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Spring in Norway

Nature awakens!

From March to May, the days get longer and the weather gets warmer all over the country. Melting snow creates natural waterfalls everywhere, flowers bloom and smiles are getting wider – making spring in Norway a remarkable experience.

Spring in Norway is probably the hardest season to define. Some years it comes early, other years late, sometimes it’s hot, and sometimes chilly well into what’s supposed to be the summer months. While many people consider the spring equinox around March 20 to be the first day of the season, spring may arrive in late February in some parts of the country.

Plenty of people head to the mountains during Easter week to have fun in the snow before it melts away. Spring skiing in the sun, wearing a t-shirt, is arguably the best skiing there is! Remember to use sunscreen.

In any case, the flowers are sure to be blooming in May, and so are the Norwegians. Nature is bursting forth all around – trees and flowers are waking to life, and the melting snow in the mountains swells waterfalls, rivers and lakes. The blossoming fruit trees along the Hardangerfjord are an unforgettable sight.

There is a word for the joyful feeling that makes your heart beat a bit faster this time of year: We call it Springfulness! One of the best places in the world to experience it is in the Norwegian fjords.

The hurray season!

Thanks to the many public holidays in May – Norway’s national day on the 17th of May being the most fun – Norwegians get to really appreciate the season.

All in all, spring is a fickle mistress. Although you might wake up to a sudden final day of snow well into April, you’re also sure to get days warm enough for utepils – a cold beer that's enjoyed outdoors on a sunny day. Spring is the perfect time for a city break, with plenty of both indoor and outdoor fun. Remember to bring good shoes!

Many Norwegian cities are cosy and compact, and can easily be covered on foot. Check out some excellent routes for experiencing Norway's biggest cities in 10,000 steps.

How to dress for spring

When it comes to dressing for the weather in March, April, and May, don’t trust your own eyes – by the time you’ve put your jacket on and tied your shoelaces, the weather may have changed for the worse. Or the sky may have cleared.

The weather can change quickly in Norway, especially in the mountains, so bring good footwear and warm clothes no matter what the conditions are like when you set out. Spring weather is especially unpredictable, so make sure you dress in layers and are prepared for both sun and rain, and even snow. As we say in Norway – wool is cool.

If you’re out seeing the city sights, it's a good idea to bring along an umbrella. If you are exploring nature, however, you should bring a rain jacket or windbreaker instead. Either way, you’ll probably want to wear your sunglasses, and remember to apply sunscreen if you’re spending time in the sun, especially in the mountains where there is still snow. The white snow reflects the sun, which can quickly cause sunburn.

Get the latest weather forecast

Check the local weather forecast at, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK). Download Yr’s free weather app for iOS or Android.

10 reasons to go to Norway in the spring

Shake off your winter slumber with vibrant fun.

Spring tips

Seasonal food and drink

Spring is the time for lamb dishes, usually eaten around Easter. The first potatoes, asparagus and wild garlic of the year are a treat that will leave many Norwegian foodies weak at the knees. The same is true of fresh fish of all sorts, including herring and the renowned Atlantic cod from the Lofoten and Vesterålen area, called skrei.

Closer to summer, rhubarb and salads appear in all their leafy glory. This is also the time to (literally) enjoy the fruits of the autumn harvest, when you can drink world-class Cider and apple juice outside in the sun.


You know that time of year when you finally can warm your face to the sun again?

The sounds, smells and sights of spring produce serotonin in your brain, that releases a particular type of happiness. This feeling we call Springfulness – and it can be gained in the majestic landscapes of Fjord Norway.

Be inspired by these 7 spring experiences in Fjord Norway!

Spring skiing

A perfect blend of winter and summer makes it the downhill dream season!


In Norway, Easter, or Påske is a major holiday. Enjoy your Easter break like a local.

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