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7 tips for great experiences in Norway and the fjords in the spring

Flower power!

Good times!

The sounds, smells and sights
of spring produce serotonin in your brain.

It creates a unique kind of happiness.


One of the best place to experience it?

In Fjord Norway, of course!

Here are 7 reasons why:

1. The fruit trees are in bloom

Hundreds of thousands of trees and billions of flowers. The trees normally blossom in May, a time which is particularly beautiful by the Hardangerfjord and the Sognefjord.

2. The waterfalls have their biggest flow

Many of Norway's most impressive waterfalls are found in Fjord Norway. The melting snow makes them even more impressive in spring.

3. You can relax beside solveggen


Nothing is better than relaxing in a sheltered spot with your favourite drink as the sun caresses your face.

In Norway, every cabin has a wall for lounging in the sun, called solveggen (the "sun wall").

Just follow the locals. Spring is an inspiring time of year in Fjord Norway, when cities including Bergen, Ålesund and Stavanger are in full bloom.

4. Snowcapped mountains

Be sure to charge your phone, so you can snap pictures of the view of the snowcapped mountains, towering over the fjords.

Hike, bike, or kayak, or catch a ride to the top of a mountain with the Loen Skylift (pictured) or Romsdal Gondola.

5. Spring skiing

Spring offers the most enjoyable skiing, and early spring is the main season for ski touring.

Experience some delightful late-season runs at popular ski resorts like StrandafjelletMyrkdalen, Voss or Folgefonna.

6. Springtime swimming

Rejuvenate your senses with the first refreshing dip of the year!

Hot tip: try swimming by a steaming fjord sauna, such as Heit.

7. Less tourists

Escape the crowds. In spring, the fjords are all yours.

It's the perfect time to ride the famous Flåm Railway down to the fjord village of Flåm for a fjord cruise, and experience Norway in a nutshell.

Visit popular sites such as Geiranger (pictured), Preikestolen, and explore the Northwest.

Springtime in Norway awaits.

Come enjoy the springfulness!

Explore the fjords

Book your next fjord adventure!

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