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Redefining Luxury

What is luxury? Bell boys and gold faucets?

Or free access to... this!

If you ask a Norwegian, the answer might surprise you!

Here are 10 things we consider to be a luxury:

1. The great outdoors

Yes, we might be weird ... but luxury for us is to be able to spend more time outdoors! Many Norwegians prefer more free time over a pay rise.

Hiking, biking, and paddling, going skiing or fishing – feeling free! You too can take part in numerous activities in stunning nature all over the country, and learn the noble art of friluftsliv.

2. Spa time

Where's the spa? Everywhere! Norway is a giant natural spa.

Enjoy thousands of lakes and rivers, and waterfalls.

Less is more, so why not skip the swimsuit and go skinny dipping? ;)

We also have more conventional spas and some hotter than hot saunas!

This sauna is beautifully situated by Bandak lake in Telemark.

3. Your own personal sky bar

Ditch the high heels. The dress code is hiking gear at this club!

The mountains are always open, and the view beats any bricks and mortar bar out there.

Hike your way up, or ...

... take a gondola lift for breathtaking city views. This cable car takes you to the peak of Mount Ulriken, the tallest of Bergen's seven mountains.

Want to sip a drink inside? Find the best sky bars and rooftop bars.

4. Incredible beaches

Enjoy plenty of space on thousands of white and golden beaches, like Hauklandstranda beach in Lofoten.

It never really gets too hot, and you can easily find a secluded spot, since Norway has one of the longest coastlines in the world.

5. Not just five stars ...

… but a million stars!

Who knew waking up in a tree house could feel so luxurious? Surrounded by quiet, calm Norwegian nature, you can really get a good night sleep.

Check out some unique accommodation around the country, like Woodnest in Odda, Fjord Norway (pictured here).

6. Real horsepower

We might not have any automakers to brag about, but we have our very own exclusive horse breed, which also happens to be the cutest horse in the world.

Meet the Norwegian Fjord Horse!

The breed originally stems from Fjord Norway, but you can meet them in several places around the country.

Their steady gait will carry you safely through any riding adventure.

7. Rural luxury

Authentic. Down to earth. A countryside escape might be just what you need!

Get to know the rich Norwegian farming culture andhistory while indulging in some high-end farmhouse accommodation, like here at Hoel Farm by Mjøsa lake in Eastern Norway.

8. Fine dining

For Norwegians gourmet food is all about fresh, healthy, locally sourced ingredients in season.

It doesn't have to be too formal, though. At some fine dining restaurants in Norway, you can even wear slippers!

This is the case at Kvitnes Farm in Vesterålen, Northern Norway, a perfect example of fine farm-to-table dining.

You can also enjoy a memorable meal at one of Norway's many Michelin-starred restaurants. We also love a big seafood feast, made from the catch of the day, straight from the sea!

For world class crab, langoustine, bacalao, and salmon, visit the seafood heaven that is the Trøndelag coast!

Don't forget to sample some tasty fresh cow's milk!

Learn the secret of why Norwegian milk is among the best in the world.

Or try some Norwegian bubbly – delicious handcrafted apple juices and ciders!

9. Historic luxury

We love a bit of traditional luxury, too.

Experience the ultimate star treatment at one of Norway's exclusive and historic hotels, like the posh Britannia Hotel in Trondheim.

10. Harmony

Last but not least, feeling good is only possible when you are in balance with your surroundings.

Norway has more than 32 destinations that have committed themselves to work hard for a more sustainable future, including the stunning Geirangerfjord.

Visit a destination that is part of the environmental certification scheme Sustainable Destination.

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