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Mountain biking in Lyngenfjord

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Want to go biking on natural trails in beautiful landscapes? The Lyngenfjord region offers world-class terrain for advanced mountain bikers – away from the crowds and with breathtaking views.

When you’re mountain biking in the Lyngenfjord region, you don’t have to worry about the lifts not working – there are no lifts! To access the mostly natural trails here, you’ll have to ride, walk, and carry your bike uphill. But the total freedom you’ll feel, and the fantastic views you’ll have of fjords, mountains, and glaciers once you reach the top, are seriously worth it.

Many trails lead from the sea and into the mountains. The best and most sustainable trails are listed in the Mountain Biking Guide – Selected Trails in the Lyngenfjord Region. Please remember to be considerate to hikers, farmers, and reindeer herders who also use the trails.  

Get into the zone in Lyngen

Go biking on the natural and scenic trail in Nord-Lenangen, or ride the most developed routes in the area starting at Lyngseidet, a short ferry trip from Olderdalen. Guides are available to show you the best trails, and you can rent full-suspension bikes and fat bikes.

Make some new friends in Storfjord

The famous mountain biking destination Skibotn has a dense network of trails where it is easy to meet other riders. But you can also venture further out into the wilderness here in Storfjord, with or without a guide.

Attack the trails in Kåfjord

You’ll find some really exciting trails In the Kåfjorddalen valley, behind the village of Birtavarre. This is also the only place in the Lyngenfjord region where you can take your bike on a shuttle bus, up to 700 metres above sea level. Relax and take in the beautiful view of the mountains from Olderdalen. Guiding available.

You can also take a ferry over to the Lyngseidet trails from Kåfjord.

Rad riding in Nordreisa

From Storslett, the largest village in the region, you can enter Reisa, one of Norway’s lesser-known national parks. Here, you can bike on all-natural trails as you enjoy the round mountains of Nordreisa. Guided tours are available in which you can learn all about both the terrain and the local Sami culture.

Go long-distance biking in Lavkaløypa

The 68-kilometre-long mountain bike trail Lavkaløypa starts in Hatteng in Storfjord and runs through the Kitdal valley up to about 800 metres above sea level. It then descends into the Skibotndal valley before ending in Skibotn. The trail follows the same route as the mountain biking race Lavkarittet.

Fun at every altitude

The Lyngenfjord region, home to the Lyngsalpene mountain range, Reisa National Park, and the islands around Skjervøy, is also known for its fun and environmentally conscious outdoor activities. Enjoy a hike under the midnight sun or watch the northern lights dance (if you're in luck), go fishing or bungee jumping or join a fjord safari or a riverboat tour into Reisa. In between all this, you can also sample delicious local food.

Lyngenfjord also offers …

There is no need to wait until you’re here to find out what you’d like to do. Filter your search and check out the offers below.

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