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Travelling by bus in Norway is an underrated way to see the country. Our long-distance coaches and express buses connect many of our largest cities, especially in the southern part of Norway, and take you straight to some of the most famous fjords. Here are some scenic bus rides you won't want to miss.

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Norway is famous for having some of the world's most beautiful train journeys but you can get stunning views from our comfortable, modern buses too!

One of the main advantages of travelling long distance by bus is that many routes stop at smaller villages and towns and wind their way past fjords and up mountain roads, providing easy access to your next adventure.

The maps below show Vy express and NOR-WAY Bussekspress route. Keep reading for more scenic route suggestions!

Illustration of bus routes from VY Express in Norway.

Illustration of the bus routes from NOR-WAY Bussekspress.

From Oslo to Fjord Norway

Oslo – Haugesund/Bergen

The Haukeliekspressen

Duration: About 8 hours and 30 minutes from Oslo to Bergen, and about 8 hours and 15 minutes from Oslo to Haugesund.

The Haukeliekspressen bus runs between the capital, Oslo, and Seljestad. In Seljestad, there are connections to Odda and Bergen in Fjord Norway.

If you hop off the bus in Odda, you can also take a shuttle bus to Skjeggedal, which is the starting point for the hike to Trolltunga.

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Oslo – Kristiansand – Stavanger – Haugesund – Bergen

The VY190 bus route

Duration: About 13.5 hours

The Vy express bus between Oslo and Bergen is one of the longest continuous routes in the country. With this double-decker bus, you can travel for about 850 kilometres, including two ferry crossing between Stavanger and Bergen.

Reserve a seat on the top floor for extra comfort and more legroom, and the front seats have fantastic panoramic views.

The bus has several daily departures between Oslo and Kristiansand, Oslo and Stavanger, Bergen and Stavanger, and Oslo and Bergen, with even more departures during the holidays. This is a great bus route for anyone who wants to explore the Norwegian coast.

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Oslo – Arendal – Kristiansand – Flekkefjord – Stavanger

The Konkurrenten

Duration: About 9.5 hours

The Konkurrenten is an express bus between Southern Norway and Oslo. You can take it as far west as Flekkefjord and Stavanger, where it connects with Kystbussen. There are 95 weekly departures, 14 of which are direct services.

If you're travelling with the whole family, it's a great idea to stop for a few days in 'the smiling capital of the south', Kristiansand, with its many amusement parks, beaches, and other fun attractions, before heading on to Stavanger.

To save time, the bus only stops only at pick up points and destinations that have been booked in advance. Make sure to book in advance to secure your seat.

Note that are additional bus services between Oslo and Kristiansand and Oslo and Stavanger that are not listed on this page. 

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Oslo – Stryn – Ulsteinvik/Måløy

The Vy express VY146

Duration: About 10 hours

This route takes you from Oslo to Lillehammer and Øyer by the popular ski area Hafjell in Eastern Norway, and up the Gudbrandsdalen valley. Next, it continues to the mountain sport paradise of Lom and across the Strynefjellet mountain to Stryn in Nordfjord, before terminating in Måløy on the Fjord Coast.

Lom is a great access point to the Jotunheimen mountains. If you hop off the bus in Stryn, you will be right by Loen with exciting activities including a skylift, via ferrata, and ziplines.

From Måløy, you can explore more of the Fjord Coast by boat. Hornelen, Europe's highest sea cliff, is located nearby.

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Oslo – Sogndal – Førde

The Vy express VY170

Duration: About 8.5 hours

The route between Oslo and Førde in Sunnfjord showcases the striking natural contrasts between Eastern Norway and Fjord Norway.

The bus passes the mountain villages of Gol and Hemsedal, both of which are well worth a visit for anyone who's looking for an active holiday. You should alsomake a stop inthe fjord villages of Lærdal and Sogndal by the Sognefjord; there are good bus connections from both to the innermost part of Norway's longest fjord and other popular attractions.

You can continue on this route all the way to Førde in Sunnfjord.

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Oslo – Fagernes – Årdalstangen,
Oslo – Fagernes – Beitostølen/Gjendesheim,
Oslo Airport – Dokka – Fagernes – Beitostølen

The Valdresekspressen

Duration: Oslo-Årdal is about 5 hours, Oslo to Beitostølen is about 3 hours and 47 minutes, Oslo Airport to Beitostølen is about 3 hours and 40 minutes.

The Valdresekspressen bus runs directly between Oslo and three different bus stations in the beautiful valley of Valdres, with departures every day throughout the year. You can spend a couple of days here, heading further on to the village of Årdalstangen by the inner branch of the Sognefjord.

During summer, you can take the bus all the way to Gjendesheim Mountain Lodge in the Jotunheimen mountains, which is a starting point for the spectacular Besseggen ridge hike. There are also departuresfrom Oslo Airport directly to Beitostølen.

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From Bergen to the fjords

Bergen – Voss – Flåm – Lærdal – Sogndal

The Sognefjordekspressen

Duration: About 5 hours

The Sognefjordekspressen takes you along the beautiful landscapes of Fjord Norway on its way between Bergen and Sogn, and stops in the 'adrenaline capital' Voss, with its many activities, the idyllic village of Flåm, and the fjord village of Lærdal.

The bus has two daily departures in each direction, except on Saturdays when there is only one departure. You will find toilets, electrical outlets and comfy seats on board.

If you take the morning bus from Bergen, you can easily combine the trip with a ride on the famous Flåm Railway, which runs between Flåm by the fjords to the Myrdal station, in the mountains. There are also daily express boats between Flåm and Bergen, if you want to go on a round trip!

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Bergen – Førde – Ålesund

The Vy express VY430

Duration: About 9 hours and 45 minutes

The Vy express route VY430 runs daily between Bergen and Ålesund. The ride will give you plenty of fjord views along the west coast of Norway, including three ferry crossings along the way.

One of the ferries takes you across Norway's longest fjord, the Sognefjord, often called 'the king of the fjords'. In other words, this bus route is an excellent way to experience the stunning Norwegian fjords! The bus also stops in Nordfjord, a great starting point for exploring the coast.

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Bergen – Førde

The Fjordekspressen

Duration: About 3 hours and 25 minutes

This service lets you travel from city to city, or hop off at idyllic coastal communities and inland villages. Along the way, you will have great views of both mountains and fjords. A ferry crossing is also included in the price of your ticket.

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Bergen – Stord – Haugesund – Stavanger

The Kystbussen

Duration: About 4.5 hours

The Kystbussen is a scenic trip along the west coastbetween the coastal cities of Bergen, the Viking city of Haugesund, and lovely Stavanger. On the way, you can enjoy views of glittering fjords and idyllic small farms.

Two ferry crossing are included in the price of your ticket. The travel time includes both bus and ferry crossings. 

Note: there are several other bus services between Bergen and Stavanger that are not listed on this page. 

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