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From festivals, operas and delicious bacalao to the old fishing village of Grip and the spectacular Atlantic Road. Incredible experiences await in the Atlantic Ocean City – Kristiansund.

Kristiansund is spread across four idyllic islands by the edge of the open sea in northwestern Norway. The charming Sundbåten ferry takes you between the islands in no time.

The city is also widely known for its cultural life. Visit Norway’s oldest opera, meet star photographers at the Nordic Light Festival of Photography, or join the small Tahiti rock and pop music festival, named after its location in a neighbourhood nicknamed Tahiti.

The area around Kristiansund is great for hiking, and even better for sea fishing.

In summer, you should make sure to visit the old fishing village on Grip island. And don't leave Kristiansund without tasting the city’s speciality: Bacalao, a traditional clipfish stew made with tomatoes. In Norway’s clipfish capital, the dish is on the menu in most restaurants.

If you want to really feel connected to the ocean without actually being in it, The Atlantic Road is as close as you’ll get. It's an iconic coastal drive that has been named  “the world’s best road trip” and “the Norwegian engineering feat of the century”. It's well worth experiencing.

Get in-depth travel information on Kristiansund’s official website.

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Get in-depth travel information on Kristiansund’s official website.
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