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Håvard Werkland won third place in this year's Bocuse d'Or Europe competition. See what happened at the tasty celebration of local Norwegian ingredients, which was held in one of Norway's premier food regions, Trondheim!

In 2022, Trondheim and the region of Trøndelag were in the culinary spotlight as European Region of Gastronomy. In 2024, top chefs from around Europe came to experience its local food culture and, of course, compete in creating the world's most amazing dishes out of first class Norwegian ingredients.

Norway secured bronze

Bocuse d'Or Europe 2024 was held in front of a live audience in Trondheim Spektrum on the 19th and 20th of March. Håvard Werkland on Team Norway won the bronze medal and is now set to compete against chefs from around the world in the prestigious Grand Final in Lyon in 2025. Denmark won the gold medal and Sweden got silver.   

CEO of the Foundation of Norwegian Gastronomy, Arne Sørvig, explains why Trondheim deserves a place on the culinary map:

"Trondheim has been an important meeting point ever since the Viking Age, but the region is also a popular food destination. A series of geological events millions of years ago gave the region of Trøndelag a special terroir, with fertile soil, fjords, a sea full of seafood, and mountains inhabited by wildlife."

Skrei and reindeer

This year's candidates had to produce dishes with Norwegian quality ingredients like skrei (also known as Arctic cod), scallops, and tørrfisk, stockfish, during the first challenge, followed by reindeer meat and Lysholm LINIE aquavit for the second challenge.

These Nordic flavours represent both the ocean, the fjords and the mountains. Norwegian seafood is in fact considered to be at its very best at this time of year.

According to Sørvig, the ingredients represented a taste of Norway.

"These native Norwegian ingredients embody diversity and traditions, both at sea and on land. Conceptually, the whole setting and the ingredients chosen tell a proud story about Norwegian history and heritage."

Norway has the most medals

Norway's 2024 candidate was the talented chef Håvard Werkland. His team consisted of former silver medalist Christopher W. Davidsen, who acted as his coach, and Grunde Gillund as his commis (assistant).

Werkland is from Trondheim, so this is his home ground! When not competing at the world's most prestigious cooking competition, he works as assistant head chef at Michelin-starred Speilsalen at Britannia Hotel.

Norway is the country that has won the most Bocuse d'Or medals in the world, even ahead of France.The very first competition was held in 1987. Since then, Norway has nabbed as many as five gold, four silver, and four bronze medals in the international competition.

"Bocuse d'Or is an arena for innovation and creativity. It's not unusual to see the creations made there served on restaurant tables afterwards. It is a celebration of the greatest talents in the world of gastronomy," says Sørvig.

A hot destination for foodies

But you don't have to come to a culinary competition to experience delicious food in Trondheim and Trøndelag. The region is considered by many to be Norway's, and one of Europe's, premier food destinations. 

See what to eat and where to find the very best restaurants in our foodie guide to Trøndelag.

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