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Norway is home to a number of light art festivals that celebrate the unique culture and landscape of the region. Come explore light festivals in Norway as they brighten up the darkest nights of the year.

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In winter, the days grow shorter and the light starts to fade, creating the perfect atmosphere for cultural enlightenment and setting an inspiring scene for the lighter days to come.

Lights have been a very important element in many festivals, even before the discovery of electricity. Lighting lamps or lanterns was a significant part of celebrations. Many light festivals around the world have been illuminating communities year after year for centuries. Lights and fireworks not only dispel darkness, they also hold different meanings in different cultures.

Light is celebrated in many ways all over Norway. Check out our most luminous festivals!

Fjord Oslo Festival of Light Art

Fjord Oslo is a free light art festival that transforms the harbour promenade in Oslo into an outdoor exhibition of light, open to everyone.

It's the biggest light art festival in Norway. By bringing together an exciting program of renowned artists from around the world, this annual celebration provides a broad exploration of light art. Experience everything from projections on landmark buildings to intimate installations, site-specific light sculptures, and immersive video work. Fjord Oslo introduces locals and visitors alike to some of the best light art in the world.

Fjord Oslo takes place annually on the first Thursday to Sunday in November in the centre of Oslo, with works at Tjuvholmen, Aker Brygge, Rådhusplassen by City Hall, and Akershusstranda by Akershus Fortress.

A magical route

The Lumagica Light Park in Trondheim guides you through a magical route, featuring over 40 unique and spectacular light installations. Each installation is a light show in itself, and several of them are interactive. Tasty food, as well as hot and cold drinks, are also served in the park.

The park is an excellent place to bring your family, colleagues, friends, or someone special for a magical and unforgettable evening of light art, music, and good food and drinks. Lumagica is located at Kristiansten Fortress in Trondheim and also has a sister park in Bergen.

Lumagica is open from the end of January to the end of February. Entry is free for children under the age of 4, and family tickets are available at a discount.

Geiranger Light Art Festival

Geiranger Light Art Festival is a unique experience that transforms Geiranger into a large-scale, outdoor light art landscape. A magical atmosphere with light art in natural surroundings creates a powerful and inclusive experience of art, light, and nature in one of the most spectacular destinations in Norway.

The festival normally takes place on the last weekend of February. Admission is free and the event is suitable for children and adults of all ages.

Glød light festival

Glød is a new annual light festival in Stavanger that was first held in January 2024.

The festival was a great success, and next year's Glød will help light up Stavanger's 900th anniversary in 2025. 

The festival runs January 16 to 26 from 17:00 – 22:30. Don't miss it!

A splendid walk by the river

If you find yourself in Oslo during the autumn equinox, then you should definitely check out Elvelangs!

This light art walk stretches all the way from Nordre Aker in the north all the way down to the city centre. Stroll alongside the Akerselva river, where the electric lights have all been replaced with thousands of torches, and you can experience a variety of dance, music, and light art on the way. The event is entirely free, and you can choose to walk the entire distance, or just check out one part.

There are several main stages where you can stop and stay for a while and enjoy bigger shows, or find your own favourite along the river.

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