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Lindesnes lighthouse at night Lindesnes lighthouse at night Lindesnes lighthouse at night
Lindesnes lighthouse at night Lindesnes lighthouse at night
Lindesnes lighthouse at night.
Photo: Rolf Dybvik @Lindesnes fyr
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Welcome to Lindesnes in Southern Norway

Information about Mandal, where to sleep, what to do, what's on. Accomodation, beaches and live music.  Read more
The museum is home to southern Norway’s largest exhibition on fish, which shows how techniques and equipment have developed over time in the… Read more
Mandal museum
Gustav Vigeland is perhaps the more famous of the brothers, having produced the sculptures for the Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo. Their childhood… Read more
Vigeland hus
Today the factory is a living museum with its own power station, dye house, spinning mill, weaving mill and finishing plant. If you go on a guided… Read more
Sjølingstad Uldvarefabrik
Furulunden is a large nature park with exellent sandy beaches, rocky outcrops and pine forests. The park is around 5 minutes' walk from the centre… Read more
Tregde Ferie is a perfect place for diving. We can offer airfilling, both 200 and 300 bar. Rooms for drying and storing are made specially for divers.… Read more
Diving at Tregde
AnglerPilot focuses on eco-friendly principles that lets their customers experience fishing in a variety of environments. It can be sea trout fishing… Read more
AnglerPilot - Fishing Trips/Guiding
Mandalselva River is considered to be amongst the ten best salmon rivers in Norway. The river mouth is in Mandal and the river follows Riksvei 455… Read more
Salmonfishing in the Mandal river
Hålandsheia is one of Mandal's most popular hiking areas. In the 1950s and 60s it was also the local place for cross-country skiing. Begin the walk… Read more
Hiking in Hålandsheia
Lenght: 12 kilometres - Level: Light Start from the Tourist Information, straight on and follow the road to Sjøsanden Feriesenter, where you turn… Read more
Mandal - Landehobde
The Tourist Information has bikes for rent. We have bikes for ladies, men and children. You can borrow helmet and childrens' seat (included in… Read more
Bikes for rent in Mandal
At Tregde Ferie there are boats for rent wich are perfect for the local coast. There is a boat that fita your needs if your going fishing or if you… Read more
Boatrental at Tregde
At Lindesnes you will find the southernmost point of Norway, on land, Lindesnes Lighthouse, traces of great vikings and a nice salmon river. Read more
The lighthouse has been designated a national lighthouse museum, and hosts various exhibitions relating to the development and history of lighthouses,… Read more
Lindesnes Lighthouse
Lindesnes Bygdemuseum, a museum of rural life located in the Cultural Senter at Vigeland, consists of an open museum magazine in the basement, where… Read more
Lindesnes Bygdemuseum
A farmyard in miniature, it offers children an opportunity to come in close contact with sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits, chicken and geese. There is also… Read more
Children's Zoo (Barnas dyrepark)
Kulturtorvet at Vigeland is Lindesnes new centre of culture. Read more
Kulturtorvet Kafé
Cultural centre located in the disused fishing factory at Ramslandsvågen, on the way to Lindesnes Lighthouse. The factory, which was built in 1950,… Read more
Lindesnes centre of maritime culture
Atelier Båly has everything from painting to earrings. Read more
Atelier Båly
It was used to mill corn. Information board and car park close by. Just off Route 460. Read more
Lindesnes Hytteutleie has motorboats for hire at Båly in Lindesnes. Read more
Rent a boat in Lindesnes
In Audnedal you can go fishing, take a swim in the river, get to know the history of the child wanderers or go for a bike ride along the country road. Read more
Barnevandrersenteret at Konsmo is a museum and exhibition building. It tells the story of the Child Migrators in Agder. There is a display of the… Read more
Historic Child Migration Centre at Konsmo
Gardening center and interiour shop. Read more
Byremo Gardensenter
Only a little over a 100 years ago the children's hiking trail was a place where many poor families from the inner Vest-Agder were forced to send… Read more
The children's hiking trail
What is now the rural museum at Konsmo was the home of the local sheriff between 1839 and 1877. The famous Ole Høyland from Grindheim spent time in… Read more
The old post office
This unique rural museum is set in beautiful surroundings in Sveindal. There is an old farmhouse with cupboard beds, and local kitchen utensils and… Read more
Sveindal Museum
The fort is probably from approx. 400-600 AD. The hill forts were used in times of unrest during the late Roman period and Age of Migration (approx.… Read more
Hike to the hill fort at Åbestad
Contact the council office (kommunehuset) in Konsmo for more information, tel. 38 28 20 00. Øvre Øydnavann and Ytre Øydnavann lakes are a paradise for… Read more
Canoe hire in Audnedal
Marnardal is packed with beautiful nature, exciting activities such as rafting, elk safari, salmon fishing and wonderful campsites. Read more
ADVENTURE NORWAY LTD. is a company offering great activities in a beautiful and quiet environment. Their base in Hessa, South Norway is tranquil,… Read more
Adventure Norway
Støa Toy Factory's history dates back to 1928, with a bunch of good ideas from Olav Fidjestøl's travels around the world. With local materials from… Read more
Støa Leketøyfabrikk
There are exhibitions on local culture and everyday life in the valley. Exhibits include rose-painted furniture, Norwegian national dress, drinking… Read more
Mamu - Marnardal Museum
The elk (or moose) is Norway's King of the Forest. So come along on an elk safari! We share a bus with Adventure Norway from Hesså, in Marnardal. The… Read more
Elksafari in Marnardal - Adventure Norway
Children right down to the age of six can come along. We tailor our trips to the wishes of our participants, both in terms of difficulty and what… Read more
Rafting in the Mandal river - Adventure Norway
Sigurd Nome was born in Øyslebø in the Marnardal region in 1911. After extensive art studies including the State Academy of Fine Arts from 1935-37, he… Read more
Sigurd Nomes collection
In Marnardal you will find many good inland fishing lakes. Most of them are opened for free fishing for the public. Many of them are easy to find, but… Read more
Fishing in lakes in Marnardal
This cultural centre is situated in Øyslebø. It was originally built in 1922 as a folk high school, and consists of four buildings. The main building… Read more
Høgtun Kultursenter
Burial ground with 33 burial mounds from the early Iron Age. It is thought that some of the graves date back as far as the year 0. The site includes… Read more
Heddeland ancient burial ground and nature park
The museum is located by school at Laudal (Riksvei 461). It houses a collection of exhibits from local houses, schools and working life. Read more
Laudal Museum
The church dates from 1826. The altarpiece was painted by the famous artist Olaf Isaachsen from Mandal. Outside there is a monument to Major Arne… Read more
Laudal church
It is known that there was a church on this site as early as in 1429. The current church building dates from 1793. Read more
Bjelland church
In 1795, a new church was built in Øyslebø on the site of the old long church. The altarpiece and pulpit are from the original church, and have been… Read more
Øyslebø church
Mountain landscape with beautiful bathing spots, alpine slopes, great fishing possibilities and lovely walking trails. Read more
There is no feeling like when you have your skis on and go cross country skiing, or flying fast down the hill. Read more
Winter in Åseral
Bortelid has five ski lifts and 14 downhill runs, the longest of which is 1700 metres. The slopes vary in technical difficulty, from a children's run… Read more
Bortelid Skisenter
Ljosland Skicenter is a good starting point for both downhill and cross country. The ski slopes start by the cafe and has a total lenght of 60 km .… Read more
Ljosland Skisenter
It has ski slopes that are suitable for skiers and snowboarders of all levels of ability. Even the most daring and those who are careful in the… Read more
Eikerapen Alpinsenter
This garden is the only one of its kind south of Dovre, and it has a fabulous collection of mountain flora from the Agder region. It is located by the… Read more
Ljosland mountain/rock garden
It is a good three hours’ walk from Røysland to Lordehytta, the striking hunting lodge built by the Scottish nobleman Lord Salvesen in 1910. The trail… Read more
Walk to Lordehytta, Åseral
Minne Åseral kultursenter is the gathering point for all the inhabitants of Åseral. It shows the rich cultural heritage and blooming cultural life in… Read more
Minne - Åseral kultursenter
At 1041 metres above sea level, Skoræ is the highest mountain in the region. There is a well-marked path to Lakkenstova, which is one of the… Read more
Walk to Lakkenstova and Skoræ
Åseral Turistsenter also rents a rowboat, suitable for 5 persons, you can also play Minigolf. Read more
Canoe, boat rentals in Åseral
The reservoir behind the dam holds an incredible 142 million cubic metres of water. The dam is 46 metres high, and it provides fantastic views of the… Read more
Juvassdammen dam
Settlement from the Age of Migration (approx. 350-550 AD). Here there are traces of houses, burial mounds, charcoal pits and piles of stones cleared… Read more
At Rundatjønn in Bortelid there is a marked fishing site with car park, table and benches. The site is suitable for wheelchair users. Åseral Fishing… Read more
Fishing site Rundatjønn, Bortelid
Åseral Fishing Administration (AFA) sells a fishing license for most rivers in the municipality. Areas not under the AFA are Egså and Sandvatn… Read more
Fishing site Torsland bridge, Åseral
As part of the beach there are benches, tables and barbecue area. There is also a beach volleyball court here. The bathing area is also suitable for… Read more
Lislehylen bathing, Kyrkjebygd
One glimpse of the river and the swimming area from the road, and it's okay to park your car next to the road. Here are the shallow rocks and a fun… Read more
Beach Løkjen
The chapel dates from 1959. In the choir there is a stained glass painting by the artist Ottar Helge Johannessen from Mandal. He has also produced the… Read more
Ljosland chapel
Lindesnes Lighthouse
Lindesnes Lighthouse is Norway’s southernmost point on land. Spend a few hours or stay several days. The weather, water and nature are all… Read more
Lindesnes lighthouse
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    Peder Austrud©Visit Sørlandet
    A guide and some kids rafting in the river.
    Leiv Arne Åkset @Adventure Norway
    Boy dooing a jump on his snowboard
    O. A. Nomedal
    A hand holding a fishing rod over a river
    Leiv Arne Åkset@Turistkontoret for Lindesnesregionen