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Food festivals

Meet chefs and local food enthusiasts
Food festivals are a great way to experience a multitude of food types in one day. Open your mind – and your mouth – and let your stomach guide you through the country.
Matstreif, Oslo Matstreif, Oslo
Matstreif, Oslo.
Photo: Terje Borud/Visitnorway.com

A youngster dressed in an oversized apron is handling an equally oversized barbecue like he was a flame artist. A huge crowd is queueing in the smoke to get a taste of the result. People sit down to eat and socialise in the middle of the Norwegian nature. The whole scene looks like a rock concert, but smells much nicer.

Recently, food festivals have become an increasingly popular phenomenon in Norway, a country where the inhabitants have always enjoyed to eat and drink outside. Here, the term “local food” most often means ingredients that are hunted and harvested in the same landscape as you eat them in.

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Festival facts

The majority of the festivals take place in the summer season, many in the late summer and early autumn. Many festivals offer cooking courses on site.

Norwegian festivals attract a young audience. Alternative events like a vegetarian festival in Oslo has welcomed more than 20,000 hungry enthusiasts. Live concerts are often part of the concepts.

We celebrate that the apples are ripe at the horticultural museum. There will be free tastings, quiz, sale of apples and jam, and more. Free entrance! Read more
Apple Festival at the Norwegian Museum of Horticulture
A festive tradition market in Jørpeland village centre. Read more
Autumn Market, Jørpeland
Major festival in the historic town of Brevik in honour of bacaalo - a traditional dish made with dried and salted cod. Brevik seamen's association… Read more
Bacalao festival
Welcome to Norway's biggest Local Food Festival! Meet the producers, buy high quality local products and get inspired by great food experiences! At… Read more
Bergen Matfestival - food festival
Welcome to "Den lille Madfesten" – a celebration of local food and drink – at the marketplace in Grimstad Saturday 9 September 2017. Read more
Den lille Madfesten
Welcome to the 13th annual mountain food festival at Torsetlia! Read more
Food and beer festival in Kristiansand. The guys behind the big sucess of Palemsus beachparty and the Kristiansand beerfestival have joined forces to… Read more
Food and beer festival "Duggfrisk" in Kristiansand
Matamål is a new food festival in Gloppen. It was organized for the first time in 2010. The program will have something to suit every taste! Read more
Food festival in Gloppen
"Mersmak" food festival The food-festival "Mersmak" in Skien is a public festival with new flavors, variety of exciting products, experiences and… Read more
Foodfestival Mersmak in Skien
Scandinavia's biggest food festival! Gladmat first appeared in the Matfylket Rogaland network, which saw the need to share some of what the region has… Read more
Gladmat 2017
Sale of traditional, local food and cooking courses. Read more
Hardanger Food Festival
Owner of the Bølgen & Moi restaurants, Trond Moi, invites everyone to "MatbokMusikkHagefest" in Ravnedalen, Kristiansand. Artists: VAMP, Annbjørg Lien… Read more
MatbokMusikkHagefest in Ravnedalen Kristiansand
Annual food festival with two days of activities for "foodies" of all ages. Tens of thousands of people visit Matstreif to taste, shop and learn about… Read more
Matstreif food festival
The Norwegian Rakfisk Festival aims to focus on Norwegian food traditions, especially «rakfisk», which is semi-fermented trout. The festival draws… Read more
Norsk Rakfiskfestival
Welcome to the Norwegian Food Festival! The Norwegian Food Festival is one of the most distinctive food festivals in Norway. With a strong focus on… Read more
Norwegian Food Festival 2017
The Norwegian Fruit and Salmon Festival is being held in Hjelmeland in Ryfylke. The festival focuses on the fruit and berry traditions, and salmon… Read more
Norwegian Fruit and Salmon Festival, Hjelmeland
Welcome to the Oktoberfest in Stryn! As usual with the vorspiel on Friday afternoon/evening/night, and the big celebration all day Saturday with a… Read more
Oktoberfest Stryn
The town is turned "upside down" this second weekend of August. Seafood and shellfish are on the menu - the town is busy and summing with happy… Read more
Shellfishfestival in Mandal
Welcome to a festival for all who are interested in wine! September 28th - October 1st 2017 Stetten Wine Festival offers wine tasting and courses both… Read more
Stetten 2017
Tomato Festival is a tradition of the cultural life in Finnøy. Tomatoes are an integral part of Finnøy's economy, so of course they deserve their own… Read more
The tomato festival 2017
Members of the Cooks' Guild of Haugesund lay the longest herring table in the world. It stretches for two blocks down Haugesund's main street and over… Read more
The worlds longest Herring table
The VegeratianFestival at the Fredriksten fortress - September 9, 2017 The vegetarian and vegan food festival is on for the third time at the fortress… Read more
Vegeratianfestival at the Fredriksten fortress
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    A foodie’s guide to Norway’s top 5 festivals

    “I think there are several reasons for the growing interest for food, and especially local food. More and more people are concerned with what they eat. We want quality products as well as knowledge about the roots and history of the food we buy. We travel more, discover new regions and their culture. And with that comes the interest for local specialities", says Aslaug Rustad, CEO of Oi! Trøndersk Mat og Drikke.

    Rustad is based in Trøndelag, which is known as Norway’s leading food region. She works with local producers on a daily basis and has visited several food festivals during her career. Below you can read about her top five recommendations.

    Photo: Wil Lee-Wright / Oi! Trøndersk Mat og Drikke AS
    Photo: Wil Lee-Wright / Oi! Trøndersk Mat og Drikke AS

    “My personal favourite with more than 150 stands. The festival takes place in the centre of Trondheim.”

    Photo: Gladmat
    Photo: Gladmat

    “Here, at one of the leading food festivals in Scandinavia, you can taste food from all corners of the world.”

    Photo: Terje Borud/Visitnorway.com
    Photo: Terje Borud/Visitnorway.com

    “At Matstreif, Norway’s largest food festival, you can try delicious specialities from all over the country.”

    Photo: Bergen matfestival
    Photo: Bergen matfestival

    “Producers from Fjord Norway are present and sell their own products in a very charming setting.”

    Photo: Cathrine Dokken
    Photo: Cathrine Dokken

    “I love semi-fermented trout, so to me this festival is simply a little piece of heaven on earth.”

    Why food festivals

    The legacy
    Food festivals are considered as ancient as harvesting from nature.

    Most of the large food festivals repeat their event annually in order to gain respect for the values they put forward.

    A food festival can easily be confused with a party, although the celebration part is fully legitimate as long as the focus remains on the food. A well planned food festival should also promote relevant beverage. Some festivals are solely devoted to humid pleasures.

    The future
    The popularity of food festival is boosted by the growing conscience around local food and fresh ingredients.

    Upcoming food events

    There is no need to wait until you’re here to find out what you’d like to do. Filter your search and check out the offers below.