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Road cycling in Norway

If you want a wide variety of incredible road cycling experiences, Norway is the place for you! Here, you will find challenging climbs, easy routes, fjord views, and mountain terrain, all offering amazing encounters with Norwegian nature and unforgettable adventures on two wheels.

It's easy to see the appeal of road cycling: by covering longer distances compared to walking, you get to see much more, while being active and getting close to nature. And it's equally easy to see what makes Norway a perfect location! The country is famous for its natural splendour, and you have the additional benefit of good quality roads, many of which are refreshingly free from traffic, noise, and pollution.

There are many options if you want to go road cycling in Norway. If you want to see the fjords, Fjord Norway has some of the most famous cycling routes, like The Atlantic Road, Trollstigen, and Dalsnibba. If you’d rather ride under the midnight sun, Northern Norway is a paradise for road cyclists. Go island-hopping in the region, or cycle the Coastal Route from Steinkjer in Trøndelag to Bodø.

“If I ever fancy an easy-paced spot for cycling, then there is no better place to head for than Norway’s Lofoten Islands. Situated above the Arctic Circle, they are surely among the most beautiful places on earth,” Andrew Straw, director of the tour operator Saddle Skedaddle told British newspaper The Guardian.

But why not extend the trip and cycle on the less crowded Norwegian Scenic Routes in Vesterålen and Senja – or explore the Lyngenfjord region near Tromsø, or the mountain plateau Finnmarksvidda in Finnmark?

In Eastern Norway, you can spend a leisurely few days pedalling around Norway’s largest lake, Mjøsa, cycle on coastal roads along the Oslofjord, or embark on more challenging terrain in Telemark.

If you want to cruise through idyllic towns with traditional white-painted wooden houses and dive into temperate waters from smooth coastal rocks along the way, you should head to the coast of Southern Norway. Or you can ride inland through lush valleys on winding roads in Setesdal and Sirdal.

Travelling with bikes is getting easier and easier, and if you didn’t bring your own, you can rent both regular road bikes and electric bicycles many places all over the country. In addition, more and more accommodations and eateries have facilities for cyclists.

Before you go, please note that it’s forbidden to bike in many of Norway’s tunnels. has a useful map of which Norwegian tunnels you are allowed to cycle through.

Now, hit the road – and always wear a helmet!

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