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Hiking the Romsdalseggen ridge

The hike across Romsdalseggen is known as one of the most picturesque in the country. You shouldn't be afraid of heights, though – a large part of the hike goes along the ridge.

Fjords, mountains and waterfalls everywhere you look – the hike across the Romsdalseggen ridge in Åndalsnes offers views that will take the most seasoned hiker’s breath away.

From the top you can see across Åndalsnes, the Trollveggen cliff and the Trolltinder peaks, and all the way to Molde and the ocean to the west. Far below, the Rauma river winds its way through the valley, and you may also get a glimpse of the train on the Rauma Railway.


The hiking season lasts from July to September.

7–8 hour hike

From the starting point at the parking lot in Vengedalen, the hike up to and across Romsdalseggen takes seven to eight hours. The route is about ten kilometres long and has an elevation gain of 970 metres. You can choose between an easy route, a medium route, and an extreme route that requires a mountain guide.

Be sure that you are in good physical shape before heading out on this beautiful adventure. Children may have difficulty completing the entire trip, and if you are hiking with a dog, you must be prepared to help him over the steepest sections. The trail is well marked and you will get a map and a route description on the Romsdalseggen bus.

Guided hikes

If you are inexperienced or feel unsure about doing the trip, we recommend that you join a guided hike. A good guide can turn a bad day into a fantastic experience.

Safety measures

Rescue operations are triggered by hikers every year. To make sure you won’t be one of them, prepare yourself properly for the hike, and join a guided hike if you’re not an experienced hiker.

Also, read up on mountain safety before you go.

Do this

Research the length, duration, and recommended physical conditioning for the hike you want to do.

Check the weather conditions and always listen to local mountain residents.

Buy or rent the right equipment for your trip.

Always bring enough food, drinks, and an extra change of clothes in your backpack.

Check out the possibility of joining a guided tour or use a local guide in order to minimize risks.

Avoid this

Do not wear jeans, trainers, or other everyday clothing.

Do not start your trip too late in the day, as you might risk having to hike in the dark.

Never start your mountain hike without being in good enough physical shape.

Do not depend on a map on your mobile device, as there is not always coverage in the mountains.

Don’t leave anything, including trash, behind.

Be prepared and pack your backpack like a pro with our hiking tips.

Weather conditions in the mountains

Even if sunshine and fair weather are predicted, the weather conditions can change quickly. Always check the weather forecast before you start your trip, and make sure that you are prepared for changing weather. Do not hike if the forecast predicts strong winds, heavy rain, or fog. Get the latest weather forecast on

Proper hiking equipment

Pack a 30-litre backpack to be sure that you have enough room for everything you need in the Norwegian mountains. A map and compass, first-aid equipment, a fully charged mobile phone, and a headlamp are just some of the things we recommend you keep in your backpack. Scroll down the page for a complete packing list.

Warm, suitable clothing

Wear good hiking boots. The terrain is rough, and it is crucial to have ample leg and ankle support. Occasional strong gusts can occur as you cross the ridge, so please wear wind and waterproof outerwear. An extra set of clothes including a cap, a scarf, and gloves or mittens belong in your backpack.

Food and drink

Always bring enough food and drink when you set out on a trip. It is important to have enough refills to make sure your energy reserves last all the way.

Summer packing list


There are no toilets along the trails, so do your business before you start your hike. If you have to go along the way, keep downhill from the trails and well away from streams and lakes. Bring your rubbish back to the bins at the car parks.

How to get there

In the summer season, you can take the Romsdalseggen bus from Åndalsnes train station. If the weather is good during the first weekends of October, the season may be extended. If you drive by car to Åndalsnes, you should park in one of the long-term parking areas. In the city centre, there is only short-term parking. You can also drive to the starting point of the hike, which is the parking lot at Vengedalen.

Top mistakes

Other hiking routes in the area

There are many other hikes around Romsdalseggen and in the nearby areas, including easier options. Check out the hiking alternatives in the area.

Take advantage of top offers

See our selection of trusted companies that work hard to make you happy all through your trip.

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