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Hallingdal is slowly turning into one of the largest and most diverse MTB playgrounds in Norway. Visit one, or several, of the six mountain biking destinations in the valley for a fun and active holiday.

A mountain biking paradise

Geilo, Nesbyen, Ål, Gol, Hemsedal and Flå are all top destinations for mountain biking in the Hallingdal valley. Together, they have formed Hallingdal Rides, Scandinavia's largest selection of mountain bike optimized trails, which means you are never far away from a mountain biking adventure when in the valley.

Start the day with lift-based biking in Geilo or Hemsedal, continue to Gol and Ål for epic high mountain singletracks, and end the day with shuttle-based enduro racing in Nesbyen! If you're hungry for even more, Høgevarde at Flå are also in the works of building one of Europe's largest network of mountain bike trails.

Mountain biking for all

Mountain biking does not have to mean full on speed and steep hills. It can be just as fun to cruise down on undulating, traversing flow trails.

The Flow Motion trail at Geilo, the Silverstone flow trail at Hemsedal, and the 17 kilometre long bike trail Hallingspranget in Nesbyen are all suitable for families and beginners, and a lift to the top and shuttle buses makes it easy to have fun on repeat with minimal pedalling needed. There are also many family-friendly trails throughout the valley.

If you're all new to mountain biking, you should also check out the five surfaced pumptracks in the valley.

Remember that you don't have to have all kinds of fancy equipment to go mountain biking. All trails graded green or blue, can be ridden with a standard mountain bike.

  • Plan your trip according to skill level. For families, it's recommended to choose either green or blue marked trails

  • Trails marked as green are suitable for beginners. Blue marked trails fits for those who have some experience with mountain biking.

  • You can use a standard mountain bike on green and blue marked trails. Suspension fork is not a must, but can increase the feeling of mastery.

  • Make sure that your bike is in good condition, and double-check your breaks. When in doubt, ask a qualified bicycle mechanic for help.

  • Have a starting point for your trip as close to the trail as possible. Too much transportation can make the little ones impatient.

  • Start easy and choose shorter trails! You can always go for another round.

  • Plan for breaks. Always have water and something sweet in your backpack.

  • Consider getting a mountain biking instructor for the whole family! With a little help and guidance, you will see progression.

Go with a guide!

It's always a good idea to go mountain biking with a certified guide. The guides have first-hand knowledge of the area, and if you're lucky, they'll show you some cool trails outside the official trail map.

In the Hallingdal valley, there are five certified guide companies:

Note: If you choose to go without a guide, do remember to respect both the wildlife and other trail users. And always follow the trail code.

Tour cycling through mountains and valleys

Plan for a whole cycling holiday with a bike tour through navvy history on Norway's most popular cycle route, Rallarvegen – 82 kilometres of mountainous scenery before you end up by the western fjords!

Mjølkevegen between Gol and Vinstra in the Gudbrandsdalen valley is another beautiful route. Ride the whole 250 kilometres, or take a shorter day trip.

Active holiday guaranteed

Hallingdal’s charming villages also offer hiking, fishing, horseback riding, and lots of fun for the kids. Meet the wild animals in the Bear Park, Bjørneparken, in Flå and Langedrag Naturpark in Nesbyen, and test your climbing skills in the climbing parks at Ål, Geilo and Hemsedal.

Biker-friendly services

Go where the trail calls! Find tailor-made services for mountain bikers in Hallingdal.

Experience it for yourself!

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