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The mountains are calling

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Discover Hemsedal in winter

Imagine a world of marked hiking paths, cascading waterfalls, lakes full of fish …

… and fresh mountain air in abundance.

The alpine village of Hemsedal lies in the Hallingdal valley in Eastern Norway. Here, you get to test your limits in many action-packed adventures.

Feel the excitement in your stomach as you hang high above the ground in a via ferrata …

… race down the ski slopes in a mountain cart …

… or feel the flow while you’re shredding through the berms in Tottelia Rides on a mountain bike.

The three difficulty levels make the run exciting for the whole family.

Even more fun awaits in the climbing park Høyt & Lavt.

Feel your knees knocking and hear your own shrieks of joy when you zip across the river Hemsila!

Speaking of Hemsila – river snorkelling is one of Norway’s most exciting water activities.

Maybe you’ll swim into a couple of trout? Or you can catch one for dinner!

Hemsila is one of the best rivers for trout fishing in the country.

It’s not the only reason why Hemsedal is a paradise for freshwater, though.

Try your fishing luck in 18 mountain lakes and four rivers on the same fishing license. If you want some help to find the best spots, fly fishing guides are at the ready.

And bring your swimsuit!

Chase beautiful waterfalls that hide between mountains and valleys or go swimming in mountain lakes and streams.

After that refreshing bath, you’re ready for one of Hemsedal’s top 20 mountain hikes.

Some are easy, others a bit more demanding, like the popular trek up Mount Skogshorn.

And why not spend a day on a horseback in the mountains between Hallingdal and the Sognefjord?

The sound of bells will follow you, also on cycling trips on the many marked bike paths in the area.

You’ll meet more animals, and get to taste local food called Hallingkost, at places like Ulsåkstølen and Hemsedal Flatbrødbakeri. And don’t miss the cheeses from the dairy Himmelspannet!

You are sure to get close to local culture and tradition in the valley.

Like the beautiful outdoor museum Hemsedal Bygdatun …

… or the house with trees on the roof.

Hemsedal is certified as a Sustainable Destination. Although this does not mean that the destination is completely sustainable, it does mean that it has made a commitment to work systematically to reduce the negative effects of tourism.

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