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5 spectacular trips around Fjord Norway

by rail, bus, and boat

Discover the Norwegian fjords by bus, train and express boat! Get ready for stunning viewpoints, fabulous hikes, and delicious cider safaris. Don't miss a trip aboard the Flåm Railway, often voted one of the world's most spectacular train journeys!

Some of the best trips you can take by comfortable buses, trains and express boats in Vestlandet, the Western part of Norway, often referred to as Fjord Norway are describedbelow.

One of the main gateways to this part of the country is Norway's fjord capital, Bergen. Visit its famous medieval wharf Bryggen, taste local specialities at the vibrant fish market, experience amazing art at the KODE museums, and enjoy panoramic views of the city by taking the cable car to Mount Ulriken or the funicular to Mount Fløyen.

The beautiful Art Nouveau city of Ålesund is another important transport hub for travelling in the northwestern part of the region. 

A convenient travel planner

Since routes and timetables are subject to change, and some routes only are available in summer or during the school year, we recommend that you always use the Norwegian app and travel planner Entur to help plan your trip. Remember to enter your exact dates!

Getting there

Bergen Airport Flesland serves as a regional airport for much of Fjord Norway. There are direct flights to Bergen from many international cities, and from all the biggest cities and towns in Norway. Stavanger, Ålesund, Molde, and Kristiansund also have airports and there are several smaller local airports served by Widerøe.

Suggested itineraries: 

1. Bergen and the Sognefjord

2. Bergen and the Hardangerfjord

3. Bergen - Ålesund

4. Ålesund - the Northwest - Trondheim

5. Bergen - Stord - Haugesund - Stavanger

Note: Time estimates for the trips below are based on the shortest possible connections. Some trips may take longer.

1. Bergen and the Sognefjord

This route runs from Bergen to the heart of the Norwegian fjord landscape, Sognefjord, the second longest fjord in the world. Experience some of the country's most popular hiking areas, sample tasty culinary traditions, and experience breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage landscapes.

Bergen - Voss - Myrdal - Flåm

Ride the Bergen Railway (1 h 20 min) from Bergen to the mountain town of Voss, the adrenaline capital of Norway, where you can go rafting, skydiving, and cycling. Ride the gondola to the top of Mount Hanguren — directly from the train station!

Continue by train to Myrdal station (50 min), where the Bergen Railway and the Flåm Railway connect. The historic 20-kilometre Flåm Railway takes you down to the fjord village of Flåm, and is often named one of the world's most beautiful train rides. One of the highlights of the journey is the majestic Kjosfossen waterfall, where the train makes a short stop, allowing passengers to admire its beauty and even step outside to take photos.

When arriving at Flåm station, disembark and spend some time discovering everything Flåm has to offer! Try Flåm Zipline, Scandinavia's longest zipline, or join a relaxing fjord cruise onboard the sleek, award-winning electric catamaran Legacy of The Fjords on the UNESCO-listed Nærøyfjord.

Before you leave Flåm, you should also visit the Njardarheimr Viking village in Gudvangen to meet modern-day Vikings! There's a shuttle bus between Flåm and Gudvangen (20 min).

Tip 1: Many people choose to combine cycling and train travel on this trip. RallarvegenThe Navvy Road, has been named Norway's most beautiful cycling route.  You can startat either Haugastøl or Finse stations, and pass Hallingskeid and Myrdal before continuing alongside the Flåm Railway to Flåm. 

Tip 2: Always book your train tickets in advance, especially during the peak summer season. You can also start this journey from Oslo. Book tickets with Vy or purchase the famous Norway in a Nutshell round trip from Bergen, Voss or Oslo. 

Tip 3: Experience a magical winter journey from Bergen to Flåm on the Norway in a Nutshell Winter Tour.

Flåm - Aurland - Lærdal

From Flåm, you can continue on by bus to the 'slow travel' village of Aurland by the Aurlandsfjord, just a 10-minute bus ride from Flåm. Visit an organic bakery and several quaint local businesses. Want more air below your feet? Visit Stegastein viewpoint, 650 metres above the Aurlandsfjord.

The Sognefjordekspressenbus takes you from Flåm or Aurland toLærdal, the fjord village in the heart of Sognefjorden (1 h). Experience Borgund Stave Church, Norway's best-preserved stave church, and explore the charming wooden houses in the cosy fruit village of Lærdalsøyri. 

Tip: You can also take the bus to Oslo from Lærdal. 

Lærdal - Sogndal - Bergen

From Lærdal, you can travel by bus toSogndal with (1 h), the regional centre of Sogn. Enjoy delicious local food at one of its cafés or take a stroll with beautiful views of the Sogndalsfjord.

From Sogndal, several exciting attractions are within easy reach by local bus, including the Jostedalsbreen National Park, where you can participate in glacier hikes and visit glacier museums. The 'glacier bus' has daily departures from Sogndal to the Nigardsbreen glacier in Jostedal.

Stay longer: There are plenty of other idyllic villages around the Sognefjord. Spend a few nights in the artistic village of Balestrand (travel by high speed ferry or local bus 50 min - 1 h 20 m), and enjoy world class handcrafted fruit juices and ciders. From here, you can enjoy a very scenic boat ride to the picturesque Fjærland book town.          

Returning to Bergen

The Sognefjordekspressen is the name of the express boat that takes you all the way back to Bergen from Sogndal (4 h 45 min) or from Balestrand (4 h). 

Tip 1: You can also travel between Bergen, Flåm, Aurland, Lærdal ,and Sogndal and back to Bergen on the express boat Bergen-Sogn-Flåm-Bergen (Norled RUTE 23501​).

Tip 2: Make it easy! Book a pre-packaged Sognefjord in a Nutshell Tour to experience all the highlights!

2. Bergen and the Hardangerfjord

From Bergen, you can travel southeast to experience the beautiful Hardangerfjord region, with its idyllic fjord landscape, lush orchards, award-winning apple cider, world famous hikes, dramatic waterfalls, and mighty glaciers.

Bergen - Rosendal - Odda

Start your journey in Bergen with a beautiful 2-hour fjord cruise aboard the Hardangerfjordekspressen express boat to Rosendal in Sunnhordland, through wild and stunning nature. An experience in itself!

Spend a few days in lovely Rosendal and explore the wonderful rose gardens and castle Baroniet Rosendal, and visit the world's largest floating art installation, the Salmon Eyesustainable salmon farming exhibition centre. See the Folgefonna glacier up close and glide amidst icebergs on a unique kayak tour. Down by the harbour, you can learn about life in Hardangerfjord, and topics such as nature and the climate, through interactive exhibitions at the Folgefonn centre.

Continue from Rosendal by local bus to Odda (1 h) in the Hardanger region. Odda is a hub for adventurers, and is known for its proximity to the Trolltunga hike, one of the most spectacular rock formations in Norway. Shuttle buses from Odda take you to the start of the trail.

Alternative route: You can also take the bus from Bergen to Norheimsund (1 h 30 min), from which you can embark on various local buses and boat tours into the Hardangerfjord region and visit cosy villages along the way, or you can take the train from Bergen to Voss, and a bus to Hardanger. 

Tip: Odda is also a good gateway if you want to continue west to Stavanger, east to Oslo, or south to Kristiansand. Check out 3 idyllic trips in Southern Norway by bus, rail, and boat, including one through the beautiful Setesdalen valley, the cradle of Norwegian folk traditions.

Odda - Lofthus - Eidfjord

Just a 40-minute bus trip from Odda lies the hiking paradise of Lofthus, often referred to as the 'Orchard of Hardanger' due to its many apple trees and incredible springtime blossom. Cider from Hardangerhas won numerous international awards, so be sure to visit one of its fruit farms! For a memorable overnight stay in Lofthus, check in to the venerable Hotel Ullensvang

Continue by bus to Kinsarvik and Eidfjord (1 h), a fjord village with several hotels and plenty of things to do. One of the highlights of the area is the impressive Vøringsfossen waterfall, just a short bus ride away. Eidfjord is the innermost village in the Hardangerfjord, and close to many great hikes and the Hardangervidda National Park.

To travel from Eidfjord back to Bergen, it's best to take a bus from Eidfjord to Voss (one or two changes of bus) and then transfer to the Bergen Railway to reach Bergen (3 hours in total).

Tip 1: Book the Hardangerfjord in a Nutshell tour to experience all the highlights, including the Vøringsfossen waterfall!

Tip 2: It is also very easy to travel along the coast from Bergen to Stavanger by bus (4 h 25 min). During summer, you can also travel between Trolltunga to Preikestolen by direct bus.

3. Bergen - Ålesund

From Bergen, you can travel by bus to the Art Nouveau city of Ålesund, an excellent hub for exploring the Northwestern part of the region. If you choose to travel straight to Ålesund, the Vy express bus is very scenic and lasts 9 hours and 45 minutes. But you should absolutely hop off and visit some exciting places along the way! Here are some suggestions:

Experience Sunnfjord, Nordfjord and Stryn

Visit Skei (approx. 4 h 50 min from Bergen) to experience Jølster and Sunnfjord.

Hop on the bus again and head to Nordfjordeid (1 h 30 min) – home of the Norwegian Fjord Horse and the perfect base for adventures in the Nordfjord area, with great hikes and the modern Sagastad Viking Center.

More spectacular attractions await if you switch bus towards the village of Stryn, further inland (40 min by bus). Take a taxi or go by local bus to try summer skiing at the legendary Stryn Sommerski or go kayaking on the emerald green Lovatnet or on the fjord. If you're up for an airy adventure, climbing the Via Ferrata Loen is a fun experience for the whole family, or take the Loen Skylift to the top of the mountain for a bird's view of the fjord! 

From Stryn, you can take the bus to Ålesund (approx. 3 h 30 min).

Alternative route: From Stryn, you can continue east with Vy express bus to the mountain activity paradise of Lom in Jotunheimen andEastern Norway. From Lom you can take the bus to Otta station (approx. 1 h), from where you can ride the Dovre Railway in the direction of Trondheim or Oslo.

Travel the seaway to Måløy and Selje

A more adventurous way to travel north from Bergen is to take the express boat up the coast to Måløy and Selje. The boat makes the trip to and from Bergen twice a day, Monday to Friday. On Saturday and Sundays, the boat makes one trip a day. 

On your way from Bergen you can stop in Askvoll where you can do some fun island hopping with the local postal boat to Bulandet and Værlandet, or stop in Florø, Norway's westernmost city, where you can enjoy small town vibes and the vibrant life of the archipelago.

After 4 h and 40 min by boat from Bergen, you'll reach Måløy, where you can experience idyllic spots nestled beside powerful coastal nature. Måløy is excellent for cycling, and you can bring your bike on the boat all the way from Bergen (you may have to book in advance). Don't miss top attractions like the white sand beach, Refviksanden, and the natural rock formation, Kannesteinen. Måløy is also a good starting point for trips in the Bremanger region.

From Måløy, you can take the bus to Nordfjordeid (1 h 15 min) and travel further by bus to Stryn, go to Ålesund,or head back to Bergen. You can alternatively ride a boat to the hidden treasure of Selje (30 min) and spend a night there. Explore its unique medieval monastery Selja Kloster or relax on Seljesanden beach.

Tip: Florø and Måløy are also ports of call for Hurtigruten on its route between Bergen and Kirkenes in Northern Norway.

4. Ålesund - the Northwest - Trondheim

Ålesund is agood starting point for several unforgettable trips in wildly beautiful Sunnmøre, including a cruise to the renowned UNESCO-listed Geirangerfjord. You can also set sail on fjord cruises from Ålesund to Hjørundfjorden in the Sunnmøre Alps, whose peaks rise as much as 1,600 metres above the fjord, and go on a day trip by bus and express boat to the puffin colonies on the bird island of Runde.

Ålesund - Geirangerfjord

From May to the end of September, fjord cruises run from Ålesund into the Geirangerfjord, and you can also travel by local bus from Ålesund, through Sykkylven, Stranda and Hellesylt, where a fjord cruise to Geiranger starts.

The UNESCO World Heritage site is fairytale-like, with roaring waterfalls, majestic mountain peaks, and a spa hotel. When arriving in Geiranger you'll have a few hours to explore the village on your own first, if you return on the same day, but we recommend staying a few days in this marvellous place!   

Tip1:Book a Geirangerfjord in a Nutshell trip, where you can experience both Ålesund, the Geirangerfjord, and the mountaineering capital, Åndalsnes, all on one ticket!

Tip 2: The fjords are also beautiful in white! Embark on a winter trip from Ålesund to Geiranger.

Ålesund/Geiranger to Åndalsnes (and Eastern Norway)

From Ålesund, you can also travel to Åndalsnes in the Romsdal valley by bus (1 h 30 min). This mountaineering capital is a hub for outdoor and indoor activities. Start by taking the Romsdalen Gondola to the top of Nesaksla mountain and hike to the famous Rampestreken viewing platform.

In summer, you can also take the Golden Route to Åndalsnes from Geiranger, to experience famous attractions along the way, like Ørnevegen (Eagle Road) and the world famous Trollstigen (The Troll's road), with its 11 hairpin bends.

From Åndalsnes, you can hop on the Rauma Line, which has been named Europe's most beautiful railway line, to Dombås (1 h 25 min), where you can explore the Dovrefjell mountain area before continuing on by the Dovre Railway to Trondheim or Oslo.

Ålesund/Åndalsnes - Trondheim:

There are also some unmissable routes in the Northwest that take you towards the gourmet city of Trondheim. Visit the cities of Molde and Kristiansund (famous for its clip fish) by bus from Ålesund or Åndalsnes.

If you want to drive along the wildly beautiful Atlantic Road, there's a bus trip for that too, between Molde and Kristiansund.

Click below to learn more about the seaway (and bus) between Kristiansund and Trondheim.

5. Bergen - Stord - Haugesund - Stavanger

With the Kystbussen bus, you can travel on a scenic trip along the west coastbetween Bergen, the Viking city of Haugesund, and Stavanger. The total travel time is 4 h 20 min. On the way, you can enjoy views of glittering fjords and idyllic farms, and make a visit to Stord.

Tip 1: This route includes two ferry rides. The ferry is included in your bus tickets and the total travel time includes both the bus ride and the ferry crossings.

Tip 2: Kystbussen has several daily departures between Bergen and Stavanger. Book your trip with NOR-WAY Bussekspress. Vy express also runs on this route, and goes all the way to Oslo.

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