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Guide to Oslo city

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On a day in Oslo, you can experience world-class food, music and museums …

… quiet moments in the forest …

… and a refreshing dip in the fjord.

You can walk through charming neighbourhoods …

… or stroll among cutting edge architecture by the exceptional harbour promenade.

Drop by one of the city’s unique sculpture parks, the Vigeland Park or Ekeberparken – or visit areas full of street art.

Visit shopping areas and cool cafes …

… and admire the city’s many iconic buildings.

Deichman Bjørvika has been named one of the world’s most beautiful libraries. You have to go in!

Metropolitan Oslo

The capital of Oslo is one of Europe’s fastest-growing cities. International media is constantly writing about Oslo’s innovative architecture, museums, and neighbourhoods, as well as everything that moves on the food, fashion, art, and music scenes.

Over the last few years, several new quarters have been established in the city centre, with exciting new activities and attractions. The high-rise buildings in Barcode and captivating landmarks like the Opera House and the Astrup Fearnley museum are changing the face of the city. In 2021 and 2022 they were also accompanied by the two new museums MUNCH and the National Museum.

A green capital

Oslo is a green city and was awarded the prestigious title European Green Capital in 2019. More than half of the municipality of Oslo is covered by forests and parks, and the fjord extends all the way to the city centre. The centre itself is becoming increasingly car-free and easy to explore on foot or by bike. An efficient public transport system makes the rest of the city easily accessible.

The capital is full of green experiences, whether you want to swim, kayak or go island hopping, relax in lush parks or walk, cycle or ski in the forest. And when was the last time you were in a big city with urban farms and a separate motorway for bees? In the Botanical Garden you can visit the Nordic region’s first Climate House and see exhibitions on climate and climate change. And in addition to all of this, more and more restaurants are focusing on green menus, while the number of environmentally certified hotels is increasing every year.

Experience the works of Norway’s most famous artist, Edvard Munch, at the large MUNCH museum, dedicated to him. The museum even has a beach right outside!

Move through 13 floors of art and get up close and personal with the iconic paintings “The scream”, “The girls on the bridge”, and “Madonna”.

The museum is one of the world’s largest dedicated to one single artist, and will also serve as an arena for concerts, readings, and other cultural events.

For a fascinating journey back in time, visit the Kon-Tiki Museum and The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History (Norsk Folkemuseum).

The Museum of the Viking Age is currently closed because of remodeling, but will open as a brand new museum (pictured) in 2027. In the meantime you can visit the Historical Museum to learn about, and watch objects from, the Viking Age.

And you will love the music in the city! Go to everything from intimate concerts to large festivals all year round.

Oslo is actually one of the cities with the most concerts per capita in Europe, so there is always something going on!

The taste of Oslo

Oslo has long since established itself as a culinary destination. Eateries range from distinguished Michelin restaurants to trendy food halls and hip food trucks. New restaurants are constantly popping up, many of them with creative approaches to Norwegian ingredients and food traditions. In recent years, a number of organic, vegan, and vegetarian restaurants have also appeared in the city. Natural ingredients and high quality are also important keywords in Oslo’s cocktail and coffee bars, which are constantly receiving international attention.

A city for all seasons

While autumn is a perfect time for exciting art exhibitions, spring is synonymous with drinking beer outside, second-hand markets, and a bustling life in Oslo’s parks and streets. In winter, you can combine urban experiences with kayaking on the fjord, tobogganing down a sledging hill, and ski slopes a short metro ride from the city centre. In the Oslomarka forest, more than 2,600 kilometres of cross-country tracks await – as well as several cabins with cafes that serve food, fresh buns, and hot chocolate. Try a refreshing dive into the fjord after a visit to a sauna by – or on – the water. And if you are the type who want winter to last all year round, your wish will come true in SNØ, one of the world’s only indoor arenas for skiing.

Oslo is the perfect starting point if you want to explore the region outside of the capital.

See cutting-edge art in the spectacular building “The Twist” at Kistefos or one of the many other world-class museums in the Oslo region.

Or you can go on a trip with the girls, treat yourself to a spa visit or check out the charming seaside destinations around the Oslofjord.

And make sure to check out some insider tips for a long weekend in Oslo from locals like guidebook author Hanna Nordberg.

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