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Architecture should always be in a constant dialogue with its surroundings, including our breathtaking nature. 

That is one of the fundamental principles of Norwegian architecture.

Like here, at these amazing viewing platforms by the Vøringsfossen waterfall.

And sometimes, nature itself plays the leading role in architecture.

Natural, sustainable materials like wood are often used in cutting edge contemporary architecture in Norway.

Both rooted in the past and built for the future.

... like in the world's tallest timber hotel.

You'll find some pretty cool architecture far out in the woods, too!

And in some really wild and remote places. 

This is actually a toilet. 

Here are the top sights for architecture lovers travelling through Norway.

1. Stave churches

The stave churches are a surviving remnant of the European Middle Ages, and a must-see when you visit Norway.

Notice how beautifully the wooden doors and finials have been carved!

2. Norwegian wood architecture

Wood has sheltered us for thousands of years.  Norwegian wood architecture is at once a living historical legacy and our hope for a more sustainable future.

There's something about wood that makes us feel good. Don't you agree?

3. Going Under

At Restaurant Under in Lindesnes in Southern Norway, the perfect blend of architecture and Michelin food will take you straight to heaven. 

Well, to the bottom of the sea, actually! 

4. Oslo – new and trendy

Over the last two decades, Oslo's skyline has transformed dramatically.

Explore the capital's hip new neighbourhoods, where you will find many iconic new buildings, including ....

... the MUNCH museum, that appears to be bowing gently towards Oslo. The museum was designed as a worthy home for the art and legacy of world-famous artist Edvard Munch.

You'll find it in Bjørvika, one of Oslo's most modern neighbourhoods.

Here, you can also "hike to the top" of the Oslo Opera House, inspired by ice floes and mountains.

Bring along someone special, and enjoy a delightful sunset from the Opera roof.

5. Amazing libraries

Right next door to the Opera House, you'll find Deichman Bjørvika, Oslo's public library. It's a beautifully designed building that acts as a mirror to the sky in dazzling sunlight.

It's even more spectacular inside. And it contains much more than just books... have a look! 

If you're in Southern Norway, stop by the amazing Vennesla public library for a nice and quiet cultural break.

Check out more of Norway's stunning libraries

6. Scenic routes and viewpoints


Be sure to stop and explore the Instagramable viewing platforms along the Norwegian scenic routes, like the Solbergplassen viewpoint in Rondane.

Look out for the signs as you enjoy your drive.

7. The world's most beautiful rest areas

When nature calls, answer it with a view.

Driving along Norway's scenic routes, you'll find some of the world's most impressively designed toilets.

8. Amazing bird hides 

You will also find more surprising architecture in some of the most remote corners of our country.

Built for a wide range of uses...

Check out stunning gapahuker (lean-tos)day hike cabins, and bird hides, like the Øksfjord mountain bivouac in Northern Norway.

9. Forest magic: The Plus

Welcome to the world's most environmentally-friendly furniture factory! The Plus, located in Magnor in Eastern Norway, is admired for both its architecture and innovative sustainability concept.

Opens summer 2022.

It will also have a state of the art visitor centre and a huge park full of interesting features, too!

10. Unique accommodation

Want to have a night to remember (especially for architecture lovers)? 

More and more unforgettable treetop cabins are popping up in the woods, like the amazing Cone on Mount Fløyen in Bergen.

Sip your morning coffee on this balcony when staying at Trekronå!

There's a growing trend in building unique places to stay all over Norway. The weirder, the more wonderful.

Are you ready to go exploring? 

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