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Norway's excellent local bus services, coupled with an extensive network of express coaches throughout the country, will take you seamlessly from one adventure to the next. Here is everything you need to know about travelling by bus in Norway!

Buses in the cities

In Norway's largest cities, local buses run frequently, and it's a great way of getting around from one attraction to another.

You will find bus stations and public transport information centres in the cities, and tourist information offices are able to provide details about public buses.


One-day tickets and weekly travel cards are available in some of Norway's largest cities. These are often more cost-effective than single tickets, if you're planning to travel extensively. Regardless, it's a good idea to buy tickets in advance, either from a corner shop or via an app, as tickets usually can't be bought directly from the driver. Remember that there are usually discounts for students and senior citizens.

You can find routes and buy tickets using the travel planner Entur.

In Oslo, all public transport is included in one ticketing system, called Ruter, and you can buy tickets in Narvesen and 7-Eleven shops around town or by app. Oslo and the surrounding municipalities are also divided into several zones, where all of Oslo is included in zone 1. If you're travelling to Oslo Airport Gardermoen, you need a ticket for four zones.

Express and long-distance coaches

Express coaches offer an extensive network of routes, also to more rural areas and link all the major towns, airports, and ferry terminals. Many of the coaches are timed to connect with other long distance and local transport services.


Coach travel is usually cheaper than travelling by plane or train. Most operators offer discounts to students, children, senior citizens, and families. Many also encourage online booking in advance and offer both discounts and guaranteed seating for those who do.

If you are travelling in a large group, you must book your ticket well in advance. Bikes and skis are usually permitted, as long as you pay a fee.

On some express coaches, you can buy tickets directly from the driver, but always check in advance.

Travel in comfort

Scenic views, comfy seats, power outlets and Wi-Fi – it has never been more enjoyable to travel through Norway by bus.

Once you have found your seat, you will discover the main advantage: The elevated seating position perfectly complements the mountain and valley scenery, offering a great view of the country’s varied landscapes. Numerous bus routes will bring you close to everything from cosy small towns to lively waterfalls. Your fellow passengers who have local knowledge are often happy to give you insider tips for your journey.

For routes in Northern Norway, check the travel planner Entur, and see the maps below for bus routes with Vy express and NOR-WAY Bussekspress:

Illustration of bus routes from VY Express in Norway.

Illustration of the bus routes from NOR-WAY Bussekspress.

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