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Norway's best breakfasts

Mmmm... Nothing beats a good start of the day! 

Did you know that a good breakfast is included in the price when you book a stay at almost every Norwegian hotel? But some places take buffets a bit further. Find out where you can have Norway's best hotel breakfasts!

Ah, the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee, homemade bread, and crispy bacon!

Even mid-range and budget hotels in Norway typically offer lavish breakfast buffets, taking pride in providing a hearty start to the day. So, if you're a breakfast aficionado, you've chosen the right destination! Just make sure you set aside time to savour the meal.

While extensive buffets abound, smaller hotels and guesthouses may offer fewer selections comprised of higher-quality products.

What to expect

Norwegians are bread enthusiasts and take pride in baking a plethora of breads including delectable coarse bread, whole grain options, and sourdough creations. At reputable hotels, anticipate freshly-baked bread, often accompanied by croissants, sweet treats, and an extensive array of toppings.

Buffets typically include a selection of hard white cheeses, delightful Norwegian blue cheeses, and the renowned brown cheese with its sweet, caramel-like flavour. You can also expect an assortment of hams, jams, and other traditional Norwegian spreads such as liver pâtés, cod roe caviar (yes, it's worth a try!), and mackerel in tomato sauce. Are you daring enough to indulge?

Most reputable hotels also offer slices of smoked salmon, pickled herring, cured meats, and local specialities. There are usually yogurts, fruits, and fresh vegetables for those seeking healthier options. Some hotels even provide treats like chia puddings and smoothie shots.

Many hotels cater to dietary needs, offering gluten-free and lactose-free alternatives.

Warm Offerings

Fear not, hot dishes await you as well. Expect a variety of eggs, bacon, beans, hot sausages, and potatoes. Oatmeal porridges and fried mushrooms or vegetables are also commonly available, along with warm local specialities. 

Some places even let you prepare your own waffle!

There are some places where breakfast can be THE best meal of the day...

Learn where to find 


Ultimate breakfasts

Soft, live piano music greets us as we enter the breakfast restaurant at Thon Hotel Lofoten in Svolvær, acclaimed winner of the Twinings Best Breakfast Award, earning the title of "Norwegian Breakfast Champion" in the chain hotel category in 2023.

Where to start amidst the array of options? Over a hundred delectable offerings await including local specialities such as award-winning cheeses from Aalan Farm, delectable brown goat cheese from Lofoten Gårdsysteri, fenalår (cured leg of lamb), and for the adventurous palate: sugar-salted, smoked cod roe in its pouch.

"We take pride in our dedicated team of bakers, pastry chefs, and culinary experts who craft the majority of our offerings," shares the hotel's dynamic director, Erik Tharaldsen.

Homemade delights abound, featuring hot-smoked salmon, savoury liver pâté, falafels, and waffles topped with succulent salmon, to name just a few.

Oh, sooo fresh!

Indulge in freshly-squeezed orange juice, award-winning apple juices from Telemark, sweet, pink homemade fireweed juice, and delicious smoothies featuring blueberries or strawberries. And for the extra health-conscious, there's always the option of a shot of Møller's tran, cod liver extract!

Choose from a mountain of sweet treats and cakes, including traditional Norwegian sveler, to accompany the perfect espresso coffee—it's practically mandatory.

The same fantastic breakfast is served at the sister hotel, Thon Hotel Svolvær, just up the street.

Breakfast Heaven in Trondheim

The Thon Hotel Lofoten is not the only breakfast paradise in Norway. The Scandic Nidelven Hotel in Trondheim has been considered the breakfast king for many years. It has ranked in the top 3 in the Twinings Best Breakfast competition for 20 years, winning no less than 14 times!

The Trondheim and Trøndelag region earned the title of European region of Gastronomy in 2023, solidifying the area as a premier destination for food enthusiasts in Norway.

So it's not surprising that another city hotel, the Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim, secured 3rd place in the competition.

However, you don't necessarily have to stay at these specific hotels to enjoy a fantastic start to your morning. A superb breakfast is often included when booking a night at one of the largest hotel chains in Norway, which have properties scattered throughout the country. These include Thon Hotels, Scandic Hotels, Strawberry, Clarion Hotels, and Radisson Hotels.

The top of the pops

Another Trondheim hotel, the posh Britannia Hotel, won first place in the independent hotel category. The revamped, historical hotel offers an amazing 5-star breakfast buffet and an extensive à la carte menu in its stylish Palmehaven restaurant, which first opened in 1918. 

The food is of extremely high quality, is beautifully presented, and features local specialities from the Trøndelag region. The cheese buffet is astonishing in itself—filled with award-winning local cheeses, including their own Britannia Blue Cheese from Gangstad Gårdsysteri.

The hotel makes a lot of its own food, including freshly baked bread and sweet treats, as well as coppa ham, salami and sausages in cooperation with Røros Kjøtt.

You can taste the seasons when you order from the à la carte menu. For example, in the autumn you might have the opportunity to try a chanterelle omelette, roast beef of moose, or blueberry juice from Mikkelhaug in Levanger.

More places

The second prize winner is Hotel Union Øye, a gem of a historical hotel nestled below towering mountains in Urke, by the Hjørundfjord. The stylish Amerikalinjen hotel next to Oslo Central Station came in third.

Unique local treats

When you visit some of Norway's unique accommodations such as farm hotels, boutique hotels, rustic or modern mountain lodges, or cosy pensions, you can expect a breakfast infused with regional and local flavours.

This is especially true if you stay at one of Norway´s Historic Hotels or Classic Norway Hotels, where you can enjoy a meal in spectacular surroundings, like airy breakfast rooms with a historical touch, or surrounded by sleek, modern Scandinavian design.

While buffets at some of the smaller places might not be as expansive and varied as those at larger hotels, the use of fresh ingredients, quality products, and attention to detail often elevates the breakfast experience, making it quite special.

Therefore, it’s important to allocate sufficient time to savour this meal, which can be far more than just a way to fuel up for the day ahead.

Many hotels in Norway, especially those located in the mountains, offer the option to pack a lunch bag for an additional fee.

At our unique and historical hotels, you are guaranteed a great start of the day!

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