The Fjord Coast
and Sunnfjord

Explore pure, untamed nature

The mighty forces of nature have shaped the coastal landscape north of Bergen for thousands of years, creating hiking trails that combine mountains and sea.

This makes for some very Instagramable locations!

Visit Kråkenes lighthouse, where you can spend the night and get up close to the strong forces of nature.

Climb iconic mountains like Lihesten and Alden, a coastal landmark that rises almost straight up from the sea! Alden's shape has given it the nickname 'The Norwegian Horse'.

Glide through narrow straits and explore the fjords in a kayak. There's no better way to experience nature on the coast!

Love fishing? Fisherman's cabins (rorbu in Norwegian) and lots of other accommodation up and down the coast are perfect for fishing holidays.

Go for a swim in turquoise water at Refviksanden beach.

The spectacular landscape is dotted with thousands of islands and skerries.

Try island hopping and discover small, idyllic communities and fishing settlements like Værlandet, Bulandet, and Solund.

There's plenty of excellent accommodation to choose from.

How about a night at Skjerjehamn Hotel or at Værlandet Havhotell, Norway's westernmost hotel?

Out here, the weather can change quickly and there can be more than one season in a day.

Looking for a unique storm experience? Visit the coast and feel the powerful wind and see the waves up close, while staying in safe and warm surroundings.

Experience the Fjord Coast and Sunnfjord

From the glacier in the east to the fjord and island communities in the west.

The Fjord Coast and Sunnfjord offers many exciting activities all year round, both above and beneath the sea.

The westernmost islands in Norway are a spectacular landscape with thousands of islands and skerries. Numerous regular boat and ferry services make the Fjord Coast an island hopping paradise. Bring a bike and board the local mail boat for some island hopping!

Sunnfjord, bordering the Sognefjord area and Nordfjord, is often called 'the home of waterfalls', with numerous sites worth a visit. Watch as the water splashes into Norway's longest and deepest fjord, the Sognefjord.

The region also provides the perfect conditions for both sea and fjord fishing. Spend the night close to the sea, with easy access to good boats and facilities for preparing and storing your catch. Your hosts will be happy to advise you on the best fishing spots in the area.

November to February is the peak season for storm tourism. Experience dramatic weather, wind, and waves safely, and enjoy the good life in comfortable accommodation, with excellent dining experiences.

Find more inspiration on The Fjord Coast and Sunnfjord's official website.

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