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Learn alpine skiing from the best

Want to look like a professional with cool gear and awesome moves when you go skiing? Check out these youngsters' mini masterclass and learn alpine skiing from the best! Here, they help you get ready for a family-friendly ski holiday in Norway.

People often say Norwegians are born with skis on their feet, but if you’re not – don’t worry. Morten, Alexandra and Pernille have been skiing their entire lives, and in their masterclass, the six-year-old children will show you the basics.

Whether you’re four or forty, you’ll learn what gear to use and how to wear it for optimal style. “One thing we see all the time is the goggle gap. You have to close the gap between the helmet and the goggles. It is safer and looks much better”, says Alexandra.

The young instructors will also teach you how to create a slice of pizza with your skis (and why you need to know that) and share inside tips and tricks.

This is the mini masterclass – alpine skiing edition!

Step 1: How to gear up

The verdict’s out, and the kids agree: “there’s a lot of weird stuff out there”. Here they show what equipment you need, what to wear – and how not to wear it. They also show you a small piece of clothing that might come in handy when it looks like you’ve stolen Rudolph’s red nose.

Step 2: How to master the basics

If you have just started skiing or have never tried it before – this is what you need to know. “The first thing you need to learn, is to stop”, says Pernille. And the best way to stop is …?

Step 3: How to impress

Pernille says that “if you want to look like a pro, you have to take a break like a pro”. This is only one of several secrets on how to impress others in the slopes.

Step 4: How to master the ski park

Alexandra has another tip for you: “If you’re feeling playful, head over to the park”. Here, you can learn how to do cool things, slide across a box, and try small jumps.

Step 5: How to fool around

Do you think that skiing will get boring after a few hours? Think again! According to these kids: “the best way to have fun is to have fun together”. And here’s a few things you can do to get creative.

Family-friendly ski resorts

Jump out of bed, into your ski boots and outside to the slopes!

Thanks to the great ski-in/ski-out possibilities at many resorts in Norway, you don’t have to be your kids’ packhorse and carry all their equipment. The resorts have several slopes with different levels of difficulty, from tracks suitable for beginners to off-piste areas for the more advanced skiers.

Parents can easily keep an eye on the youngest kids without having to stick to them like glue, and as confidence increases and your skills improve – new challenges await in other slopes and the ski parks.

And if someone in your crew doesn't want to hit the slopes, several destinations offer fun things to do without skis!

Where to go alpine skiing

Many of the biggest family-friendly ski resorts in Norway are located in Eastern Norway, from Trysil, Hemsedal and Geilo to Hafjell, Kvitfjell, Beitostølen and Norefjell.

In Fjord Norway, you can get your daily dose of downhill skiing at the two ski centres Myrkdalen Fjellandsby and Voss resort. Even the more southern ski resorts, like GaustaVrådal and Rauland, enjoy a lot of soft, white magic during the whole season. If you want to go skiing in Trøndelag, check out Oppdal Ski Centre. At Narvikfjellet Ski Resort in Northern Norway, you can ski from the mountain and all the way down to the fjord – maybe even under the northern lights.

The best thing is – all of these ski resorts are located within a reasonable distance from major airports, and the ski resorts in Eastern Norway are within driving distance from the ports where car ferries from Denmark and Sweden arrive.

Due to its geographical position far north, Norway is blessed with lots of snow, meaning that in the biggest resorts, snow-covered slopes are always guaranteed!

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