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The Fjord Coast
and Sunnfjord

Visit Norway's
westernmost islands

Imagine standing here high above the fjords, where your hike is rewarded with breathtaking views.

The mighty forces of nature have shaped the coastal landscape, just about two-three hours drive north of Bergen, for thousands of years.

Hop on a bike or get in a car to embark on a scenic road trip you'll never forget.

Like the Norwegian scenic route Gaularfjell.

Stop at the epic viewpoints on the narrow, winding road between the Sognefjord and Jølster...

...and take a break at Likholefossen waterfall, where you can get a closer look thanks to the brigde that runs across it. Go for a wander along Fossestien on the southern side of the river.

You also can join a guided tour up steep mountains and
gleaming glaciers like Haugabreen.

And take in the views from Astruptunet of the enchanting lake Jølstravatnet, and see the works of the famous Norwegian artist Nikolai Astrup, who was highly inspired by this area.

If you head out into the deep, you might be lucky enough to catch a trout or two.

Have a refreshing dip in a waterfall like this one in Fossedalen or in a calm and clear fjord, before you head out to the...

...frothy waves that come crashing towards the wild West Coast...

...where the sea over a thousand years has shaped the local wonder Kannesteinen rock, in Måløy.

Discover Refviksanden, a 1,5 kilometre long sandy beach with crystal clear water.

Glide through narrow straits past islands and skerries whilst exploring the fjords and coastline in a kayak.

Marvel at historic attractions like the legendary Kinn Church and learn more about the rich local culture.

Come along on an epic journey from the majestic fjord landscapes i Sunnfjord in the east to the wild coast and small island communities like Værlandet in the west.

Just a couple of hours north of Bergen, an outstanding coastline and stunning fjords wait for you. Visit charming island communities, powerful waterfalls like Huldefossen and Likholefossen, and have beautiful untouched nature all to yourself.

The combination of fjords and mountains allow you to have unique experiences right on your doorstep. Go for an exciting drive over the mountain Gaularfjellet and witness spectacular views.

If you fancy a bit of an adventure the Fjord Coast and Sunnfjord has hikes for all levels. Go for a walk along Nordsjøløypa or try a more challenging hike like Lihesten or Heileberget.

The region has fantastic fishing opportunities year-round. Jølstravatnet is great for trout, whilst the Nausta river is known for being one of Norway's best salmon rivers.

Island hop with the local postal boat to the westernmost islands in Norway: Solund, Bulandet and Værlandet.

It's a perfect area for storm watching, especially during the winter months. Find a cosy spot with a good view and watch the powerful forces of nature take over.

Enjoy local culture in the region by visiting one of the many art galleries or museums. In fact, one of Norway's greatist artists, Nikolai Astrup, is from Jølster. If you want a firsthand look at where his work has been created, you can visit his home, Astruptunet, in idyllic surroundings on the southern side of the lake Jølstravatnet.

There's also a rich and exciting history in the area. You can visit ancient rock carvings in Ausevika, quarries from the Viking Age in Hyllestad or the legendary Kinna church from the 12th century.

Find more inspiration on The Fjord Coast and Sunnfjord's official website.

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See detailed travel information on the Fjord Coast and Sunnfjord's official website.
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