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Animal parks and aquariums

Do you know how big the Norwegian moose really is? Or have you ever held a snake or seen a lynx? See them in one of Norway's many animal zoos, parks and aquariums.

We all love animals, and it is super fun to get close to species we can’t keep as pets.

Throughout Norway, you’ll find several kid-friendly destinations, and many of them lie near a zoo, an animal park or an aquarium. And if you wish to observe wild Norwegian animals in their natural habitat, you’re in luck. Many companies arrange wildlife safaris in Norway, from musk ox safaris in the Dovrefjell mountains and whale safaris in Northern Norway to royal encounters with the king of the forest – the moose.

10 of the most popular animal parks

Dyreparken Zoo and Amusement Park, Kristiansand

Most Norwegian kids dream of a trip to the Dyreparken Zoo and Amusement Park in Kristiansand in Southern Norway – and for a good reason. This is the biggest zoo in Norway and is home to almost 150 different species, including chimpanzees, lions, and giraffes, but also Norwegian animals like moose, lynx,  wolves and wolverines.

Bjørneparken bear park, Flå

In Eastern Norway, you can get close to a variety of animals, from goats and sheep to wolves and reptiles. Drop by the Bjørneparken bear park in Flå to observe wolverines, Siberian tigers, and bears from a safe distance. They also have a crocodile world, Krokodilleland, where you can see Cuban crocodiles, the boa constrictor snake, and a giant tortoise!

Langedrag Nature Park, Nesbyen

With more than 20 different species, Langedrag Nature Park in Nesbyen is also a great place to visit. Help out with the farm work, pet baby goats, and see lynx and wolves. You can even spend a night or two at the farm here, which gives you plenty of time to explore and observe all the animals.

Hunderfossen Adventure Park, Lillehammer

Another popular destination for families with kids in Eastern Norway is the Hunderfossen Adventure Park in the Lillehammer region – and they also have a separate area with animals called Barnas Gård (the kids’ farm). Here, the little ones can meet deer, fallow deer, emus, and guineafowls.

Oslo Reptile Park

If you like snakes and lizards, head to the Norwegian capital and Oslo Reptile Park. Here you'll also get to see turtles, fish, spiders, frogs, crocodiles, monkeys and several other animals you may not see very often.

Den Lille Dyrehage

Travel a bit further south from Oslo, to Brokelandsheia just outside Risør, to Den Lille Dyrehage (The Little Zoo), where you'll find more than sixty different animal species, including monkeys, meerkats, reptiles and other animals.

Namsskogan family park, Namdalen

One of the main attractions at Namsskogan family park in Namdalen in Trøndelag is the bear. But you can also stay in safe accommodations inside the park, right next to the bears and the wolverines.

The Polar Park, Narvik

The Polar Park in Bardu outside of Narvik in Northern Norway has – as the name would suggest – several Arctic animals.


In Norway, lots of peculiar creatures live by or near the ocean as well. Stop by an aquarium and get close to everything from crabs and flatfish to cod, seals, penguins, and cute otters. The two largest aquariums are Atlanterhavsparken in Ålesund and Bergen Aquarium in Bergen, while Polaria in Tromsø is the world's northernmost aquarium.

Regardless of which animal park you visit, make sure to find out when they’re feeding the animals – it’s usually one of the highlights!

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