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A family business

Hjerkinn Fjellstue and Horse riding is beautifully located in the middle of Norway, in the Dovrefjell mountains, just a four-minute drive from Hjerkinn train station and the main road between Oslo and Trondheim. 

The mountain lodge has been in the Hjerkind family since 1640, and is an important part of the Norwegian fjellstue tradition

“Hjerkinn has actually been passed down for 13 generations. At least, that's how far back we can document it. It may have been in my family since the 9th century, but we can't know for sure. Today, it's managed by my mother, my sister, and my wife and I, so it's a real family business,” explains Martin Hjerkind.

Hjerkinn, and several other mountain lodges in the area, were established by the Norwegian king Øystein Magnusson (1088-1123) to provide lodging for travellers who were crossing the mountains. Back then, mountain lodges were obliged to house any traveller who needed shelter.

“Although the government owned the mountain lodges, back then the farmers in the surrounding areas also had to provide support by offering materials, food, and labour. In 1927, Hjerkinn became private property, and its ownership was transferred to my family,” says Martin.

In many ways, you might say that mountain lodges were the beginning of the hotel business in Norway.

Mountain adventures

As their name indicates, mountain lodges are mainly located in mountainous regions, particularly in the southern part of Norway where east and west connect, and where the Oslo Region borders Trøndelag county. 

Most lodges are easily accessible by car, and some can even be reached by bus and train.  

Don't miss the many fun activities you can try in the mountains while exploring the old traditions! Lodges are often located right beside epic skiing and hiking trails, and other outdoor adventures. 

Many mountain lodges also offer a wide range of guided tours and exciting activities for the whole family. 

“At Hjerkinn, we have had Icelandic horses for 30 years, and offer horseback riding in the mountains for both beginners and experienced riders,” explains Martin Hjerkind, adding that bikes are also available to rent.

Mountain luxury 

Kongsvold Fjeldstue is a well-maintained mountain lodge with traditions dating back to the 1100s. 

If you're looking for modern comfort in historical environments, this is the place to visit. 

“We have many antiques from the Gudbrandsdalen area as well as Trøndelag region, here at Kongsvold. Visiting us is like taking a walk through history,” says manager Sofie Kvaale.

The mountain lodge was for many years owned by a family from Lesja, a small mountain village. It was later bequeathed to the government and has been restored by the Directorate of Cultural Heritage in cooperation with local builders.

“This is a popular place who those who are walking the pilgrim trail, the St. Olavs Way, which takes you over the Dovrefjell mountain to Trondheim,” Sofie explains.

Mountain flavours

We want you to feel welcome at Kongsvold, whether you're looking for an exclusive culinary experience, or just want a quick snack at our Kro. We have something for everyone. That's what mountain lodges are all about. They should be cosy and inviting,” says Sofie.

Many mountain lodges have specialised in preparing tasty meals from locally sourced ingredients, making a visit to the mountains a delicious gastronomic experience

Fresh fish from rivers and lakes, natural ingredients from the wilderness, and beer and cider with a local twist … You're in for a treat!

Check out these mountain lodges for an extra tasty experience:

Rømmegrøt and Norwegian waffles

Mountain lodges also serve more simple, traditional, Norwegian food

Try rømmegrøt (sour cream porridge), sweet vafler(Norwegian waffles)with sweet brown cheese or home-made kjøttkaker (meat cakes). Perfect for filling up before a hike in the mountains, or as a treat afterwards …

And remember: You don't have to stay at a lodge to dine there. Norwegians also love to stop by and eat at mountain lodges when they are on the road or out hiking.

Find a mountain lodge

... or check out one of the Norwegian høyfjellshotellene: Mountain hotels.

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