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Travel the seaway

between Trondheim and Kristiansund

Hop onboard the Kystekspressenexpress boat no. 800for an adventure along the coast and islets outside Trondheim – all the way to Kristiansund in the stunning Northwest.

Bon voyage!

All aboard!

Our route starts in the vibrant city of Trondheim.

Before you leave, we hope you have a chance to check one or two things off the bucket list of all there is to experience in Trondheim.

Of course, the iconic Nidaros Cathedral is a must-see.

There are also plenty of "must eats"!

In 2022, Trondheim and Trøndelag has been named European Region of Gastronomy, and you will find everything from low-key, tasty eateries to exclusive Michelin restaurants.

Find a comfortable seat and visit the snack bar for a coffee.

Travelling with Kystekspressen is a stress-free and more environmentally friendly holiday.

Travel tip: The AtB Summer pass gives you unlimited travel for seven days in the Trøndelag region. The ticket can be purchased in the AtB Mobillett app and can be used on AtB's ordinary public transport services by bus, tram, boat, and ferry (not including vehicles), and local trains.

Experience stunning scenery in every season. The Trøndelag region is known for its highly unpredictable weather – but a storm can be beautiful too!

The boat makes a few stops at some small communities on the way out of Trondheim. After 1 hour, you'll arrive at Brekstad on the Fosen peninsula.

Hire a car and explore the Fosen district, with its many charming fishing villages (like Råkvåg, pictured here) and wild coastal sceneryalong the road.

From Brekstad, there are also buses that can take you around the area. Check the travel planner Entur to find stops close to your destination.

It's well worth making the drive to the unique beach hotel at Stokkøya (1 hr 20 mins). Sink your toes into the sand and grab a drink at the world famous Beach Bar, or relax and let some of Norway's leading chefs serve you the catch of the day.

Why not try some kayaking or windsurfing?

Back on the boat ...

After 40 minutes, you'll arrive at Sandstad on the island of Hitra, one of the ten largest islands in Norway.

Seafood heaven ahead!

Crab, shellfish and salmon from this area can be found on plates at some of the very best restaurants in the world.

A must-do: Indulge in the famous seafood buffet at Ansnes Brygger restaurant. A real feast!

If you are a gourmet, you should also head to Hitra Gårdsmat, a farm shop where you can sample distinctive and award-winning "grotto" cheeses organically produced locally.

Hitra Gårdsmat is located on a small island outside Hitra called Helgebostad. Theeasiest way to get here is to rent a car and take a little road trip!

Or rent a boat and some fishing equipment and catch your own dinner! Want to increase your chances? Go fishing with a local guide in the open sea!

Hitra and the neighbouring island of Frøya are part of an archipelago consisting of many thousands of islands, islets and reefs.

Spend the night in a traditional fisherman's cabin, hop on the boat in the morning, and continue on to the Northwest.

After 1 hour and 15 minutes, you reach Edøya, the gateway to Smøla, Møre and Romsdal's northernmost municipality.

The island has a flat, prairie-like landscape, consisting mostly of marshes and small ponds.

Get the most spectacular views from a kayak or grab your fishing rod and enjoy the view from land!

With its huge archipelago, Smøla is the place to go for powerful nature experiences. One of the main attractions here is the unique sea eagle safari and photo safari.

Experienced local guides will help you snap the perfect shot of majestic eagles. Truly the opportunity of a lifetime!

Hello there! All around Smøla you can also meet these cute wild sheep that roam freely in the coastal landscape.

Wild sheep is also a local delicacy.

At Villsaugården farm, you can enjoy lovely surroundings, pet sheep, and sample delicious local produce from the farm shop and restaurant.

Romantic weekend? Rent one of their three fantastic ocean view cabins.

Have you ever visited a new place that just makes you say 'wow'? It's easy to get that feeling when you arrive at Veiholmen.

You really feel like you're driving straight into the Atlantic as you make your way out to this little fishing village, which is connected to the main island by bridge.

Cosy fishermen's cottages, guest marinas, and eateries like OlsenNaustet (a restaurant in a converted boat house) are ready to welcome you at Veiholmen!

Leave Smøla with some new memories in your backpack, and head towards Kristiansund – the clipfish city.

Now, what do you want to do first? Eat delicious bacalao? Visit Norway' oldest opera house, go hiking, or visit the old fishing village on Grip island? 

At Varden viewpoint, you can get an excellent view of the city and start planning your next move.

The tiny ferry Sundbåten takes you between the four different islands that make upKristiansund.

Disembark at the Milnbrygga wharf, where you can visit the Norwegian Clipfish Museum and learn more about the city's unique clipfish history.

Don't leave before you've tried Kristiansund's specialityfishan– fresh fish and chips. Sample it at the popular Fishanbua by the harbour, or in one of the city's restaurants.

Ready to feel like James Bond? Hire a car and drive on the spectacular Atlantic Road!

In No Time to Die, you can see Bond's iconic Aston Martin in a dramatic car chase on this stunning 36-kilometre-long coastal road. 

If you're not ready to go back to Trondheim yet, which you can do by both bus and express boat or car, ...

... continue to the beautiful Art Nouveau city Ålesund!

Drive, or travel like a local by bus, from Kristiansund via the Atlantic Road - to Molde and Ålesund.

Along the rest of the route, you can enjoy some of the most beautiful mountains and fjord landscapes in Fjord Norway!

Travelling with the coastal express boat

The coastal express boat, locally called Kystekspressen, connects Trondheim to the coastal communities outside Trondheimsfjorden, Smøla, Aure, and Kristiansund. The vessels operating on this route are built in carbon fibre, which leaves a smaller footprint.

Route 800 Trondheim – Kristiansund takes three and a half hours, and stops at seven ports between the two cities.

If you are travelling from Trondheim, the boat departs from Trondheim hurtigbåtterminal close to Rockheim, Pirbadet and Clarion Hotel & Congress. In the opposite direction, the boat departs from Kristiansund hurtigbåtterminal, located on the harbour on Kirklandet.

If you prefer to travel by bus, you can take the Mørelinjen, route 905, between Trondheim and Kristiansund. Note that on some departures you have to change to a corresponding bus during the trip. Find timetables and itinerary details with the Entur app.

Kristiansund is also a great starting point for further experiences in Fjord Norway. There are numerous daily express bus services along the coast, and you can travel within the region and from island to island on numerous ferries and express boats.

Trondheim - Kristiansund - Ålesund

Explore destinations in Trøndelag and Fjord Norway, including the Northwest. No car required!

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