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August 4. August 7.

Some of the world’s best pro cyclists will be competing in the race, which takes competitors through stunning, wild and dramatic Norwegian landscapes. The race is given extensive media coverage, and is broadcast worldwide. However, nothing beats the experience of being there in person. We invite you to come to Norway to experience the Arctic Race of Norway up close. Be prepared for cheering crowds, exciting activities, and welcoming hosts.

You don’t need to be an athlete to enjoy cycling along the winding roads of Norway. You don’t even have to bring your own bike. From late spring until autumn, you can embark on numerous cycling adventures throughout the country, both on and off road.

The four stages of the Arctic Race of Norway 2024

Stage 1: Bodø – Rognan, 157 kilometres
Stage 2: Beiarn – Fauske, 175 kilometres
Stage 3: Tverlandet – Jakobsbakken (Sulitjelma), 155 kilometres
Stage 4: Glomfjord (Meløy) – Bodø, 156 kilometres

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