, through hilly forests. Read more
Bike trip Nelaug in Åmli - Arendal
You will find excellent terrain here, both for walking and cycling. Read more
Bike ride to the island of Skjernøy
The activities are at the center of attention at Canvas Hove. SUP, windsurfing, kayaking, underwater safari with underwater scooter and mountain… Read more
Canvas Hove outdoor activities
In the summer months it is possible to rent a bicycle and receive tour information and suggestions from the Farsund Tourist Office. Read more
Bicycle hire in Farsund
Hovden offers a varied hiking terrain. Read more
Hiking at Hovden
Rent a bike at Grimstad Tourist Information and explore the national park, starting at Dømmesmoen. Read more
Experience RAET National Park in Grimstad on bike
Postveien (The Postal Route) is part of the National Cycle Route No.1. Read more
Postveien from Kristiansand to Brennåsen
Start by the tourist office, and ride southwest along the quay. Continue past Odden Shopping Centre, and follow Bark Silas vei until you reach a… Read more
Cycling tour "The lake Rore round" 12 km
Start by the tourist information and follow Smith Petersens gate towards Arendal, past Grimstad Church and Grimstad Town Hall. Follow the foot… Read more
Cycling tour "The Marivold round" 17 km
Four of the summits surrounding Hovden are particularly well suited for trips with children. These routes are marked blue, and all of them are… Read more
Reach the summits at Hovden
Flipside Skatepark in Farsund is Norway's largest skate park. Read more
Flipside Skatepark
With the tourist office as starting point, ride south-west along the quay. Continue past Odden Shopping Centre, and follow Bark Silas vei until you… Read more
Cycling tour "The Syndle round" 47 km
Konsmoparken park is beautifully situated along the Audna river just off the center of Konsmo. Read more
Konsmoparken frisbee golf course
This ride will take you along the historical railway track between Åmli and Treungen. Read more
Treungenbanen Åmli - Treungen
The new cycle route between Lista lighthouse and Varnes lighthouse in the cycling municipality of Farsund is 15 kilometers of pure happiness. Read more
Vita Velo Vest-Lista cycle route
This is one of the five rides described in Thor & Dag Otto's Cycle Routes, and is Dag Otto's favourite interval training. The route… Read more
Cycling tour "The climbing challenge" 41 km
Would you like to try out one of the most popular training routes used by the region’s racing cyclists? Are you ready for a high-pace ride with… Read more
Cycling tour "The Froland round" 46 km
Start by the tourist office, and ride southwest along the quay. Continue past Odden Shopping Centre, and follow Bark Silas vei until you reach a… Read more
Cycling tour "Vestlandske hovedvei" 24 km
Downhill bike track at Tveit skisenter 15 minutes outside of Kristiansand city centre. Read more
Downhill biking in Kristiansand
In Grimstad and around the town you can ride the former cycling stars Thor Hushovd and Dag Otto Lauritzen's bicycle trails! Read more
Thor & Dag Otto's Cycle Routes
Blue biketrip 10,3 km This roundtrip is suitable for all in normal physical condition. It includes som longer hillls than the green roundtrip. Start… Read more
Blue bike trip - 8,3 km, Hovden
Enjoy beautiful Setesdal on one of our electric sharing bikes that you can borrow from the ShareBike app. In several places in Setesdal, you can… Read more
El-bike rental
Enjoy beautiful Setesdal on one of our electric sharing bikes that you can borrow from the ShareBike app. In several places in Setesdal, you can… Read more
El-bike rental
Enjoy beautiful Setesdal on one of our electric sharing bikes that you can borrow from the ShareBike app. In several places in Setesdal, you can… Read more
El-bike rental
Enjoy beautiful Setesdal on one of our electric sharing bikes that you can borrow from the ShareBike app. In several places in Setesdal, you can… Read more
El-bike rental
Challenge yourself and your mountain biking skills in this network of cycling tracks. Read more
Arendal Singletrack - the Heavyweight
Rent a bike and discover more of Arendal and its surroundings. Read more
Bicycle rental in Arendal
The Hovden Akriv, located in Hovden centre, has off road and enduro bikes for rent. The enduro bikes are well suited for offroad and… Read more
Bike rental at Hovden
At the Hovden Alpine Centre, two downhill bike trails have been constructed; one for beginners and one for more experienced mountain bikers. During… Read more
Downhill biking at Hovden
Take the chairlift to the summit of Storenos, 1183 metres above sea level. Beautiful mountain views and an excellent starting point for hikes. In… Read more
Easy access with chairlift to the mountains
A beautiful round trip on paths and trails through and around Heddeland. Read more
Around Heddeland
This is one of the five rides described in Thor & Dag Otto's Cycle Routes, and starts by the tourist office in the heart of Grimstad town… Read more
Cycling tour "Ebb & flow" 37 km
With the tourist office as starting point, follow the pedestrian street to the top. Then continue along Storgaten. Cross the E18, and go straight… Read more
Cycling tour "The Farm" 51 km
Start by the tourist office and follow Smith Petersens gate towards Arendal, past Grimstad Church and Grimstad Town Hall. Follow the foot and cycle… Read more
Cycling tour "The Temse round" 21 km
On the road you will passes Sjølingstad Uldvarefabrik (the Wool Factory), which is well worth a visit. Read more
By bike to Sjølingstad
This is one of the five rides described in Thor & Dag Otto's Cycle Routes. If you would like to explore the coastline between Grimstad and… Read more
Cycling tour "Arendal - The long way around" 49 km
This is one of the five rides described in Thor & Dag Otto's Cycle Routes. From the tourist office, ride past Odden Shopping Centre and… Read more
Cycling tour "Western winds" 65 km
Tromøy is the largest island in southern Norway, and offers wonderful cycling possibilities just a short ferry ride from the centre of Arendal. Read more
Bike trip on the island of Tromøy
This route starts in central Valle and continues north along a nice pedestrian and bicycle track to the picnic and swimming spot Honnevje. With its… Read more
Biking route to Honnevje, Valle
Grimstad is one of the Cycling Cities, and it's here you can meet the tourist information on wheels. If you see the green cargo bike, just stop it and… Read more
Tourist office on wheels in Grimstad
Experience cultural sites in Arendal on bicycle! The roundtrip moves from the town centre past old wooden houses, a gallery, and a very special… Read more
Arendal cultural trail
This trip follows the coastline northwards, passing through the old industrial community of Eydehavn before ending at the scenic island of Buøya. Read more
Bike trip Arendal - Eydehavn - Buøya
Start by the tourist office, and ride southwest along the quay. Continue past Odden Shopping Centre, and follow Bark Silas vei until you reach a… Read more
Cycling tour "Homborsund via Vestlandske hovedvei" 38 km
6,3 km long trip to the campervan parking at "Sanden Såre". Read more
Cycling tour; Sanden Såre, Valle
Cycle route 3 runs from Kristiansand to Haukeligrend. This route mainly follows by-roads and paths. Some stretches, however, follow Highway 9. Parts… Read more
National cycle route in Setesdal
The area around Tvedestrand gives one of the finest impressions of the southern coastline with all its many bays, islands, and small communities. Read more
Island-hopping with bike in Tvedestrand
At the end of the road, you start walking up to Landehobde. Here, you will find remains of a fort from the Second World War. The view over the… Read more
Mandal - Landehobde
Sirdal offers several biking trails in beautiful surroundings. Read more
Cycling in Sirdal
The Åvitslandrunden walk is an excellent circular walk from Alleen in Lyngdal on gravel tracks. Read more
A walk around Åvitsland
Tour suggestions and bike rental in Risør. Read more
Bicycle rental in Risør
The Hisøy bike route is a nice route that takes the tour from the center of Arendal and out to the ferry at Kolbjørnsvik. The route has possibilites… Read more
Bike trip on Hisøy
Bicycle daytrip Hovden - Ørnefjell- Vatnedalsdammen - Ørnefjell - Hovden This trip follows RV 9 south towards "Ørnefjell", and the local road past the… Read more
Bike trip; Vatnedalsdammen, Bykle
Cycling offers in Eastern Norway
Bike along the unique coastline of Tjøme, Verdens Ende, Brøtsø and Hvasser. Breath in the salty sea air and enjoy the scenery. Read more
Rent a bike with Aktiv Fritid
Now you can ride the national park around and charge the batteries with waffles on the cafes. Read more
Tour de Dovre on bike
Every day this summer you can join guided e-bike tour with Moose safari from Dombås. Read more
Moose safari on E-bike at Dovrefjell
The nature in Hurdal is magnificent, with wooded hills surrounding Hurdalssjøen. The buildings are located around the sea and extend up the… Read more
Hurdalsjøen by bike
If you want to try downhill, Hafjell Bike Park is the leading destination for lift- accessed cycling in Norway. Read more
Hafjell Bike Park
Pellestova Hotell Hafjell and Øyerfjellet are located in "Birkenland". Read more
Bicycle rental | Pellestova Hotell
One of Northern Europe's longest family-friendly bike trails! Read more
Family bike trail HallingSpranget
Trandum forest isa national monument. The memorial is made of light Iddefjord granite and conducted by Per Palle Storm. The memorial is written: "I… Read more
The cycle paths at Skien fritidspark are easily accessible and varied, from the very easy to the technically demanding. Read more
Bike activities in Skien friidspark
Around the lake Ustedalsfjorden you can walk a 12 kilometres path and experience cultural monuments Read more
The Ustedalsfjord
At Raulandsfjell there is fun for the whole family all year round! Read more
Summer in Raulandsfjell
A science centre is a popular scientific recreation and learning centre of technology, natural sciences and mathematics, where visitors are encouraged… Read more
INSPIRIA science center
Fitness room and solarium Like to work out? No need to cut out during the vacation or during the conference you are on. At the pool and wardrobes you… Read more
Fitness - Ustedalen
Welcome to one of Norways's best places for mountain biking, both for experienced bikers and beginners. Read more
MTB - Mountain biking in Nesbyen
The Smådalsrunden round-trip is a rather short but fairly demanding cycling tour in incredibly beautiful mountain surroundings in Vang which gives you… Read more
Smådalen cycling route
HUB riding for cyclists gives you the opportunity to use Straand Hotel as a starting base and cycle varied and exciting routes every day during your… Read more
HUB Riding Bicycle
Standard bikes, electric bikes, and bikes with studded tyres Read more
Bicycle rental
This trip is a favourite with families! Here you can reward yourself with a rest or picnic at water’s edge, swim, rent a canoe and visit… Read more
Around lake Lauvsjøen (Easy - 5,3) - Golsfjellet
With Gudbrandsgard as starting point, follow the way-marked bicycle route to Svinslåa. Read more
Kvitfjell - Storfjellet (38,6 km)
At Skardbua, the mountain biking route starts with high-standard and challenging tracks leading up to Slagfjella and on to Røgnhøgda before it ends… Read more
Kvitfjell-Skardbua-Fagerhøi (46,7 km)
This route goes at nice gravel roads from GudbrandsGard Hotel heading north through open cultural- and mountain landscape. Read more
Kvitfjell-Digeråsrunden (28 km)
This ride takes you round different locations that offer family-oriented attractions and activities on Golsfjellet. This description has Oset… Read more
Round trip for family (Easy - 15) - Golsfjellet
Fra Peer Gynt Kafè sykler en sørover langs Børkdalsvegen forbi Valseter og Valsvatn. Read more
Valsfjellet (25,6 km)
The Hallingdal Route runs from Geilo to Nesbyen, a 77 km distance through fairly easy terrain. It is part of National cycle route no. 4, which… Read more
The Hallingdal Route
Welcome to our hotel which helps you with renting canoes, bicycles, equipment for fishing and other hiking suggestions. We will be more than happy… Read more
Milepelen Hotel & Guesthouse
Ridevegen in Sønde Land Ridevegen is an old bridle path which is part of a 25 km round trip through one of the oldest settlements in Søndre Land.… Read more
"Ridevegen" in Søndre Land
Panorama view over Geilo. Start at Geilojordet, follw signpost to Kukut, where you past the Geilo Riding Center towards Geilo Fjellandsby by… Read more
A great family or training outing in relatively flat terrain around Tisleiafjorden on Golsfjellet in Hallingdal. Suitable for most people and an… Read more
Round trip of Tisleifjorden (Easy - 37 km) - Golsfjellet
Discover the fascinating forest, passing mysterious lakes and testing the brown trout. During 4 to 5 hours the guide present the forest in the area… Read more
Short guided trip in the forest – biking, fishing, hiking
A good place to start is at Oset Høyfjellshotell and then cycle along the Golsfjellveien road (Oset-Fjellheim) to Gurisetkrysset… Read more
The small round trip of Golsfjellet (Easy/Medium - 20 km) - Golsfjellet
Explore Oslo on a city bike – a convenient and environmentally friendly way to get around in the city! The bikes can be found at 270… Read more
City bikes: Oslo Bysykkel
Kragerø Resort is beautifully placed on the peninsula of Stabbestad and includes one of Scandinavias most superb spas! Here you can enjoy a… Read more
Kragerø Resort
Children's summer farm with Norwegian farm animals and a large outdoor play area. Read more
Summer activites at Vierli
Geilo Aktiv makes sure you get outdoors and move in fresh air on either a fatbike or snowshoes. Long trips, short trips, tough… Read more
Geilo Aktiv
Landskaper'n (The Landscaper) goes around Flåbygd, and is one of the most used bike routes in the area. Read more
Solsida is a varied and easygoing route from the center of Bø, ending to the Telemark Canal. Lunde Kanalcamping is also a great starting point. Read more
Solsida (Sun side)
"The summerland" starts at Norsjø Ferieland, and is an easy demanding trip through fruit landscape, museums, small to medium size villages and water… Read more
Easy walk on small roads and good trails along the coastal path on one of Asker's most beautiful stretches. A good mix of varied marine nature through… Read more
Coastal path - hike Vettre-Vollen-Slemmestad
This product is still waiting for the English translation. We apologize for this inconvenience and would like to wish you a great day!  :) Read more
Experience Northern Finnskogen forest
Kynna is a watercourse at Finnskogen, and is ideal for canoeing and kayaking. The area has several signposted cycle routes and way-marked DNT trails,… Read more
Explore Kynna - canoeing, biking, hiking
The coastal path along the inner Oslofjord takes you through beautiful nature, cozy towns full of charm and history and past many cultural monuments.… Read more
The Coastal Path along the Oslo Fjord
Discover and experience Glommastien, a bike path that runs between Sarpsborg and Fredrikstad. Read more
Cycle routes: Glommastien (The Glomma path)
A technically demanding bicycle route in beautiful scenery, suitable for experienced mountain bikers. Read more
Bike trail from Skeikampen to Skardbua (23,5 km)
A medium advances route where you get to enjoy some of the best views Skeikampen has to offer. The tour starts at the top of Skeikampen, 1124 meters… Read more
Biketrail - Skeikampen-Skardbua-Dørdalssætra (24,2 km)
Blooming of the anemones are mostly everywhere in Southern Norway at spring time. But on the island Jomfruland outside Kragerø, people go solely to… Read more
Blooming of the anemones
Skjærgårds cycle route is a medium light and nice trail that suits most people, with beautiful scenery - a great experience out in the open. Read more
Skjærgårdsruta - The archipelago route
Welcome to the Beitostølen Trail Arena, Norway’s new trail cycling destination! At Beitostølen Trail Arena cyclists find… Read more
Beitostølen Trail Arena
Now there are even more bike trails of high standard at Kragerø Resort. Take with you your bike and friends or family for an active and exciting… Read more
Kragerø Resort bicycling path
Mjølkevegen is renowned to be one of the most attractive cycling routes in Norway. It will give you everything the Valdres region has to offer.… Read more
Mjølkevegen: North Route Highlights - package by Jotunheimen Tavel
One of Norway's most exciting travel destinations? At Canvas Hotel Telemark you can experience glamping in luxurious yurt tents, incredible scenery,… Read more
Canvas Telemark - cycling holiday
The trip to Svartfjell offers spectacular scenery with mountains, lakes and views of Rondane. Read more
Family trip to Svartfjell (10 km)
Jotunheimen path throug Hadeland, Vestre Toten and Gjøvik This product is awaiting translation. Sorry for the inconvenience Read more
Jotunheimen path through Hadeland, Vestre Toten and Gjøvik
Join Stolpejakten! Stolpejakten is a free activity for everyone. The consept is to hunt down "poles" in gol. All you need is a phone… Read more
Welcome to Hamaren Activity park! Here in Hamaren we offer many different activities, and hope as many as possible use the outdoor park we have here. Read more
Hamaren Activity park
This round-trip is ideal for those looking for more varied terrain. Along the route are a couple of old dairies of particular interest in terms of… Read more
Olshølen, Nysætra og Øyungen (20 km)
Welcome to Tuscany of the North! Read more
Stange Vestbygd
Excellent family outing. Suitable for all. The stories about Sjuguttsteinen by Stenstilen and Berthe Putta at Nøkkelåsen add extra excitement for the… Read more
Storstilen, Stenstilen og Nøkkelåsen (18 km)
Go – live – enjoy! Wherever and whenever you want, take a taxi boat! Read more
Taxi boats in Kragerø
If you are used to relatively long distances, the Mesnali round-trip is ideal. The easiest stretch is the return with plenty of downhill sections from… Read more
The Moste mountain farm and Tjuv-Ola (15 / 30 km)
The pump track is located at the top of the Mosetertoppen, right at the descent of the Gondola. Read more
The Pumptrack in Hafjell Bike Park
Geilo has it's own Pump Track. A Pump Track is a track where you create speed by moving through the course. The original pumptracks were… Read more
Geilo Bike Arena Pumptrack
Information Region: Ringsaker municipality, approx.5,5 km from Brumunddal city centre. Type: Hike on forrest paths, steep hilsides. Level of… Read more
Hiking to Bangsberget, Brumunddal
The trip to Svartfjell offers spectacular scenery with mountains, lakes and views of Rondane, and the route leads through the beautiful… Read more
The Svartfjell round (15,9 km)
The fitness area has an area of ​​300 square meters with modern gym, spinning hall, and hall for classes with aerobics, yoga and pilates, etc. There… Read more
Fitness - Vestlia Resort
With Rondablikk as starting point, this trip is as spectacular by foot as it is by bike. Read more
Furusjøen Round (18 km)
Storåsen is best suited for cyclists used to handling relatively long distances as there are many climbs on the way back, particularly at… Read more
Gammelskolla and Geitbu (10 / 30 km)
Guided fat bike ride with all equipment included. Suitable for everybody who enjoys riding a bike (NOTE: you need to be at least 145cm/4 foot 9”… Read more
Guided fatbike tour
Cycling along the Telemark Canal, experience the wild and beautiful scenery on two days - from Ulefoss to Dalen in inner Telemark. Read more
Kanalruta (Canal Route)
The ultimate family trip where even the very young can come along on a scooter or in a trailer pulled by mum or dad. Read more
Skjemtjønna Round (8 km)
The route starts at the beach at Skulerud. Here, we have bicycles attached to rails, a sandy beach with good bathing opportunities, just a… Read more
Bicycle: Around Rødenessjøen
The route around Rømsjøen takes in varied terrain and offers exciting nature and cultural experiences. Read more
Bicycle: Around Rømsjøen
Going around Øymarkssjøen offers you natural and cultural experiences along a varied route, with great opportunities for activities and… Read more
Bicycle: Around Øymarksjøen
Round trip from Hafjell / Lillehammer to the mountains at the Peer Gynt road and down through the beautiful Gudbrandsdalen valley. Read more
Bicycling - Mountains and Valleys in Gudbrandsdalen | Discover Norway
Tour de Dovre - the national park trail over Dovrefjell. The new cycle path over Dovrefjell lets you journey on two wheels through three national… Read more
Bicycling - Tour de Dovre | Discover Norway
Arrive and depart by train, enjoy and experience by mountain bike! An exclusive tour in the Norwegian mountains. Read more
Bike and train - from Rørosbanen to Dovrebanen
Just 100 meters from the train station at Dombås you can rent e-bike, mountain bike and electric hand bike. Read more
Bike rental at Dombås | Dovrefjell Adventures
Skåtøy is the largest island by the coast of Kragerø, and cycling is a great way to explore the island. You can rent bicycle at Darefjeld, a short… Read more
Bike rental at Skåtøy
Skeikampen is known as one of Norway's best places for mountain biking. Read more
Bike rental Skeikampen
Pioneren is one of the best mountain bike tracks in Østmarka, and Oslo in general. The trail is well-maintained and just minutes from… Read more
Bike the Pioneren trail
Hiking trails on Bjørkøya take you through a varied and beautiful coastal landscape, through pleasant cottage areas, along beautiful beaches and to… Read more
Coastal path at Bjørkøya
Do you enjoy an active holiday the best? Now you can cycle the Union Trail from the train station in Moss to Mysen, enjoy a good dinner and lovely… Read more
Cycle the Union Trail and spend the night at Scandic Brennemoen
Do you enjoy an active holiday the best? Now you can cycle parts of the Union Trail from the train station in Moss to Ørje. The cycle… Read more
Cycle the Unionsleden
Combine your bicycletour on the Hardangervidda, with a beautiful boattrip on lake Mårvatn. Read more
Cycling package 2, Hardangervidda
This package is for those who would like a hiking trip in addition to cycling and boattrip on beautiful Hardangervidda! Read more
Cycling package 3, Hardangervidda
The bike ride "Villmarksrunden" starts approx. 15 km from the Hogga lock by the Telemark Canal and is best suited for experienced trail cyclists. Read more
Cycling tour - The Wilderness Round
By the popular swimming lake Trytetjern in Nesbyen, you will find three nice circular mountain bike trails. This is the perfect place to play and get… Read more
Family friendly bike trails by lake Trytetjern
This is a new and aspiring sports in Norway that combines sports football and golf. In Geilo we are now so fortunate that we have put in place a brand… Read more
Football-golf Vestlia Resort
Galdhøpiggvegen is Northern Europe's highest tarmac road - known as one of Europe's toughest uphill roads. Do you take the challenge? Read more
Galdhøpiggvegen | Biking Northern Europe’s highest tarmac road
Gautefall Event organizes and conducts events that leave a mark for those who want an experience out of the ordinary Read more
Gautefall Event
32.5 km - Grønsennknippa rundt is a shorter version of the Store Syndinrunden cycling tour and an excellent choice as daytrip for active families. En… Read more
Grønsennknippa circuit cycling route
Cycling offers in Trøndelag
Bike package with three nights accommodation, luggage transfers, maps and route descriptions. Possible to rent bicycles and accessories. Experience… Read more
Package: Cycling from Steinkjer to Stiklestad
In Lierne National Park there is a national park monument stone, erected to commemorate when HRH Crown Princess Mette-Marit opened the park in 2006.… Read more
Hiking: National Park Monument Stone, Lierne National Park
You can take bike rides in beautiful scenic environments, choose between three to seven hour rides in three different, well marked trails with easy to… Read more
Cycling in the World Heritage site of Røros
Mokk farm is located close to Skjækerfjella mountains and is a paradise for those who love the outdoors. A visit to Mokk will re-charge… Read more
Destination mountain farm Mokk
Leka roundtrip is an easily biked roundtrip. The route follows then main road on Leka, around the island. On this trip, the route is done in a… Read more
Leka roundtrip by bike
Work, climb, swim, kite, paddle, bike, paint, read, eat, drink and sleep. At Stokkøya Beach Hotel you can enjoy plenty of space, fresh air and… Read more
Workation at Stokkøya Strandhotell
Ytterøya is known as the pearl of the Trondheim Fjord and has a rich history. Rent a bike at the tourist office in Steinkjer and start the trip by… Read more
The Island Ytterøy by bike
Namsos Sykkelsenter rents out all types of bicycles in Namsos city centre. Rentals include a helmet, pump, bags and tool set. Additionally, trailers… Read more
Bike hire in Namsos -Namsos sykkelsenter
MTB adventures in Oppdal - all year. We guide you to the best trails for your ability and wishes. We take pride in making your trip as safe, fun and… Read more
MTB - GoatnBike
Røros Guide offers guided tours in the Røros area. We have walking tours, cycle excursions and bike hire. Our aim is that you, the… Read more
Røros Guide
The old mining road offers an excellent cycling trip along an historical trail. In 1646, King Christian IV wrote a letter of Privelege giving Røros… Read more
The old mining road to Storwartz Mine
Discover the wild and beautiful Namdal coast just 3 hours north of Trondheim. Hop on and off the expressboat that brings you to highlights like the… Read more
Island hopping in mid-Norway
This day trip by bike takes you down to beautiful hamlet Abelvær before you take the Express boat "Foldafjord" up to Rørvik. The last stage goes from… Read more
Cycletrip Kolvereid - Abelvær - Rørvik
The cycle ride from Rørvik to Abelvær, and then with the Express boat back to Rørvik again, has to be one of the most beautiful cycling tours on the… Read more
Daytrip with bike from Rørvik to Abelvær
THE CULTURAIL TRAIL STRAUMEN - VANGSHYLLA The cultural trail Vangshylla – Straumen is probably the first country road in Utøy,… Read more
The Cultural Trail Straumen - Vangshylla in Inderøy
No more socks and scarves as presents - give away an unforgettable experience instead! How about joining one of our daily musk ox safaris in summer,… Read more
Gift card
Saksvassveien road is an excellent trip by bicycle, with a push chair or for wheelchair users. The road is 5 km each way and runs along the beautiful… Read more
Hiking/Cycling: Saksvassveien / Saaksenjaevrien geajnoe
Zarinatangen beach on the shore of Lake Limingen/Lyjmede is the best beach in Inner Namdalen. With crystal clear waters and a designated barbeque area… Read more
Walking: Zarinatangen / Sirjennjuana
Experience the Golden Road by bike! Take the train from Trondheim and spend a day in Innherred with food and good experiences Package offer with… Read more
Borgenfjorden round trip by bike
 Jøa island is a very cycle-friendly island with very little traffic and several marked cycling routes. Jøa is known for Norwegian… Read more
Cycling on Jøa island
The area of Austrått is a fantastic base for good experiences. Hiking. A two-minute walk from Kårstua is the entrance of… Read more
Austrått agrotourism - Activities for every taste
Only 50 km separate the fjord in Verdal and the mountains on the Swedish border in east. Along the way, let yourself be fascinated by the pilgrim… Read more
Biking accross Norway
The mountains are well-suited to hiking trips in the spring and summer, as well as the autumn. The wide open mountain landscape with its numerous… Read more
Hiking and biking
The trip around Leksdalsvatnet can be cycled in one go, or as two to three separate trips. Type: Cycling, Road Cycling Grade: Medium Length: approx… Read more
Bike trip suggestion: Around Leksdalsvatnet/Lake Leksdal
Visit Innherred rent out bikes from the tourist office in Steinkjer. Rental price per day is NOK 300, -. Elecric bikes: NOK 600,- per day Included in… Read more
Bike rental
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      Photo: Heidi Tovdal
      Bike around the Hardangerfjord
      3-day cycling tour of an iconic fjord

      Cycling tour around the idyllic Hardanger Fjord, on of the most beautiful and fertile fjord landscapes in the world. We cycle along the famous fjord for three days, on roads with very little traffic, and in natural surroundings where the fjord and the mountains compete for your attention. | Expa Travel

    • Tour de Trollstigen - a cycling experience by Expa Travel
      Tour de Trollstigen - a cycling experience by Expa Travel
      Photo: Shutterstock
      Tour de Trollstigen - a cycling experience
      Tour de Trollstigen/Geiranger/Romsdalseggen by bike

      Day one starts at Dombås and continues down to beautiful Åndalsnes. The following day, we will take you on Norway’s most spectacular hiking trip – Romsdalseggen and Rampestreken! On the final day, we cycle from Geiranger to Lom through fantastic scenery. | Expa Travel

    • Active days in spectacular Lofoten by Expa Travel
      Active days in spectacular Lofoten by Expa Travel
      Photo: Expa Travel
      Active days in spectacular Lofoten
      Experience fishing, mountains, and cycling trips!

      Lofoten offers stunning nature, mountain hikes, world-class fishing, and cycling trips in spectacular scenery. Sample delicious food served by lovely hosts. | Expa Travel

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