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Borgund stave church, Lærdal, Sogn and Fjordane

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Situated at the end of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sognefjorden, Lærdal features dramatic mountain tops and lush, green surroundings that reveal a lively agriculture industry. The salmon river, Lærdalselva, that flows down the mountain to the fjord gives the valley a distinct character.

Lærdal has received the Sustainable Tourism certification, a quality label awarded to destinations that work systematically to reduce the environmental impact of tourism while maintaining a high-quality experience for visitors, as well as preserving the destination’s history, character and nature. The village has an active farming community and the dry climate in the area provides basis for the cultivation of fruit, berries and vegetables.

In Lærdal you will find Borgund stave church, the best preserved stave church in Norway, dating back to 1180. The church was built using 2000 pieces of logs and planks, and although it is no longer used regularly for church functions, it is now used as a museum.

The Gamle Lærdalsøyri village is picturesque village with more than 150 well-preserved wooden houses that date back to the 18th and 19th century. A major fire in 2014 destroyed over 35 houses, and six or seven of them had historical value. However, the village opened again for tourists after a short while.

In Lærdal there are plenty of round trips on offer, for example along Vindhellaveien by Borgund Stavkirke or on the longer Kongeveien (“The King’s Road”) across the Filefjell mountains.

Gamle Lærdalsøyri
Terje Rakke/Nordic Life AS/Fjord Norway
Salmon fishing in Lærdalselva
Sverre Hjornevik
Kongeveien, Lærdal
Kongeveien, Filefjell
Statens vegvesen
The Nærøyfjord
Katrin Moe

A sustainable destination

Many places follow sustainable principles, but being certified as a sustainable destination is an honour few qualify for. It takes years of work demonstrating their lasting commitment to providing the best possible experiences for their guests, while keeping the negative impact of tourism to a minimum. In addition, the destination must work to continually improve its business practices and relations with the local community, whilst safeguarding their natural and cultural assets, history and traditions.

Find out more about sustainability in Norway

Sustainable destination

Getting here and around

By plane:
  • Lærdal does not have an airport of its own, but nearby Sogndal is only 30 minutes by plane from Bergen, or 45 minutes from Oslo.
By road:
  • The express buses between Bergen and Lillehammer stop in Lærdal, around 5 hours after departure from Lillehammer, or 4,5 hours from Bergen.
  • There are also express buses from Oslo, which take around 6 hours to reach Lærdal.
  • Driving from Bergen to Lærdal will take you around 4,5 hours following E16, or around 4 hours from Oslo along Rv7.
By boat:
  • Express boats depart Bergen for Sogndal daily throughout the year. From Sogndal you can catch a local bus the rest of the way to Lærdal.

Lærdal offers ...

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