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The clipfish city

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Have you ever been to a city centre in the middle of the sea?

The city of Kristiansund is situated on four different islands.

But don’t worry – the tiny ferry Sundbåten takes just minutes to cross between Kirkelandet, Innlandet, Nordlandet …

… and Gomalandet. Ask the skipper to let you off at the Milnbrygga wharf, where you can visit the Norwegian Clipfish Museum.

Kristiansund was partly built on fishing, and especially clipfish – split and salted cod that was traditionally dried on rocks by the sea.

Make sure you try one of Kristiansund's specialities, fishan – fish and chips. Enjoy it at a restaurant or local fast food place.

Sample some super fresh seafood at Smia Fiskerestaurant. Located in a house built in 1787, it's one of the most unique eateries in town.

Speaking of food from the region – you must try the award-winning cheeses from Tingvollost, especially Kraftkar, which has been named the world’s best blue cheese! Sample it at the restaurant Mætt & Go in the city centre, where it's also available for purchase.

Join the Klippfiskfest festivalheldin June, which celebrates the town and its clipfish history. Tuck in to local food and enjoy concerts and markets filled with tasty local specialities.

A short stroll from the city centre, you can experience a virtually unaltered shipyard from the last days of working sails in Norway at Mellemværftet Shipyard Museum.

Stop by the coffee roastery and trading house Patrick Volckmar, where the biggest attraction is a coffee roaster that's more than over 100 years old. Treat yourself to a delicious cup of coffee made from beans roasted on one of the oldest operating roasters in Norway.

Did you know that Kristiansund is home to the country’s oldest opera? With more than 100 performances a year, you can always catch a show.

Each February, the popular Operafestukene festival is held, where opera is served for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 17 days.

Don't miss the Nordic Light Festival of Photography.Held in June, famous international and Norwegian photographers exhibit their pictures all over town, give lectures, and inspire.

No visit to Kristiansund is complete without seeing the traditional fishing village Grip.

This tiny island is now a laid-back summer community. Stroll among its charming, colourful houses and visit Grip stave church, built in 1470. The island is located a 45-minute boat ride from Kristiansund, with daily service in summer.

Sampled enough fish? Go for a hike! A short walk takes you to the city viewpoint Varden, or you can try the Havstien coastal hike, just 20 minutes from the harbour. For a longer trip, enjoy the fantastic view from the Freikollen or Bremsneshatten mountains. Bremsneshatten is home to several exciting caves.

Getting to Kristiansund and the northwestern corner of Fjord Norway is part of the adventure. You could fly or sail aboard the Hurtigruten coastal express or Havila Voyages.

But you’ll probably want to drive – along the scenic Atlantic Road, south of Kristiansund.

This spectacular stretch of road has been named the world’s best road trip, the most beautiful bike ride in Norway, and the Norwegian engineering feat of the century.

It's also one of the best places in the world to mend a broken heart, according to Lonely Planet.

Along the way, you can stop to kayak, join a RIB-boat safari, hike, spend the night, or just enjoy the view. When the sea is calm, you might spot seals and whales. Or why not see if the fish are biting on a guided fishing tour?

Cod and trout, coalfish and mackerel swim in abundance under the Myrbærholmen fishing bridges.

Looking for a wildlife adventure?

Make sure you visit the prairie-like Smøla island, north of Kristiansund. Here, you’ll find the densest white-tailed eagle population in the world. Book a safari and get an insight into the life of these fascinating eagles.

Here, yet another amazing coastal road takes you across bridges, breakwaters, and small islands to what feels like the end of the world – Veiholmen island at the edge of the vast Atlantic Ocean.

Get ready for coastal adventure.

Start planning your trip to Kristiansund today!

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